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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Venom – Circle of Four | Comics

Jack O'Lantern showed up at Flash Thompson's father's funeral on behalf of his boss Crime-Master with a deal that involves retrieving a package for him or see his family suffer. Given the situation, Flash had no other choice but to comply to keep his loved ones safe. This led him to steal the symbiote for himself when Captain America comes in to shut down "Project Rebirth" the next day and then he flees the facility. Cap gives Flash a chase into the forest and these two fights for control as the former unsuccessfully tries to convince to give up the suit.

Flash managed to best Captain America in combat and when he got back with the suit, he found himself teaming up with Jack O'Lantern to a road-trip. Cap then tasked Red Hulk with a solo mission to retrieve Venom symbiote and bring it back to base. The following day, Flash and Jack heads straight to Devil's Den Casino of Las Vegas, where they breaks in to get the Toxin symbiote for Crime-Master but as soon as Venom senses it, Flash loses control over his suit and things goes way out of hand.

ghost rider red hulk x23 venom marvel comics
Venom – Circle of Four | Comics

Whatever control Flash had over the symbiote is gone and tries to eleminate the Toxin symbiote so that it could not compete with Venom for a battle of dominance on Earth in future. Jack O'Lantern breaks in to secure the package and remind Flash to calm down as he puts the symbiote in a container. Venom completely ignores anything that Jack said and keeps violently pouncing at the villain to get the container back. Crime-Master suggests Jack to run for his life and he barely made it out of Flash's clutch by threatening his family if the latter doesn't comply.

Flash calls Betty and breaks up with her to cut ties with her and save her from Crime-Master and Jack O'Lantern. By the time, he calmed down, General Thunderbolt Ross AKA the Red Hulk was looking for the symbiote to take it back into custody. Seeing a hostile Rulk breaking-in, the suit tries to take over him and they blew up a gas station in the ensuing struggle. Meanwhile, Wolverine's cloned daughter X-23 gets into the casino tracking the trail of a vial of her blood and discovers a band of Symbiote Warriors cloned in tubes.

Devil's Den Casino owner Mr. Degli and his girlfriend Ms. Oyle goes to a satanic machine with hundred sinful souls to open a black doorway and sensing this, the new Spirit of Vengeance; Alejandra Jones heads to the location, leaving Johnny Blaze in the Nevada desert. While rushing into the scene, Alejandra accidentally helped activate the doorway as demons enters Earth. Mr. Degli and Ms. Oyle reveal them to be Blackheart and his lover Gari Oyle as Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Venom and X-23 appears to fight Hell and Antithesis; the dark counterpart of their own to save Earth.

For more information on Venom – Circle of Four storyline, you can check out the link below.

Venom – Circle of Four (Comics) Marvel Wikia

ghost rider marvel
Smashing Symbiote of Vengeance

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Venom – Circle of Four (Softcover)

Venom – Circle of Four (Hardcover)

"Circle of Four" is a six-part plotline that ran into the second monthly ongoing comic-book volume of Venom from Marvel Comics, written by Jeff Parker, Rick Remender (AXIS, Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z), Rob Williams and drawn by Julian Tedesco, Lan Medina, Lee Garbett, Sana Takeda, Tony Moore (Deadpool, Punisher). The story is another father-son hatred battle to rise to power in Hell between the demon Blackheart and his father Mephisto. As always, Mephisto found some pawns to do his bidding and gave them something that they wanted in return like a master manipulator.

ghost rider red hulk x23 venom blackheart marvel comics
Circle of Damnation

This skirmish of Hell also added never before teamed-up characters like Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Venom and X-23 side by side to work as a team, which also is homage to the New Fantastic Four storyline from the 90's. Though it was very hard to match their combined ego to go team but dire objective in hand really motivated them all to act as a group and they had no other choice left. Aside from the unusual alliance formed during the story, characters like Doctor Strange, Hellstorm, Secret Avengers member Beast and Giant-Man made cameo appearance into it at one point.
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Friday, August 22, 2003

Ghost Rider | Comics

An ancient curse that passed through family bloodlines, created by the demon Zarathos for gathering more powers at his disposal led him to conflicts with Mephisto. In a challenge between them Mephisto defeated him with tricks and claimed the Spirits of Vengeance for himself. For ages he seeks of a mystical artifact named the Medallion of Power that holds the essence of the Spirits of Vengeance.

ghost rider comics
Ghost Rider | Comics

From the 18th century he had been keeping an eye on the Kale family firstborn of every generation and finally he locked his mind on stunt rider Johnny Blaze. Throughout a series of family tragedies, Johnny eventually discovers his mystic heritage and become the Ghost Rider.

Having his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson at his side he moved to American Southwest after he made his way back to earth from hell, Johnny starts fighting evil with his newly gained mystical powers. He has banded the team of The Champions along with Black Widow, Angel, Iceman of the X-Men and Hercules after he moved from San Francisco as his powers grew out of control.

He was also a member of an ad-hoc Fantastic Four team with Hulk, Spider-Man and Wolverine. He used to hang out with one of the short lived version of Heroes for Hire too and fought Hulk during World War Hulk. Johnny eventually discovers the existence of two other Ghost Riders; Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes and served as Danny’s mentor. On the wheels of Hellfire, the Ghost Riders fight demons whipping the fiery chain of mystic flames.

For more information on Ghost Rider comics series, you can check out these links below.

Ghost Rider (Comics) Wikipedia

Ghost Rider (Comics) Marvel Wikia

ghost rider marvel
The Spirit of Vengeance

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Ghost Rider – Trail of Tears (Softcover)

Ghost Rider – Trail of Tears (Hardcover)

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Ghost Rider Team-Up

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 03

What If? Classic Vol 05

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 04

Ghost Rider – Resurrected

Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch Classic Vol 01

The New Fantastic Four – Monsters Unleashed

Ghost Rider/Wolverine – Acts of Vengeance

Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch Classic Vol 02

Ghost Rider is a fictional comic book character with a supernatural origin from Marvel Comics. Created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas (Avengers, Captain Marvel) and Mike Ploog, the character was first introduced back in 1972.

Apart from many solo ongoing series and appearances on other books, where he teamed up with other heroes like DeadpoolHulk, Punisher, Spider-Man, Venom and Wolverine, Ghost Rider sometimes play cameo roles in different ongoing titles featuring various other heroes.

spirit of vengeance
The Supernatural Hunters

The story of the Johnny Blaze character was adopted for a 2007 motion picture Ghost Rider and its 2012 sequel Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance, starring actor Nicolas Cage as the titular character.

In Season 4 of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ghost Rider was a prominent character who was at the center of the main plot. The Robbie Reyes version of the character was adapted for the show which is played by Gabriel Luna.
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