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Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

To find out the unresolved mystery about USCSS Prometheus' fate, Angela Foster have led a group of explorers to the barren moon of LV-223 only to find out it's hostile secrets that took a death-toll on her companions. If that wasn't bad enough, terminally ill scientist Francis Lane among her crew has found engineer Derrick Russell's final days of work and in a desperate attempt to save his pathetic life, he tricked his humanoid construct aid Elden to take a dosage of that Black Goo which significantly changes him into a mutated form.

Although Francis managed to escape from him, a vengeful Elden led a Xenomorph army with him and unleashed death upon Geryon's crew. To avoid a bloody onslaught, Geryon's chief of security Galgo Helder decides to leave this godforsaken rock on-board the Perces ship. Unbeknownst to all, a Yautja hunting party from a nearby moon noticed the death and destruction caused by Xenomorphs on LV-223 and followed them. Since Angela left Francis on Galgo's custody, he was uncertain of what to do with him and then Elden and his Xeno buddies suddenly showed up looking for Francis.

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Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

Now devoid of any reason or protocol to follow, Elden is his own master and takes over command ship Helios with a group of Xenomorphs lurking around him, waiting to tear apart anyone on sight. He explains that everything attached to Geryon is under his control and demands that Galgo gives up Francis to him if he wants to live. Considering their lives are now at his hands, Galgo though it wise to exchange Francis to survive but when the handover was about to be complete, the Yautja gang broke into Geryon.

This sudden interruption made Elden angry as he believed that Galgo is probably playing him and his gang of Aliens tries to carry out his vendetta for him. While they were slaughtering wounded human crew on ship, the Predators were busy putting android janitors out of commission. Knowing he is completely out of luck, Galgo departs in his ship Perces from Geryon and left, unknowingly carrying a stowaway hunter within. Elden's quest remains unfulfilled as the ship quickly became a kill zone for all of these monsters.

Being an ever evolving monster himself, Elden becomes a primary target of Predators and he decides to let his rage out on them. Though, they took care of his Alien friends, he became a real problem for the hunting party as he proved quite a match for them. He infects one of them with his evolved mutation during close combat and it eventually led to a horrific transformation to that Yautja. In a desperate final bid to save his own skin from all hostiles, Francis Lane does the unthinkable, which is beyond Elden's imagination.

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Violent Evolution Continues

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Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 01

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 02

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Here is your link to buy "Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone

Serving as a connecting story for major Dark Horse Comics crossover event "Fire and Stone", "Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone" ties in with three other interconnected limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Prometheus – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone. This book was plotted by writer Christopher Sebela and drawn by Ariel Olivetti (JLA – Paradise Lost, Superman/Batman Vs. Aliens/Predator). All of the covers were done by E. M. Gist while legendary illustrator Mike Mignola (Abe Sapien, Hellboy) was featured as a guest cover-artist for the beginning issue of the series.

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Among Monsters and Hunters

This "Aliens Vs. Predator" line of story from "Fire and Stone" crossover explores the outcome of the genetic accelerant, most commonly referred as Black Goo on other extraterrestrials like Yautja and leaves an opening for the next "Predator" story in the line. Aside from connecting to the shared universe of Aliens/Predators/Prometheus, the book also relates to the live-action Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) films as it took place in between their timeline. However, the concept of Aliens versus Predator came into play much later in live-action films or mainstream comic-books.
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