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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Action Comics – The Oz Effect | Comics

Manipulating life-events of Superman from beyond, the mysterious Mister Oz finally reveals himself.

Clark Kent has moved to Metropolis lately but he is been busy ever since dealing with The Godslayer (Men of Steel), the Superman Revenge Squad (The New World) and Mr. Mxyzptlk (Superman Reborn), followed by one of their recent family road-trip (Hopes and Fears).

Just like every other day, Superman was busy saving the world and talking to Lois Lane on phone. Then he heard gunshots and screams, which led him to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. Saving the locals from gunmen and wolves, he finds computer chip on their neck.

He calls out the mastermind behind this chaos named Machinist and the villain appears but turns out it was a decoy. As he takes him down, everyone else controlled by the chips fell but more of them emerge on all around the globe.

A lead he found on the chip took him to Lex Luthor and the latter claims someone stole his work. Luthor dons his Apokalyptian warsuit, and team-up with Superman to head for Kasmir/India border. There, the Machinist took control over Lex for a while to fight against Man of Steel but then he managed to regain control.

action comics oz effect dc comics
Action Comics – The Oz Effect | Comics

Luthor successfully foiled Machinist's sinister plan with Superman and then begins investigating security footage of his suit. When he was about to discover a potential clue to uncover this mystery, Mister Oz suddenly appears in his lab, deleted footage and then hit him with a blast from his eye before leaving.

He then visits a captive Metallo in A.R.G.U.S. to pull his kryptonite heart, killing him and then tells his followers to be ready for the next day. The following day, Superman gets busy saving a shipment of smallpox vaccine on Metropolis. Lois visits Perry White at Daily Planet with Jon Kent while Steve Lombard tries to impress the boy.

Meanwhile, as his plan to spread anarchy around the world progress, Mister Oz reflects on how humanity hasn't evolved yet and remained brutal savages. To keep check on all these affairs, Superman desperately run to prevent prison riot, racial clash, ship wreck on the coast and terrorism worldwide but even he cannot handle all of that at once.

Earlier, Superman delivered smallpox vaccine on Logamga but now there is only death and chaos everywhere. Demonstrating how humanity is a lost cause after pushing them on the edge, Mister Oz comes out of the flames and takes him back to Fortress of Solitude.

There, Oz finally reveals his partly-disfigured face to Superman after removing his hood. He claims to be his presumed long-deceased father; Jor-El and is here to take him away from this world.

mr oz is jor el
The Startling Revelation

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Action Comics 985

Action Comics 986

Action Comics 987

Action Comics 988

Action Comics 989

Action Comics 990

Action Comics 991

Action Comics 992

Here is your link to buy "Action Comics – The Oz Effect" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Action Comics – The Oz Effect

"The Oz Effect" is the fifth storyline from the Action Comics monthly ongoing era that started after "DC Rebirth". This epic story brought Man of Steel closer to discover the connection with Watchmen and most possibly the person who is responsible for creating The New 52 timeline and tampering reality; Doctor Manhattan.

Collecting issues #985-992 from the comic-book series of DC Comics, the plotline was delivered by writer Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year One, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey), who was aided by artists Guillem March (Catwoman – Dollhouse, Catwoman – The Game), Ryan Sook (DC Universe Online – Legends, The New 52 – Futures End) and Viktor Bogdanovic (New Super-Man – Coming to America, New Super-Man – Made in China).

action comics viktor bogdanovic superman
The After Effects

A grand-plot that was being developed behind-the-scene for some time, "The Oz Effect" draws conclusion to a long-running mystery of who Mister Oz really is but sadly, the character lasted for a very limited time after the revelation. Much of where he was all these time before appearing on Prime Earth and how he came here is still remains unanswered.

At one point, Superman discovered Doomsday still captive on Oz's off-world base instead of Phantom Zone in the middle of the fight with Oz. The epilogue of the arc saw a few cameos from fellow Justice League member Batman, Booster Gold and Green Lantern.

Even "The Men of Tomorrow" arc from The New 52 era was also referenced for Superman's previous encounter with the villain known as the Machinist. Also, the prophecy of Luthor becoming the incarnation of Darkseid by The Godslayer was teased shortly. The upcoming "Doomsday Clock" limited series crossover will possibly shed more light on the whole scenario.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Doomsday | Comics

Doomsday is the monstrous menace that terrorized planets and led genocide anywhere it visited before killing Superman!

Ages ago, on purpose of creating an ultimate life-form, a Kryptonian mad-scientist named Bertron sent a baby outside to the harsh environment of that era. The baby is immediately killed by the hostile creatures that lived outside and its remains were collected to clone him again to repeat the process.

They continued this for decades after decades to forcibly make it evolve and each time the subject was born better, stronger, with all the agonizing memory of its previous demise recorded intact in its genes.

Eventually, it reached a point where it hates all life and cannot be killed twice with the same measure it has been killed once. It then killed every other beast on surface and then mercilessly slaughtered Bertron and his crew after detecting their whereabouts.

It then crashes to Bylan 5 and met Darkseid but the latter had to flee as the planet was on the brink of its doom. The creature managed to escape in a shuttle and then wrecks havoc to Oa, killing hundreds of Green Lanterns who were sent to stop him.

It was only stopped when one of the Guardians of the Universe decided to sacrifice himself to stop him but the massive energy that was released in the process has tore space, sending Doomsday to Calaton.

After three years of his rampage on the planet, the beast is finally defeated by an energy being called The Radiant. Its body was masked and shackled before shooting him off to space because of his status as a mass murderer.

doomsday dc comics
Doomsday | Comics

Death of Superman
What the inhabitants of Calaton didn't know was that Doomsday cannot die and so he is regenerated to his full health even after it crash landed on Earth. Then it reached the surface to unleash a nonsensical killing spree, facing the Justice League and defeating them all with ease.

Both Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner took a heavy beating at the hands of the monster when engaged in combat. Maxima was the only one among her teammates to even barely stand matched by the immense brute force of the creature, leading Booster Gold to name it "Doomsday".

Upon hearing the news of his friends getting their ass-kicked by this new mysterious menace, Superman rushes to the spot and joined the battle. It was then Doomsday realized that he has found a worthy opponent when he hit him without inflicting any effect.

The Justice League reassembles to face the beast once again, only to get beaten down for one more time. Blows after blows were exchanged for hours between the two titans until Superman finally realized that he cannot stop Doomsday without killing it. Both of them delivered their killing blow to each other and their lifeless body fell to the ground.

Following Superman's demise, Cyborg Superman took the body of the monster and shot it to space in an asteroid so that it never reaches another planet. However, a scavenger ship heading towards Apokolips have found it but the creature got loose and killed everyone on board.

On Apokolips, Doomsday laid waste of the planet and even defeated the dreaded Darkseid after surviving the blasts of his Omega Beams. Superman was contacted by Desaad for help and he was quite uneasy seeing the monster that "killed" him is now resurrected. He unsuccessfully faced it one more time and then sends him to the End of Time using Waverider's time travel device.

Doomsday Wars
A minion of Brainiac retrieved Doomsday from the End of Time to combine his brute force with his master's superior intellect. To work against Doomsday's strong will, Brainiac decided to genetically engineer the monstrosity within a human host and picked the newborn of Pete Ross and Lana Lang.

While this will serve him greatly, he will also be hurting his arch-nemesis in the process. Superman manages to drive out Brainiac off Doomsday's body using "psi-blocker" and then left Doomsday in a stasis on moon, where he would never be able to regenerate more than 25%.

Our Worlds at War
When the existence of the Universe was threatened the cosmic entity known as Imperiex, Superman and all of Earth's heroes tried their best to oppose him. Considering the situation as a State of Emergency, Lex Luthor reformed Suicide Squad and sends them to release Doomsday to be unleashed on the threat.

Upon releasing, the beast did a number on Chemo, Shrapnel, Mongul and Steel. Luthor also drafted Manchester Black to alter his perception and he is programmed to destroy Imperiex Probes alongside Superman but soon perished at the hands of Imperiex Prime.

Joker's Last Laugh
Using Superman's Kryptonian DNA, Luthor managed to grow flesh on Doomsday's skeleton that he was reduced to. He then managed for The Joker to release the monster in Washington, D.C. but Superman reached there in time to stop his rampage.

The creature has developed some sort of intelligence and sentience this time, with which he blamed Lex for his death during "Imperiex War". Superman finally defeated the beast by introducing the concept of fear, pain and self-doubt to him. Afterwards, Luthor hands him over to Darkseid to repay Earth's debt for war against Imperiex to Apokolips.

Supergirl from Krypton
The arrival of Superman's long-lost cousin Kara Zor-El on Earth created debate among the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight about whether or not she is an imposter, while Wonder Woman took her to the Paradise Island.

Darkseid sends an army of Doomsday clones that battled the Amazons and another small group of Doomsdays were busy kidnapping Kara. Since the creature's DNA was too complex to replicate, it was a clone devoid of sentience but raw power that are easily taken down by Batman and Superman.

Apokolips, Now!
Superman visited Apokolips to get back his friend John Henry Irons AKA Steel from Darkseid and they decided to face each other on combat. As the dark god of Apokolips getting a beat-down from the Man of Steel, his wife Mortalla instructs to release Doomsday to help Darkseid.

Natasha Irons was then suddenly faced the beast to a standstill and then her uncle arrives in the Entropy Aegis armor to save her by blasting Doomsday on the far side of Apokolips. The creature didn't rejoin the battle and chose to wander around the planet without a purpose.

He eventually managed to get back to Earth from Apokolips after some time and realized that he has developed emotions within him. When back at Metropolis, Doomsday was shocked to see Superman getting beaten to death by Gog and then quickly jumps in to help, surprising both the Man of Steel and his enemy.

Despite his help, Gog was victorious and Doomsday rallied an army against Gog as he became one of the greatest heroes of Earth. Superman was actually alive as a captive of Gog and Doomsday traveled to future to rescue him from the villain.

Infinite Crisis
With the Secret Society of Super-Villains running rampant across Metropolis, Doctor Psycho and Warp freed Doomsday from captivity. The behemoth was mind-controlled by Doctor Psycho for some time and when he came to knock off Green Arrow for good, Superman from both New Earth and Earth-Two came crushing on him.

This is the first time these two Kryptonians worked together as a team against a threat and the behemoth had no chance of standing against the combined might of Kal-El and Kal-L, ultimately leading to his certain fall after a brief struggle.

New Krypton
Shortly after the establishment of New Krypton at North Pole, Doomsday was dropped in the middle of the Kryptonian delegation on Washington, D.C. As the President is quickly evacuated, Superman and Supergirl decided to face the monster together before it could harm anyone else.

The fight then drags them all to Metropolis but soon, more Kryptonians have joined and took the monster straight to Earth's moon, where they all savagely beat him to a bloody pulp with little to no effort, seemingly ending his life for good.

Reign of Doomsdays
Doomsday eventually came back to life from his demise even more powerful than he ever was and he faced Steel while reigning chaos across the globe. The beast demonstrated the ability to grow metallic boney protrusions and now he is capable of flight.

Then he took down the Eradicator even after the intervention of The Outsiders. Boodikka of the Alpha Lantern Corps was also targeted by Doomsday but Batman and Supergirl took her away as Starman and Saint Walker hold him back.

It was actually looking for the Cyborg Superman in her and their fight took turns in the JLA Satellite for control. At the end of the fight, Doomsday kidnapped both Cyborg Superman and Supergirl before setting his sights on Superboy.

It is revealed later that the real Doomsday has been imprisoned the whole time and the heroes were fighting an evolved, cyborg version of Doomsday called "Doomslayer". As the creature plans to destroy Earth, Eradicator takes control of the original Doomsday's body to save the day.

In a world unknowingly created by Barry Allen due to change of reality, Doomsday existed as part of "Project Superman" named Project Six. General Sam Lane decided to use his DNA to create super soldiers and sent it to attack Booster Gold upon thinking him as an enemy.

This is the second time Booster almost died at the hand of the beast and he managed to shot off the helmet that controlled him, he goes on a bloody rampage. When Doomsday saw images of Superman on screen, he immediately went berserk on the people on board again and killing them mercilessly.

For more information on Doomsday comics series, you can check out these links below.

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superman vs doomsday
Rage of Doomsday!

Here is your links to buy "Doomsday" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Doomsday Annual 01

The Death of Superman

Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey

Superman – Doomsday

Superman – Doomsday Wars

Superman – Our Worlds at War

Joker's Last Laugh

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton

Infinite Crisis

Superman – New Krypton Vol 01

Superman – Return of Doomsday

Superman – Reign of Doomsday (Softcover)

Superman – Reign of Doomsday (Hardcover)

Flashpoint – World of Flashpoint Superman

Exists in the fictional Universe of DC Comics, the character Doomsday is perhaps the most powerful being in the entire existence when it comes to physical might. Doomsday was created by Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year OneSuperman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey), who was accompanied by Brett Breeding, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson and Roger Stern back in 1992.

He debuted on the pages of Superman – The Man of Steel issue #17 and then making his full appearance on the next issue. Aside from his legendary debuting story “The Death of Superman”, Doomsday also featured in other notable stories like Hunter/Prey, The Doomsday Wars, Supergirl from Krypton, Reign of Doomsday and Flashpoint.

doomsday kills superman
Kryptonian Killing Machine

The character got a rebooted origin in The New 52 timeline which got killed during “Superman – Doomed”. The original New Earth version of Doomsday found his way to “DC Rebirth” and led a “Path of Doom”. Doomsday made appearances animated TV series Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Super Heroes and an animated direct-to-video Superman: Doomsday.

Then he showed up again on Smallville TV series and finally made his live-action debut in the 2016’s superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which possibly was the most powerful incarnation of the character till date regarding any media.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Death of Superman | Comics

Located in an unknown underground chamber, a giant entity wearing a green containment suit keeps hitting the steel doors to get out of its imprisonment. Through continuous punching, his gloves tore up and reveal sharp bony edges on tip of its knuckles. Meanwhile, Superman and reporter Lois Lane of Daily Planet were involved in a case facing the dwellers of Underworld.

death of superman
The Death of Superman | Comics

The trapped being eventually breaks out of the chamber and reaches above ground, where he instantly starts a murderous rampage with a bird and a deer. As he keeps progressing, members of the Justice League International including the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Maxima, Fire, Ice and Bloodwynd tries to engage and stop him with full force but to no avail at all.

The beast was able to easily demolish the entire Justice League roster with one hand tied to its back and yet would stop at nothing. After putting down Guy Gardner, it took Blue Beetle out of the commission and only Maxima seems to held the last line of defense against it.

Finally, the Man of Steel appears just in time to save Booster Gold from a fatal injury and engages the monstrosity whom Booster has dubbed as “Doomsday”! Even the best efforts of Superman seem to be not enough to thwart the monster’s rampage. Upon decimating all the heroes present, Doomsday approaches to the city of Metropolis, where a historical battle will take place that will be remembered forever for its viciousness.

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superman 75
Death of A Legend

Here is your links for the "The Death of Superman" crossover event from DC Comics in issues.

Approaching Doom

Superman – Man of Steel 17

Superman V2 73

Adventures of Superman 496

Action Comics 683


Superman – Man of Steel 18

Justice League of America 69

Superman V2 74

Adventures of Superman 497

Action Comics 684

Superman – Man of Steel 19

Superman V2 75

Funeral for a Friend

Justice League America 70

Adventures of Superman 498

Action Comics 685

Superman – Man of Steel 20

Superman V2 76

Adventures of Superman 499

Action Comics 686

Superman – Man of Steel 21

Superman V2 77

Legacy of Superman 01

Supergirl & Team Luthor 01

Here is your links for the "The Death of Superman" crossover event from DC Comics.

The Death of Superman

World Without a Superman

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

Following a drop of popularity of the Superman comics during the 90’s, DC Comics took a creative decision of creating “The Death of Superman” crossover event in 1992 which was divided into the story arcs titled "Approaching Doom", "Doomsday!" and "Funeral for a Friend".

world without superman
Funeral For A Friend

This major event was created by a team of writers Dan Jurgens (Aquaman, Batman Beyond), Jerry Ordway, Karl Kesel (Harley Quinn, Hawk and Dove), Louise Simonson, Roger Stern and artists Curt Swan, Dan Jurgens, Jackson Guice, Jon Bogdanove, Rick Burchett, Tom Grummett (Robin, Superboy), Walt Simonson (Orion, Star Wars) respectfully.

The story itself became a bestseller and is continued in the next arc titled, The Return of Superman. The book is also adapted to Direct-To-DVD project of Warner Bros titled “Superman – Doomsday” in 2008 as well as in 2016 in the live-action movie "Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice".
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