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Fire and Stone | Comics

A group of researcher from Hadley's Hope on planetoid LV-426 manages to leave everything behind in an attempt to outrun a Xenomorph outbreak. They make a quick escape using an excavating vessel Onager in 2179 and landed on barren moon of LV-223, unknowingly carrying on-board the very death they were desperately trying to evade. One by one, all of them succumb to their hostile surroundings and the genocidal aliens but scientist Derrick Russell was able to make some interesting discoveries before he finally met his fate.

Nearly 40 years after this event, Weyland-Yutani sends some more crews to LV-223 for a salvage mission led by Captain Angela Foster, whose real motive is to find out what actually happened to USCSS Prometheus' crews and Sir Peter Weyland but no one else was aware of that. Astrobiologist Francis Lane also volunteered for this voyage despite having a certain medical condition. Upon landing on the moon's surface, Angela and her crews were taking a tour there and came across a lake of black goo and a pack of mauled animals.

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Fire and Stone | Comics

When they stumbled onto a long-deserted ship Onager from Hadley's Hope after exploring the harsh wildlife around them, the crews unknowingly entered inside only for the deadly Aliens residing within to unleash on them. Many of the crews were slaughtered by the horde and some are attacked by Facehuggers. Rest of them ran towards their ship while a wave follows them. Chief security officer Galgo Helder somehow survived from Xeno onslaught and retreats without wasting a single moment with the ship Perses as well as Piper and Higgins, leaving Angela and remaining survivors to their uncertain fate.

Amidst this chaos, Francis and his construct assistant Elden got separated from main group and found a cave, where terra-forming engineer Derrick Russell spent his last days. Finding his research notes on black goo, Francis decides to make an experiment with Elden. Things escalate pretty quickly when Francis tricks his construct aid Elden to be a filter for the accelerant goo, to use it as a cure for his terminal cancer. Torn and turned by betrayal, he allows a waiting group of Aliens into Helios to massacre everyone on-board.

A game-hunting Yauta Clan noticed the presence of Xenomorphs on LV-223 from a nearby star system and follows Perses as it was carrying a number of them that Elden brought on board. Galgo barely manages to escape from the blood feud of these extraterrestrials, unknowingly carrying a Predator on his ship. The Yautja kills all of his crews to secure an Engineer rifle he stole from the crashed derelict ship. Then it forces Galgo to head back to LV-223 for having one ultimate showdown with a vengeful Engineer.

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The Dark Accelerant

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Here is your links to buy "Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens – Fire and Stone

Prometheus – Fire and Stone

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone

Predator – Fire and Stone

Prometheus – The Complete Fire and Stone

Set on the shared fictional universe of Aliens/Predators/Prometheus, "Fire and Stone" is a crossover event by Dark Horse Comics, released on 2014. This event was tied with four independent limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Prometheus – Fire and Stone, Alien Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone, which all are inter-connected and tied with Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega one-shot issue. The four limited series and the overall plot settings connects to of both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies released from 20th Century Fox.

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A Deadly Struggle

A wide array of creative team consists writers Chris Roberson, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson (Birthright, Nailbiter) and Paul Tobin (Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies) were assisted by artists Ariel Olivetti (JLA – Paradise Lost, Superman/Batman Vs. Aliens/Predator), Chris Mooneyham (Five Ghosts, Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice), Juan Ferreyra and Patric Reynolds. Illustrator David Palumbo, Fiona Staples (Saga, The Secret History of the Authority – Hawksmoor) and Mike Mignola (Abe Sapien, Hellboy) also served as guest cover-artists.
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