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Friday, February 5, 2016

Harley Quinn – Hot in the City | Comics

The mistress of mayhem, who is none other than Harley Quinn is wondering what it would be if her life were a comic book. She considers hiring writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Amanda Conner, the former of whom is fairly known for drawing big boobs.

When these two starts talking with the issues that they are rightfully being framed of, Harley then starts considering another bunch of talented artists including Tony Daniel, Dan Panosian, Walt Simonson, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Charlie Adlard, Sam Kieth and Darwyn Cooke, while sometime featuring her best bud Poison Ivy and dropping her pudding The Joker in between plotline. She finally wakes up from her dream and is annoyed at the lack of the crowds’ lack of scheduling commitment.

harley quinn hot
Harley Quinn – Hot in the City | Comics

Harley finally chose one of the artists from an older comic when a law firm representative Robert Coachman comes to inform her about one of her former patient from Arkham Asylum has recently passed away and left her an establishment in Coney Island, New York. So, to have fun and good times in a big city, she packs her loads and hits the street.

On road, she is disgusted seeing a man dragging his dog and she does the same to the man after freeing the dog. As she was busy doing that, a hitman sneaks out on her for the reward on her head. After taking care of him she gets sneaked by another one in Coney Island but saved by a tenant of her named Big Tony. It appears that someone has thrown a bounty on her head and anonymous hitters are on it to collect the prize.

For more information on Harley Quinn – Hot in the City storyline, you can check out the link below.

Harley Quinn – Hot in the City (Comics) DC Comics Wikia

harley quinn comic
Coney Island Loonies

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Harley Quinn V2 08

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Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Hardcover)

Collecting the first eight issues from the second monthly ongoing volume, “Hot in the City” is the first graphic novel of the character Harley Quinn of The New 52 timeline. Comic-book creator duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (Power Girl, The Pro) serves as the writers for the series while artist Chad Hardin takes the drawing duty.

harley quinn new 52
United States of Lunacy

Amanda Conner also served as the cover artist for all eight issues of the story. The first issue of the storyline features a wide array of artists’ talent which has no connection to the actual story and the book is all about her solo adventures apart from her time in Suicide Squad.
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Batman – Zero Year | Comics

batman zero year
Batman – Zero Year | Comics
A new band of psychotic criminals calling themselves as the Red Hood Gang is terrorizing Gotham City with their very unique way of organized crimes. On the grand opening of the Gotham National Bank, the gang goes there to rob the place blind after pre-poisoning everyone who worked there. A disguised Bruce Wayne is caught by their leader Red Hood One among the others by observing a simple flaw of his habitual trait. Bruce barely escapes through the tunnel from the crowd of GCPD and Red Hood Gang after a brief fight. While he was testing a Batarang and discussing about his recent endeavor, he is visited by Lieutenant Jim Gordon for a brief chat involving some irregular vigilante activities in the neighborhood which Bruce swore to know nothing about. In the meantime, the Red Hood Gang targets Bruce Wayne to pay an unpleasant visit.

Next up, Bruce starts flipping the bird right on the face of Red Hood One in every step he takes and pisses him off. In one morning Bruce’s uncle and the current CEO of Wayne Enterprises; Philip Kane comes to visit, who wants him to go public but Bruce is reluctant about it. Philip’s strategist Edward Nygma suggests him to kill his nephew to get ahead in the power play but he declines the idea. As Gotham City is about to be introduced to the greatest protector it ever had, it’s also going to have a mastermind villain making his grand debut who is literally about to bring the whole city to its knees with puzzles and riddles. Bruce comes out of shadow to face the evil but an accident may have given birth to another one.

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Batman - Zero Year (Comics) DC Wikia
red hood gang
The Red Hood Gang
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07. Detective Comics V2 25

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16. Birds of Prey V3 25

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18. The Flash V4 25

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20. Batman V2 26

21. Batman V2 27

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23. Batman V2 30

24. Batman V2 31

25. Batman V2 32

26. Batman V2 33

Here is your links for "Batman - Zero Year" crossover event from DC Comics.

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Softcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Hardcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Softcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Hardcover)
zero year secret city
An Urban Legend Is Born

DC Comics – Zero Year (Softcover)

DC Comics – Zero Year (Hardcover)

As of The New 52 era has been running on DC Comics, some new and improved storylines and comic events are being developed along the way as well. Primarily taking place on the monthly ongoing Batman series, Zero Year is a comic event of 2013 which is written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and James Tynion, teaming up with artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn), Danny Miki, and Rafael Albuquerque. Also related tie-in issues from the respected monthly ongoing from Action Comics, Batgirl, Batwing, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws has served as tales from their rookie season. It is a year-long event that would reboot the origin of The Dark Knight and two of his most formidable arch-nemesis in this new timeline.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Forever Evil | Comics

When a paradox of timeline is created by The Flash known as "Flashpoint" that changed the entire landscape of reality and the weakened barrier of the Multiverse allowed Darkseid of Apokolips to came to invade Earth with his Parademon army (Justice League – Origin), only to be halted by the super-heroes of the world, who later formed the Justice League. The impact of that battle created a rift in dimension barriers and The Outsider from Earth 3 managed to enter the reality of Prime Earth.

All of the above led to "Trinity War", which was jump-started by the mysterious Pandora in her attempt to open the Pandora's Box by Superman and the aftermath of which revealed the significance of all these happenings. There was a fight of the all three teams of the Justice Leagues regarding the fate of Pandora's Box, which led the Crime Syndicate consisting Atomica, Deathstorm, Grid, Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring, Superwoman and Ultraman from Earth 3 to come to this world and take over.

forever evil dc comics
Forever Evil | Comics

After imprisoning the Justice League inside the Firestorm Matrix and then freeing all super-villains from their captivity in Iron Heights and Belle Reve Penitentiary, the Syndicate offered them to join their cause or perish otherwise. Upon denying and having doubt on their authenticity, a second-string villain Monocle was executed. They even managed to capture the vigilante hero Nightwing and revealed his secret identity to the world as Dick Grayson. At this shocking revelation, Batgirl and the rest of the members of Teen Titans are very surprised.

As Lex Luthor got out of prison recently, he was heading to LexCorp and meets Ultraman, whom he thought Superman at first, but he quickly dismisses the idea when he witnessed him grinding Kryptonite and snorting it. Ultraman also blocked the sun to create an eclipse and Luthor decides to stop them since there is no Justice League to do so. He wakes up his unfinished experimental Superman clone named Subject B-Zero to assist him in doing so while he suits up in his Warsuit.

Batman and Catwoman survived the initial onslaught of the Crime Syndicate and brought the remains of Victor Stone's body to S.T.A.R. Labs. Superwoman informs Ultraman about Owlman's plan to betray them, whereas she holds one more secret of her own. Eventually Luthor finds Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Deathstroke and Sinestro to form his Injustice League to save the day from greater evil!

For more information on Forever Evil crossover event, you can check out these links below.

Forever Evil (Comics) Wikipedia

Forever Evil (Comics) DC Wikia

secret society crime syndicate dc comics
Secret Society of Crime Syndicate

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Forever Evil 01

Forever Evil 02

Forever Evil 03

Forever Evil 04

Forever Evil 05

Forever Evil 06

Forever Evil 07

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Forever Evil (Softcover)

Forever Evil (Hardcover)

Forever Evil – A.R.G.U.S.

Forever Evil – Arkham War

Forever Evil – Rogues Rebellion

Justice League of America – Survivors of Evil

Following the crisis of Pandora's Box, the teams of Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark goes down fighting each other. From the beginning of The New 52, every event has tied their knots in 2014's "Forever Evil", which is a sequel of "Trinity War" from DC Comics on the same year. There is a connected panel in the core-story depicting all of Secret Society of Super-Villains members assembled was actually an homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths event by the artist of the core limited series.

lex luthor injustice league dc
Evil Shall Prevail

The plot is taken over by writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and artist David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Cyberforce), while writers Brian Buccellato (The Flash – Move Forward, The Flash – Rogues Revolution) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Black Adam – The Dark Age) teamed up with artists Philip Tan (Green Lantern, Spawn), Patrick Zircher (Green Arrow – New 52, Suicide Squad – New 52) and Scot Eaton (Black Panther, Doomwar) for the tie-in stories. The events of "Forever Evil" makes path for upcoming storyline '"Darkseid War" of monumental importance for the Prime Earth.
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