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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wolverine – Back In Japan | Comics

berserker rage wolverine
Wolverine – Back In Japan | Comics
As X-Men Kitty Pryde was looking for the headmaster of Jean Grey School, she found out that Logan is headed to Japan. In the midst of the flight, he is attacked by a bunch of Hand ninjas ready to take him down. But they really were no match for him as he is "The Best There Is". He makes a mess of the Ninjas on board and then reaches to Japan and meets Yukio, who updates him about the current situation there. Logan's adopted daughter Amiko is now in a relationship with Shingen Harada, the current Silver Samurai and son of Logan's long time foe; the original Silver Samurai. Logan wanders off Japan in search of these two and in the meantime, battles another old time nemesis; the Yakuza Clan.

Sabretooth is then seen very much alive with a bunch of representatives from The Yakuza who were talking business with him but soon ended up being mercilessly slaughtered by him. The enigmatic shape-changing mutant villain Mystique is also seen alive and is teamed up with her lover Sabretooth to get her revenge on Wolverine for killing her previously (Wolverine – Get Mystique) after she betrayed the X-Men (X-Men – Blinded by the Light). Amiko is kidnapped and held captive by The Hand and to save her, her boyfriend, the son of Silver Samurai reaches the spot. But what little chances he has to rescue her from The Hand all by himself? Wolverine finally met Sabretooth face to face and then these two feral mutants engage in a deadly duel to tear each other apart in Tokyo, Japan.

wolverine vs sabretooth
Same Old SNIKT!
Here is your links for "Wolverine – Back In Japan" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Wolverine V2 300

Wolverine V2 301

Wolverine V2 302

Wolverine V2 303

Wolverine V2 304

Here is your links for "Wolverine – Back In Japan" storyline from Marvel Comics.
x-men wolverine
Another Day In Japan

Wolverine – Back In Japan (Softcover)

Wolverine – Back In Japan (Hardcover)

Renowned writer Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, Avengers Vs. X-Men) returns with the most dangerous person alive in the Marvel Universe; Wolverine and got artists like Adam Kubert (The Incredible Hulk, Uncanny X-Men), Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America), Paco Diaz, Billy Tan (Fantastic Four, X-23) and others teamed up to do a full action packed storyline set in the hero's roots. "Wolverine – Back In Japan" is published by Marvel Comics in 2012 and features his oldest enemies as well as some long dead adversaries, now resurrected to make this bloody mash-up. This take runs through the second volume of Wolverine monthly series from issues #300-304.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Separated from his alter ego Doctor Bruce Banner during the unpleasant skirmish of Fear Itself, the Hulk starts living into the depths of Subterranea now. On the surface world, he was always feared and he never really understood if he was a hero or a monster. Here, he fights the good fight with the dangerous creature and monster that come into his way. Free from Banner's persona, he is now Hulk forever and knows exactly what he is.

the incredible hulk
Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Down here, he lives with a moloid tribe who are celebrating the green goliath's presence among them. Even though the elder of the tribe assures Hulk an undisturbed stay in here, he is not quite convinced yet. The welcome party for Hulk is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a secret government sponsored team with their robotic drones and drills to eliminate mad scientists, called the Mad Squad, led by Amanda Von Doom.

Amanda seeks out Hulk's assistance in their current mission and that is to stop the now unstable scientist Bruce Banner who has become a great problem for them. Bruce is restlessly trying to re-invent the Incredible Hulk, which he believes is one of his greatest achievements over the years, by experimenting on various creatures on the island laboratory and turning every type of animal into gamma-irradiated monsters, causing menace to the people around.

Amanda is on charge of the operation to take Banner down for good. Hulk shows no interest in her cause and turns her down. But later, when his newly found adoptive family of moloids is attacked by Banner's creatures; a bipedal gamma-irradiated warthog duo called 26 and 27, Hulk decides to help Amanda on one condition; to face Bruce Banner by himself and finish all of this madness for good.

A date with his wife Betty Ross goes sore when she finds out that Banner actually came to a deserted tropical island for his own research purpose. He started his work there which was a neuclear testing site from the 50's. When his continuous effort of bringing out the Hulk from within fails, Banner entertains the idea of creating the gamma-bomb that gave birth to the green goliath in the first place.

For more information on Incredible Hulk storyline, you can check out the link below.

Hulk – Asunder (Comics) Marvel Wikia

incredible hulk smash
The Strongest Beast There Is

Here is your links to buy “Hulk – Asunder" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk V3 01

Incredible Hulk V3 02

Incredible Hulk V3 03

Incredible Hulk V3 04

Incredible Hulk V3 05

Incredible Hulk V3 06

Incredible Hulk V3 07

Incredible Hulk V3 07.1

Here is your links to buy “Hulk – Asunder" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Hulk – Asunder (Softcover)

Hulk – Asunder (Hardcover)

"Asunder" is an eight part story arc that took place in the third volume of The Incredible Hulk comic series, published on 2011 by Marvel Comics. Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Original Sin), one of Marvel's visionary writers created this plot along with two of the industry legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Witchblade) and Whilce Portacio (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men), who fleshed out the Hulk impressively and have the story a higher standard.

hulk smash
Jaws of Gamma Sharks

This artified storyline took place during the “Shattered Heroes” crossover event and served as a tie-in. A new character named Amanda von Doom AKA Commander Doom is introduced, who by far is declared having no relationship with Doctor Doom. Aside from the primary focusing characters related to the arc, characters like She-Hulk, Red HulkRed She-HulkWolverine, Ghost Rider, Mad Thinker, Tinkerer, Red Ghost and Baron Zemo were either given reference or shown in photographs as a sort of cameo appearance.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Green Lantern – New 52 | Comics

Hal Jordan finds himself powerless and five years younger in a world that hates and doubts superheroes. Without a job and the Power Ring, Hal’s life becomes quite a mess and his relationship with Carol Ferris is at stress. Then his former enemy Sinestro shows up at his doorstep with an offer to regain his Power Ring.

green lantern new 52
Green Lantern – New 52 | Comics

The ring Sinestro gave to Hal Jordan operates only by his will and Sinestro can turn it on or off at any time as a safety measure. To fight the derailed members of his own Corps, Sinestro recruits him to his journey to Korugar that led them to a battle there. This two has teamed up for many other adventures alongside the other members of the Corps.

Hal took part in resistance against Darkseid when he led an invasion on Earth with an army of Parademons seeking Anti-Life Equation along with fellow superhero Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman (Justice League – Origin). This magnificent seven would fought as a team and dub themselves as Justice League to public. Hal Jordan faces Indigo Tribe who abducts Sinestro and he also meets sinister villain Black Hand at their homeworld.

Meanwhile, a troubled Lebanese-American Muslim, Simon Baz is appointed as a new Green Lantern by The Guardians, who found Thaal Sinestro's ring in middle of a desperate situation and is aided by B'dg. Baz also get membership to the Justice League of America later by Colonel Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller of Task Force X.

For more information on Green Lantern – New 52 comics series, you can check out the link below.

Green Lantern – The New 52 (Comics) DC Wikia

hal jordan new 52
Hal Jordan Is Back Again

Here is your links to buy "Green Lantern – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Green Lantern Vol 01 – Sinestro (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 01 – Sinestro (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 02 – The Revenge of Black Hand (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 02 – The Revenge of Black Hand (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 03 – The End (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 03 – The End (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 04 – Dark Days (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 04 – Dark Days (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 05 – Test of Wills (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 05 – Test of Wills (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 06 – The Life Equation (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 06 – The Life Equation (Hardcover)

Following “Flashpoint” crossover event of DC Comics, various monthly ongoing titles featuring popular DC Comics' characters got new back-story as a result of The New 52 re-launch sans Green Lantern. With Flashpoint wave changing every single origin of each and every superhero, Green Lanterns seems to be the ones that aren’t changed much.

green lantern sinestro
Hal and Sinestro Fights The Sinestro Corps

The series continues in its fifth volume with writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age). The series has gone through many crossover issues during Rise of the Third Army, Wrath of the First Lantern and Lights Out crossover events of New 52.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thor – Latverian Prometheus | Comics

Following her resurrection after "Ragnarok Cycle", Asgardian Goddess of winter storms, Kelda went to Midgard and eventually fell in love with a mortal man named Bill. Having informed of her mortal lover’s unexpected death, Kelda is out for vengeance and seeks Doctor Doom and Loki, as they are the one who were instrumental in Bill’s death.

thor latverian prometheus
Thor – Latverian Prometheus | Comics

In Latveria, inside Doom’s castle, she blasts Doom with a lightning bolt only find out that it was a mere Doombot that took the blast. So, she entered the lab inside the castle to seek out the real Doom, only to be captured by another Doombot who tore her heart out when Doctor Doom showed up and expresses his curiosity about the physiology of Asgardians.

The Asgardians are a race of near immortal creatures and for years, they were known for their legendary superior lifespan and durability among all of nine realms. The Latverian tyrant Doctor Doom was always keen to discover the genetic secret of Asgardians and to succeed in his latest schemes, he is capturing many Asgardians and is conducting experiments on them.

In Broxton, Oklahoma, Asgardians have gathered, declaring war against Victor Von Doom and with assembling every one of them out there in one place, demands their missing relatives back. The Mighty Thor is back from his exile and realizing how bad the situation here really is, joins the fight immediately. But Doom has a powerful secret weapon yet to reveal, that is more than an army of Doombots at his disposal, to tackle the wrath of the Asgardian forces.

doctor doom marvel
Doomed Asgardians Mutate

Here is your links to buy “Thor – Latverian Prometheus" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Thor 604

Thor 605

Thor 606

Here is your links to buy “Thor – Latverian Prometheus" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Thor – Latverian Prometheus

"Latverian Prometheus" is a three part storyline that took place in the first monthly ongoing Thor comic-book series featuring The Mighty Thor and it ran from issue #604-606. The story was published in 2010 from Marvel Comics as writer Kieron Gillen (Angela – Asgard's Assassin, Beta Ray Bill – Godhunter) and artist Billy Tan (Darkness/Tomb Raider, Elektra/Cyblade) were given the task to complete the story.

doctor doom vs thor
Thor Strikes at Doom

Even though the plotline does not feature a major reckoning threat, The Destroyer made an appearance to play an important part.. This storyline is next followed by “Thor – Siege”, which is a tie-in story to 2010's Marvel crossover event “Siege”.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme | Comics

Although Doctor Strange is back, a search for his new successor begins with The Hood seeking his powers.

Now that Tony Stark is not Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore, New Avengers are on the run because Norman Osborn is in charge of everything. Aside from running a new task force H.A.M.M.E.R., he has assembled his own version of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" with their twisted and villainous counterparts as Dark Avengers.

Some heroes went underground and many like Clint Barton AKA Ronin became vocal about their opinion on Osborn in public. When his team tries to choose a leader, Barton is elected and he picks Ms. Marvel as his second-in-command. They ask for Spider-Man to share his real identity with them and he reluctantly does so after all.

Turns out, Jessica Jones was a classmate of Peter from high school and had a crush on him, which irks her husband Luke Cage a little. Before they proceed to plan ahead to take Osborn down, Doctor Strange arrives there to seek help. He barely survived an encounter with The Hood, who is currently after his Eye of Agamotto.

It appears that Stephen Strange is no longer a Sorcerer Supreme of Earth dimension as he used dark arts to save his friends earlier. He has been looking for a new contender for his former title ever since and met Young Avengers member Wiccan in New Jersey but their conversation is interrupted midway when he sees Parker Robbins outside.

new avengers search for sorcerer supreme marvel comics doctor strange stephen strange clea doctor doom dormammu scarlet witch wanda maximoff hood parker robbins brother voodoo jericho drumm ghost rider johnny blaze magik illyana rasputina brian michael bendis billy tan chris Bachalo
New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme | Comics

Strange told Billy Kaplan to run and attempts to face Hood alone but not only did he fail to reason with Robbins, he soon realized that his enemy has grown more powerful than he is now. Instead of running, Wiccan came out helping with his powers, allowing them both to escape from there and he came here to gather strength.

New Avengers insists on helping Strange as they were after Robbins, who has ties to Osborn. Meanwhile, Hood goes to Dormammu seeking help to ease his pain and meets Madame Masque. Not knowing what he's been up to, she suggests that they go look for Doctor Strange to get help and removes her mask before kissing him.

They all head to New Orleans trying to find the new rightful owner for Eye of Agamotto in a Quinjet that Carol "borrrowed" when she left Mighty Avengers. What Strange is mostly concerned about is that even people like Doctor Doom or Hood could be a candidate for being next Sorcerer Supreme and that would be disastrous.

On their way, the Eye suddenly activates by itself and starts display all of its possible holders before getting disappeared, most likely to its new owner. They are hit by a missile by Madame Masque, prompting Spidey and Wolverine to go after her. Logan ran into heavy fire and Spider-Woman engaged her until Captain America took her out.

In his apartment, Daimon Hellstrom was arguing with his ex-wife Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat over phone. The Hood comes at him guns blazing thinking he has what he is looking for but was unable to even land a scratch on him. They both get a glimpse of the Eye before it gets vanished again and Hood is cast outside from his house.

Their fight gets ugly pretty quickly and caught attention of The Avengers, who came in offering aid to Hellstrom. As Cage and Doc Strange try their best to contain the fiery fury of an unhinged Parker Robbins, who has taken a larger demonic form, Jericho Drumm AKA Brother Voodoo shows up wearing the Eye of Agamotto to help.

doctor strange stephen strange vs the hood parker robbins wiccan billy kaplan new avengers search for sorcerer supreme new avengers search for sorcerer supreme marvel comics brian michael bendis chris Bachalo
Showdown With The Hood

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

New Avengers 51

New Avengers 52

New Avengers 53

New Avengers 54

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Softcover)

New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Hardcover)

Continuing his run on eleventh New Avengers storyline "Search for the Sorcerer Supreme", writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) returns once again to rally up the heroes to face a "Dark Reign" with a revised team lineup and status quo for Marvel Comics in 2009 that would spread across various other mini-series.

Bendis was joined by artists Antonio Fabela, Justin Ponsor, Billy Tan (Thor – Latverian Prometheus, Uncanny X-Men – End of Greys), Chris Bachalo (Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man, X-Men – Age of Apocalypse) and Matt Banning in telling his story within issues #51-54 from fist volume of monthly ongoing comic-book series.

new avengers search for sorcerer supreme marvel comics luke cage spider-man peter parker wolverine james howlett logan ms. marvel carol danvers spider-woman jessica drew ronin clint barton mockingbird bobbi morse captain america james barnes brian michael bendis billy tan
Dark Dimension Power Play

Even though Cage has been acting as a leader for some time, he steps down and Bucky Barnes simply didn't have old-school Avengers experience. In a not so surprising manner, Clint Barton gets elected as current leader of New Avengers.

The Hood, one of Osborn's allies and a herald of Dormammu becomes a major pain for heroes to deal with. Although he went after Strange to steal his Eye of Agamotto by force, Parker eventually ended up being badly burnt in hospital. A new Sorcerer Supreme is chosen and more bad news is heading for them in next story "Powerloss".
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