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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Danger Girl | Comics

A former MI:6 agent Deuce was on Her Majesty's Secret Service, who had his golden days when he drove fast cars, had beautiful damsels in his arms and well, just like the renowned super spy James Bond, he cheated death countless times as a requirement of his job description. After the end of Cold War, Deuce was among those who were cut-back by their organization.

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Danger Girl | Comics

But recently he was called by the British Government to help them fight back a new threat. A few remaining of the both Nazis and the Soviets are gathered to form a new union that is known as Hammer. Now, to get rid of this unholy union and their tyrannical agenda, Deuce has planned to form an elite team of his own for some espionage work.

Deuce recruits a former Russian intelligence agent Natalia Kassle, who is quite dangerous with knives, a special ops agent from Australia, who is extremely good with bullwhip, named Sydney Savage and an extremely tech genius girl named Silicon Valerie. Natalia and Sydney are sent to rescue Abbey Chase, an expert marksman with knowledge on mystical artifacts, whom they wish to recruit in their fold.

Deuce dubs the team of assembled Femme Fatale as "Danger Girl" and believes that Abbey is the final piece of the team that was missing till now but Abbey is still skeptical about her role in this game. Whatever they do believe about their team or mission, they all have a lifetime of action and adventure ahead of them as evil rises to unleash "The Fourth Reich" on the world.

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Danger Girl is a seven issue limited series along with a preview issue that was created by Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell. Campbell is a popular penciller who mostly illustrates for the covers of various comics and Danger Girl is among the only few of his comic book creations. The first four issue and the preview issue were published by Image Comics. The later three issues were released from the Wildstorm imprint.

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The Elite Angels

Artist J. Scott Campbell did a real good job on this series that anyone would appreciate. Following the series' movement to IDW, it spawned many limited series such as Danger Girl – Revolver, Danger Girl / G.I. Joe, Danger Girl – Trinity, Danger Girl – The Chase, Danger Girl – Mayday and Danger Girl – Renegade; featuring the main characters introduced in the original series.
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