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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cable – The Newer Mutants | Comics

Time-traveling mutant Cable recruits newer mutants to go look for a mutant killer after the death of an External.

Whenever there is a major disturbance in the timestream, Cable takes it upon himself to restore it back and currently, he has recruited Longshot to investigate a corpse in a forensic center of New Orleans. He initially picked up an anomaly but by the time he got here, the trail goes cold and the person he was chasing ended up being dead.

The person lying in front of them is named Candra who officially doesn't exist and was one of the Externals, a group of eternal mutants. Although she was supposed to be immortal, her killer has taken her life by ripping her heart out. When asked to see into her memories, Longshot saw her putting up a fight before dying but failed to see the attacker.

With the demise of Candra and rest of her kind perished previously, only Selene remains as the last of Externals and Cable believes that she already knows about the incident because of the telepathic link they all share. Given her history of killing the rest of her peers in past, Nathan chose to find his answer from the corpse instead of going to her.

Seeing that idea didn't work out, he decides to face her at Hellfire Club after recruiting Doop and Shatterstar. They sneak in past the security only to be ambushed by Selene herself, who was expecting their arrival. Following a brief skirmish it became apparent that she didn't was not responsible for the murder they were investigating earlier.

cable newer mutants marvel comics jon malin
Cable – The Newer Mutants | Comics

Turns out they all are after the same assailant and when Nate mentioned of her being the last External, she revealed formerly deceased Absalom, Crule and Nicodemus of her race standing behind them. Though there was a heated exchange between the two groups, Black Priestess tells her allies to stand down and the team of X-Men to leave.

When Shatterstar asks Nathan for his reason to walk out, he states that if the eternal mutants have been working for the woman who killed them a decade ago, clearly they are all afraid of the mysterious assassin who is hunting them down. The only three who did not join their cause are Burke, Saul and Gideon, persons he would like to meet next.

Since Gideon is off the grid at this time, he plans to go after the rest in two groups and considering how they were dominated by the mutant witch, Armor and X-23 are taken in for help. Meanwhile, Selene and her group sail to the middle of Atlantic to retrieve a secret weapon of hers from a portal now that they all are in grave danger.

With Doop and Hisako, Cable goes to see Burke, a precog and wants to die after having been around for centuries. Therefore, he wishes not to help them finding the killer. In the mean time, Shatterstar travels to Mongolia with Laura and Longshot only to discover Black Priestess and her allies beside the lying corpse of Garbha-Hsien AKA Saul.

Nathan quickly rushed to Mongolia on a Blackbird alongside his fellow mutants to regroup with the rest of his team. They catch up and Nate learns of the secret weapon Selene brought to her side, a mutant teleporter and original Generation X member named Blink. They head to make one more stop at Black Canyon of Colorado, looking for Gideon.

The team is greeted by an A.I. assistant who takes them all inside where they can see a near skeletal form of Gideon lying in stasis. Although the robot claimed that he has been lying around like this for the last decades after Selene tried to kill him, the entire complex goes to a total lockdown when the team of X-Men tries to investigate further.

external x-men marvel comics
An External Affair

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Cable – The Newer Mutants

Titled "The Newer Mutants", the 2018 storyline is plotted out by comic-book writer Ed Brisson (Old Man Logan – Days of Anger, Old Man Logan – Scarlet Samurai) and artist Jon Malin (Thunderbolts – No Going Back, Thunderbolts – There Is No High Road) took care of the covers for involved issues as well as interior illustrations.

An External named Candra was formerly known as Red Death, who had alliance with both Assassins Guild and Thieves Guild. When she ended up dead, Nathan goes to look into the matter with the Lost Messiah of Mojoworld, Longshot. He enlists Armor, Doop, X-23 and even a semi-amnesiac Blink, who would play a major part in their victory in the end.

cable newer mutants selene marvel comics jon malin
Selene Seeks Asylum

The title of the arc is a nod to original team of New Mutants formed by Cable and it collects issues #150-154 of his solo monthly ongoing series from Marvel Comics. Even though not as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, energy vampire Selene shows up with her band of Externals and reference of 2009 crossover event "Necrosha" were made.

Also, mutant super villain Gideon makes his return in his immortal glory after spending longer time than you think in stasis and started time travelling before going back to his old ways. Soon as he wrapped this up, Cable is reunited with a loved one only to be chased by someone with a murderous grudge on him during next arc of "Past Fears".
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cable – Conquest | Comics

Cable starts a centuries-spanning chase from modern day to dawn of time to save reality from a villain named Conquest.

Time-travelling mutant Cable goes back to Arizona territory of 1874 and walks into a bar. No sooner had he entered, he is confronted by four locals with future-tech guns after he tossed one of them out and soon took care of the rest.

Since all of them were well aware of him coming, he interrogates one of them by hanging him upside down to find out what the person was after that he came here chasing through time stream. That guy took him to a time marker burned into rocks where Cable's target vanished and led him to feudal Japan.

Arriving near a village, Cable finds it entirely on flames and everyone in it murdered except for a woman and her son, who informed him that men with swords of fire did this. Tracking the attackers from the village, he came across a group of Rōnin who engaged him in a high-tech sword fight and even sliced his bionic arm off.

In a flashback, the man Cable has been chasing after approaches lord Daimyo Amaru Hideyoshi for his aid but left the place in flames when he was insulted and rejected before he met those Rōnins in a group.

cable conquest marvel comics
Cable – Conquest | Comics

As a traveller, he apprached the group of Rōnins and armed them with weapons to deal with Nathan Summers. Using his telekinetic powers, not only did he defeat entire Rōnin squad single-handedly but he took his severed arm back too.

Nathan forced the last Rōnin to show him the time marker and this time, he jumped back to year 1121 at Yucatán Coast of Mayan Civilization. Upon arriving, he is immediately attacked by some locals with bird-like high-tech wings and Cable ended up saving a priest named Kagan from them.

After Nate defeated all the ensuing attackers, Kagan greets Cable before taking him to his temple. He reveals that the man he's after is known as Conquest has came to his city looking for an ancient relic which belonged to a Time Sword, which was created by The Eternals.

It was destroyed by The Inhumans during Eternals/Inhumans War. Then broken pieces of the sword were scattered throughout various point of history by its power. Conquest wants to assemble all shattered pieces to re-forge Time Sword so that he can pierce through time and change history as he sees fit.

For a priest, Kagan seem to have a lot of knowledge about Time Sword and he informs all of it's history to Nate. After fighting a couple of dozens more of corrupted locals devoted to Conquest, Cable managed to get to time marker of this era and traveled back to Conquest's current location in 1908's Russia.

Looks like Conquest have already managed to collect three pieces and needs the remaining two to make it whole again before Cable can finally stop him and save the future from becoming a mess.

cable marvel comics
One Step Forward

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Cable – Conquest

Following the aftermath of "Inhumans Vs. X-Men" crossover event, Marvel Comics has decided to re-launch a few of their monthly ongoing titles once again as part of "ResurrXion" event. The storyline "Conquest" collects issues #01-05 from the third monthly series of Cable and with that, Askani'son returns to action once again.

So, comic-book writer James Robinson (Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies, Armor Wars – Warzones!) and artist Carlos Pacheco (Bishop, Fantastic Four) was brought in to conceive a new plot for first story-arc "Conquest" for third monthly volume of Cable. Artist Dale Keown (Darkness/Hulk, Hulk/Pitt) was also roped in to provide cover art for all the issues involved in this plot.

marvel comics cable dale keown
Behold, Conquest!

Even though Cable is an honorary member of X-Men, very often his own responsibility of watching over time stream puts him into solo missions. The story introduces a new time-travelling rival for him named Conquest, who had no prior history of tangling with him or any of the other Marvel characters though.

The motives of this new villain are somewhat similar to Kang the Conqueror but only to a much smaller scale of course that Nathan alone can handle with some struggle. However, there are chances that this guy throws the fate of the universe into jeopardy in foreseeable future that forces to assemble The Avengers and Fantastic Four alongside the X-Men.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Uncanny Avengers – Red Skull | Comics

Red Skull returns to torment The Avengers' Unity Squad and Avengers Mansion become a house of horrors.

To promote a cooperative relationship between Avengers, X-Men and Inhumans, Captain America originally formed the Avengers Unity Squad, which is also disbanded by him after his skirmish with Cable while the Red Skull remains at large. The remaining members of team stand back up at their feet to complete their original secret mission.

Skull still has possession of Professor Xavier's telepathic brain, which is why the team wants him neutralized. What the heroes do not know is that he invaded Quicksilver's mind earlier to spring a trap for his teammates. Years ago, when Rogue was a runaway mutant who ran into wrong crowd and fought the X-Men, it was Xavier who vouched for her.

This is one of the reason whys he feels so obligated to recover Charles' remains and then she starts having recurring nightmares of Skull consuming his brain. Nathan examines her to assure her that Johann Shmidt is exploring her psychic defenses. Meanwhile, Skull calls Pietro in to make him go against and decimate his colleagues one by one.

Doctor Voodoo is the first one to be taken and then Human Torch before moving to Synapse. When Rogue makes a call to Wasp, she was fighting a speedster and Cable hears her go down over phone, he sets a trap to slow their attacker but Deadpool got the first hit anyway. Anna Marie managed to catch him but he slipped taking Cable with him.

uncanny avengers red skull marvel comics
Uncanny Avengers – Red Skull | Comics

Telling Wade to find Gambit and Magneto, she flies to Avengers Mansion seeking the villain and mistakenly attacked Torch seeing an illusion. When Skull reveals himself, his brains are blown out by a headshot from DP but that turned out a dupe too. Wilson was actually getting beaten down by Pietro as he was trying to call other heroes for help.

Rogue sees Xavier in front of her and he goes back to the Mansion tormenting the others. His daughter Sin wants to go after Deadpool though, which he deems unnecessary. Using his new power Shmidt almost made Emily cut her hand, had Jericho trapped into the Swamps of Ogun, showed Janet and Johnny Storm their worst nightmares.

When he decided to move to Cable, Shmidt faced heavy rebellion and Nathan stabs his head only to see him come back and realize his enemy to be too strong. So, he initiates "Lifeboat Protocol" and erased his own consciousness before being corrupted by Skull. Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch, Synapse and Wasp are assembled to attack the city next.

Wade somehow pulls him over to Sanctum Sanctorum looking for Doctor Strange but finds his assistant Wong and Spider-Man joins the party as well. Together, the form a stand against the brainwashed heroes who are wrecking havoc in the city but wanting to take the fight to next level, Wade asks Spidey to throw him to the Mansion and he complies.

He meets Sinthea Shmidt on the hallway and takes her down with a punch, while waiting for Rogue to strike. He almost got the drop on Red Skull and then she suddenly came out of nowhere, pounding him to a living pulp. She takes Wilson downstairs beating the living crap out of his body by keep pummeling and making a bloodier mess.

Though Shmidt is unable to get a read of his mind or control it because of its chaotic nature, he assures that he can prolong the pain Wade is experiencing right now. As Skull enjoys his dessert, DP slowly elaborates his plan to come here and then finally reveals his secret weapon out of a bag that scares the living sunshine out of the villain.

uncanny avengers red skull cable marvel comics
Diabolic Deathtrap of Skull

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Uncanny Avengers – Red Skull

Marvel Comics brings in writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool) to plot out the fourth storyline of third monthly ongoing of Uncanny Avengers titled "Red Skull", collecting issues #18-22 from the series in 2017. Following the events during Civil War II, the team was officially disbanded and resumed their original mission.

Penciller Pepe Larraz (Star Wars – Kanan – First Blood, Star Wars – Kanan – The Last Padawan) takes the lead alongside Kevin Libranda and Rodrigo Zayas for doing interior arts. Cover arts for the issues involved were provided by illustrator Steve McNiven (Civil War, Death of Wolverine), who was generous enough to lend a hand for the story.

uncanny avengers red skull marvel comics synapse deadpool quicksilver wasp doctor voodoo human torch rogue
Dissection of Skull

The hunt for Nazi super-villain Red Skull continues for Avengers Unity Squad but with their recent encounter with The Hand during and a reformed Ultron, many of them are fractured. Still they decide to carry out their search but the villain himself unexpectedly strikes at them after being prepared for a while from under their nose.

Professor X and his early day X-Men team as well as of the Fantastic Four team members showed up only in an illusion sequence of Rogue and Johnny Storm respectively. A classic Avenger makes a spectacular return by the end of the story in a most unexpected way that will shock everyone and leave cue for the next arc "Stars and Garters".
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II | Comics

Deadpool risks his status on team. Cable and Steve Rogers face off. The Unity Squad goes against The Hand and a resurrected fallen hero.

An Inhuman precog who predicts the future has the superhero community divided and when he sees that the Hulk is going to kill all Avengers, Bruce Banner is confronted by Avengers Unity Division, Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., Ultimates and X-Men. In an unprecedented event, Hawkeye took it upon himself to shot Banner with an arrow in the head.

Although Deadpool was poking fun at him when they took him to custody, he was surprised to see Clint making such a call. So, he takes on a secret mission to rescue Clint Barton from prison putting his Avengers status on risk. After having a meet up with Kate Bishop and making some arrangement, he breaks into The Cellar to get Barton out.

Taking down a few guards on duty, Wade finds him and though Clint thought he is here to gloat, DP hands him over some cash and a new passport to get a new life on somewhere else. He refuses to run and thanks Deadpool for his efforts anyway.

Captain America is called in to New Attilan by Queen Medusa as the precog Ulysses is having another vision about a member of his Unity Squad. He actually sees Cable waging a war in future and is currently with a bad company. This forces Steve Rogers to confront Nate with law enforcement but he claims to head for a pre-planned vacation.

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics cover
Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II | Comics

He meets Rogue in the plane and they are on a quest to find the cure for the poisoning caused by Terrigen Mist. They are accompanied by Sebastian Shaw, former Black King of Hellfire Club and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Toad. Wade goes to see Synapse to check on Quicksilver, who broke his leg fighting Ultron earlier.

While some of the closed friends showed up to pay respects to Dr. Banner at his funeral, Doctor Voodoo's brother Daniel Drumm makes a deal with The Hand. Cap asks DeePee about Nate or if he knows anything about what he is up to but he doesn't know a thing. Rogers is worried about his Unity Squad coming under fire for its mutant members.

Meanwhile, Cable and his gang of mutants raids U.S. Army Medical Research Institute to steal their research on Terrigen Mist. He decides to send data to Beast to find a cure for M-Pox but his A.I. Belle suggests that they do it anonymously. They find Deadpool waiting for them in the airfield but got busted to Cap at the last moment anyway.

He knocks off Toad and moves to a fistfight with Shaw before getting back at Cable until Rogue intervenes and breaks the fight. Nate leaves with the research and Rogers disbands Unity Squad for good, firing the mutants and rebukes Wade Wilson for being a disgrace. Rogue tries to argue about that but he simply won't listen to them anymore.

Doctor Voodoo is visited by his thought to be deceased brother Daniel at the Bar With No Doors, who is resurrected by The Hand in exchange for the location of Banner's body. Jericho promptly warns DP and Rogue, who called in Human Torch, Quicksilver, Synapse and Wasp to go to Japan and stop the evil ninja cult from resurrecting Banner.

Voodoo takes the team to Tokyo where they meet Elektra and they smoked one of their nests to invite a whole herd of undead ninjas for a city-wide brawl. With Natchios on their side, they quickly reaches to the place where they kept Bruce but by the time they reached it was too late and like a devastating earthquake, an undead Hulk arrives!

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics cable vs captain america
A Breaking Point

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Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II

Marvel Comics
came up with major crossover event Civil War II in 2016 as a sequel to its 2007 predecessor Civil War. Uncanny Avengers series regular writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool) was roped in to create a tie-in story for the event and depict how it affected the members of the roster as well as their friends.

Artists Pepe Larraz (Fear Itself – The Home Front, New Avengers – Luke Cage) and Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider, Wolverine) were in charge of penciller duty. Collecting issues #13-17 of the third ongoing volume of the series, the story begins from the point where Hawkeye shot Banner dead and become an outcast among his team.

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics elektra rogue wasp synapse
No Rest For The Weary

Whatever dreams Steve Rogers had during the time when he assembled human, mutant and even Inhuman heroes to encourage peace and unity following Avengers/X-Men War, is now officially ended when his mutant teammates went outside of law and caught working with known criminals like Sebastian Shaw and Toad.

Early encounter of Avengers Unity Squad with Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid in "The Man Who Fell to Earth" and upcoming adventure in "Red Skull" storyline is perfectly bridged up in the plot before the team is officially disbanded. The Thing of the Fantastic Four and the former herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer showed up in cameo appearance.
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Friday, November 4, 2016

Uncanny Avengers – The Man Who Fell to Earth | Comics

The Uncanny Avengers are up for a Standoff in Pleasant Hill! Hank Pym, original Avenger and creator of Ultron returns!

With completely unexpected help from time-travelling mutant superhero Cable, Avengers Unity Division successfully prevented a dystopian "Lost Future" from happening. Afterwards, Commander Steve Rogers led his team into the fiasco of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Pleasant Hill project created by Kobik, a sentient Cosmic Cube taking form of a young girl.

Information about this was eventually leaked on web and Maria Hill claimed the program being shut down with pieces of it destroyed completely. However, Rogers found this not to be true and his Unity Squad team is called for helping in a manhunt. Jericho is summoned by his deceased brother Daniel Drumm to help him return to the world of living.

Cable, Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Rogue and Synapse chased down super-villain Wrecker of the Wrecking Crew, who was trying to make a break for it from Pleasant Hill along with Maria Hill. So, now they all fight back group of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives who came to take them in and then another Maria Hill arrives in a Quinjet starts shooting at them.

Reality around them starts bending and next day they all wake up as different persons living in Pleasant Hill, Connecticut. Rogue is the first one among them to sense it and wake up rest of her team to get out of this reality-warping super-villain prison. She then assembles rest of her teammates from their reality to form a resistance.

uncanny avengers ultron forever
Uncanny Avengers – The Man Who Fell to Earth | Comics

After causing genocide to millions of souls among the stars, long-lost team member of The Avengers; Hank Pym finally returns to Earth. Rogue was the one who stumbled onto him first while she was headed towards saving Soyuz Capsule from crushing. Hank's body was merged with Ultron during their previous battle and was lost to all.

Hank believed that he was forgotten but he was actually thought dead by his friends because of what happened to him. Rogers was busy taking down some extremists in wildlife reserve of La Reserva with Deadpool and she took Hank right there.

Hank Pym claims that he has taken control over his creation when rest of their teammates are gathered at Cap's location. Cable asks him to submit his suit for peer review but he reveals that there is not much organic part left, now that he is a singular being with Ultron. Hank flies off to Avengers Mansion and Cap tells Rogue to keep an eye on him.

For acting weirdly out of his character, Cable, Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver and Synapse were already pretty skeptical about his credentials from beginning though and then he blows up his own memorial claiming it's a lie since he is still alive. He joins active duty with Unity Squad right from that moment.

His ex-wife Janet van Dyne was informed about his return by Steve earlier and during a mission in subway, Wasp casually joined to welcome Hank back, who is overjoyed to see her and she called him away to have a talk with him. However, she saw through him when Hank missed the Ghostbusters reference or wanted to go to Montauk.

When he walks into the theater, Cable starts pushing Hank with some facts that finally made Ultron reveal his true nature. A blast takes down their entire headquarter along with Cable and Human Torch in it. Janet took him down with an EMP burst to slow him down for a moment when Vision enters the scene to confront his father.

hank pym ultron marvel comics
A Dark Discovery

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Uncanny Avengers – The Man Who Fell To Earth

The third monthly ongoing series of Uncanny Avengers is back with second storyline of their run on 2016, which collects issues #07-12 from the aforementioned series of Marvel Comics. This plotline is written by veteran comic-book writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool), who is the current series regular narrator.

Artists Pepe Larraz (Fear Itself – The Home Front, New Avengers – Luke Cage) and Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider, Wolverine) assisted him with drawing. It is a tie-in to "Avengers – Standoff!" crossover event and served as part of that story. Professor X and Gambit of X-Men made short cameo in between to tease their involvement in future.

avengers vs ultron final battle
Rage of Machine

Titled "The Man Who Fell To Earth", the storyline features the return of one of the greatest threat to Marvel Universe; Ultron, who is now one with his creator Hank Pym (since the events of Rage of Ultron); a founding Avengers member. Captain Marvel and Iron Man also appeared throughout their clash even though they weren't part of any fight.

Before the series even begin and Steve Rogers could assemble the new heroes, there was a hunt for Nazi super-villain Red Skull, which is also teased for a brief time. The series will later continue with another tie-in to get our heroes involved in another major event; Civil War II and more shocking turn of events will literally shake the core of the team!
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Uncanny Avengers – Lost Future | Comics

Steve Rogers has re-assembled Avengers' Unity Squad to fight a world gone mad and Deadpool is on the team.

To unify the race of humans, Mutants and Inhumans towards a common goal of helping people, Commander Steve Rogers re-assembled Avengers Unity Division with Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver, Rogue, Spider-Man and Synapse. Wade Wilson even had to leave his merc days behind to earn his place on team for now.

Together they all were fighting a newly resurfaced Super-Adaptoid at Lincoln Memorial who absorbed Torch's power as Rogue lunges in. Synapse tries to locate a brain within it for her to attack but couldn't find any. So, she distracts it with pigeons and then Deadpool took him down by touching it and let copy his power, resulting it to die.

While they sure saved the day, Spidey argues with Steve about Wade's reckless action and decides to quit the team if the latter stays. Rogers doesn't bat an eye about his complain and prepare the team for press conference. Johnny Storm goes to talk to Spidey about changing his mind, who suspects that Steve Rogers has been replaced by a Skrull.

After wrapping up press, Cap gathers his remaining team for media and then they head back to their current headquarter at Schaefer Theater. Rogue tends to her Terrigen Mist poisoning, Doctor Voodoo was having a drink alone as Steve joins him.

uncanny avengers marvel now
Uncanny Avengers – Lost Future | Comics

Eight months ago, construction worker Ivan Guerrero was already suffering from a lung cancer until the day he was engulfed by Terrigen Cloud, which changed him. He died in his bed and then reborn as an Inhuman from a cocoon, with plant-based powers. One of his grandchildren also undergone same sort of metamorphosis and became an Inhuman.

While Quicksilver took a break for the day and was with Synapse at New York, they notice sudden environmental anomaly and she fell off her chair. They rushed to Boston, only to find it completely flooded with enormous plants and spores within an hour.

Rest of the Unity Squad quickly arrives to help people trapped in the scene and from the infection of spores that releases dog-like creatures after a while. Rogers sent Wade in a chopper to drop Human Torch and Rogue to provide air support to Quicksilver, already dealing with enormous mutated creatures running around.

Pietro was explaining where these things are coming from when the Merc with a Mouth joins with Emily and Jericho. On the other side of the city a Police officer discovers a person in shadows, who comes out introducing himself as the Shredded Man.

Apparently he is the one responsible for this city-wide mess and he definitely does not come in peace. Johnny and Pietro were busy dealing with a group of mutated dogs while Jericho tries to stop the deadly plants from growing. Torch goes to seek help and Quicksilver unsuccessfully tries to engage the Shredded Man to fail miserably.

After landing a punch on the villain, he is overpowered and encased inside a massive trunk to be consumed entirely. As all of Uncanny Avengers team members were desperately trying to stop him from unleashing a dystopian era, former X-Men and time-travelling mutant Cable arrives from future to help them save the present.

shredded man marvel comics
An Imperfect Union

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Uncanny Avengers – Lost Future

Previously, this team of Uncanny Avengers has faced High Evolutionary on his Counter-Earth (Counter-Evolutionary) and Steve Rogers has returned once again with a brand-new team. "Lost Future" is a six-issue storyline that took place on third ongoing volume of Uncanny Avengers monthly series from Marvel Comics in 2016.

The story was plotted out by veteran comic-book writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool), who was aided by artists Carlos Pacheco (Bishop, Fantastic Four) and Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider, Wolverine) for this project.

uncanny avengers marvel comics
Menace of Shredded Man

The first four issues are mainly focused on the newly introduced villainous character Shredded Man, who is a byproduct of the Terrigen Cloud, originated from the event when Inhuman King Black Bolt detonated a bomb containing Terrigen Mist to unleash a massive growth in their numbers during Thanos' invasion on Earth (Infinity).

Then the Unity Division team of Avengers encounters a recently resurfaced Red Skull impersonating as X-Men member Gambit along with his daughter Sin. The story is then followed up by "The Man Who Fell to Earth", which also features the return of one of their deadliest foes as well as a founding member of The Avengers.
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