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Punisher – On The Road | Comics

A new performance enhancing drug called EMC is on its way to get on the hands of all the wrong kind of people. Former marine turned mercenary named Olaf is in charge of the Brooklyn Warehouse district where the arrangement for EMC's distribution was in process. A cold-hearted killer named Face pays him a visit to hand him over a folder containing the supply and route info.

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Punisher – On The Road | Comics

Before leaving, Face left Lloyd and Luther Luckett to lend Olaf a hand if anything goes wrong. While their operation was going smooth, a bunch of enthusiast Drug Enforcement Administration agent Ortiz and Henderson prepares their men for a sting operation from a nearby safe house. Unknown to both parties, Frank Castle was making his own arrangements to inflict his judgment on crime.

Before anyone knew, The Punisher unloads himself onto them as the wrath of god and in no time, he massacred the whole crew. Olaf narrowly made it out and tipped Castle with the folder that Face gave him earlier. DEA agents arrived too late to pick up Frank's mess and Face's employer requests him to take out Punisher.

Using Olaf's info, Castle gets the drop on Face and his goons but the maniac got out alive after going into a frenzy against Punisher upon taking a small amount of EMC dosage. With DEA on his tail, Frank pays Josiah a visit next on his hideout in Vermont and took care of him before he could use his daughter as a suicide bomber. The only remaining question is how to deal with a twisted psychopath like Face, who likes to carve up people's face for amusement?

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House of Faces

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Here is your links to buy "Punisher – On The Road" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Punisher – On The Road

After quite a while, Frank Castle returns as Marvel's most ruthless vigilante with the bloodiest methods; The Punisher. The story is written by Becky Cloonan (American Vampire, Conan) and artwork was done by Steve Dillon (Hellblazer, Preacher), while artist Declan Shalvey (28 Days Later, Moon Knight) worked on the covers of the issues related.

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Infliction of Retribution

This story takes place on issues #01-06 from the tenth monthly ongoing volume of Punisher. His wartime history with these new enemies he is facing also sheds some light into the current events. However, the story will be concluded in the next chapter titled "End of The Line".
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