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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Doctor Strange – Blood In The Aether | Comics

As the Empirikul have wiped the world clean of magic and almost killed Doctor Strange in their attempt of doing so, he is now trying to get back at his feet again and restoring balance of magic in the universe.

Meanwhile, his years of pain and sufferings that took a form lately finally dub itself as Mister Misery and decide to pry on the pain of innocents to get back at his "Father". The creature of black magic raided the New York University Medical Center sensing the suffering of patients as he was starving for pain but stopped by a timely intervention of Doctor Strange.

One of his most notorious foes, Baron Mordo decides to show up in town and settle his old score with Stephen this time. So, he left a message for Strange to Chondu the Mystic at the Bar With No Doors and then showed up straight at the Sanctum Sanctorum to face his rival.

Even with no good amount of spells left at his disposal, Doctor Strange takes a stand against his sworn enemy but in the middle of the battle, he's been pulled away to Dimension of Dreams by the villainous entity known as Nightmare.

doctor strange comics
Doctor Strange – Blood In The Aether | Comics

Weirdly enough, Stephen finds himself leading a lavishing life among booze and girls but still, he finds it very odd for him. Wong and his librarian Zelma Stanton also gets entangled into the horrors as they enter the Dimension of Dreams to save the Doctor.

To explore the dream that breaks Stephen Strange, Nightmare kept taunting his mind but the former eventually found a way to turn the tables upside down on the demon's face by taking all the bad-dreams people were having worldwide at that time for his own and he came out alive conquering them all.

He started to taunt Nightmare at his very realm about not being able to keep him for long but is pulled again from Dimension of Dreams to another location. This time, Strange discovers himself in Hell and found his abductor to be The Devil's Daughter, Satana Hellstrom, who wants to make him go through his own personal hell since now she got her very own all-new, all-different Hell.

So, she wanted to make Doctor Strange a star attraction of her Hell because super heroes are now a trend there too and forced him to eat pork from a pig that was possessed by demons for 400 days! Sooner than he escaped from Satana's Hell, former second-stringer villain; The Orb decides to torment the Doctor a bit as he is now powered by one of the eye of the deceased Watcher that fell on to Earth (Original Sin).

Wong and Zelma got on a magical fighter biplane looking for the good Doctor to provide some aid. When he is finally surrounded by the gang of Baron Mordo, Mister Misery and The Orb, the dreaded Dormammu of the Dark Dimension makes his way on Earth to kill Doctor Strange.

doctor strange dormammu
The Archenemy Alliance

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Doctor Strange – Blood In The Aether (Softcover)

Doctor Strange – Blood In The Aether (Hardcover)

In continuation of the previous storyline "The Way of the Weird" and "The Last Days of Magic", writer Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, Thanos Rising) and artist Chris Bachalo (Generation X, Steampunk) keep on to work their charm into the monthly Doctor Strange ongoing series.

The current story arc titled "Blood In The Aether" is comprised of issues #11-16 from the fourth volume of publication of the monthly series. The new series finally came in full-circle as a wide array of Doctor Strange's rogues' gallery made appearance with the presence of his trusty aide Wong and librarian Zelma Stanton, who is growing into her own role.

doctor strange marvel
Dine In Hell

A band of his enemies consisting of Baron Mordo, Dormammu, Mister Misery, Nightmare, Satana Hellstrom and The Orb came after Doctor Strange at a time when he is the weakest and almost left without any magic left in him. This all-too suspenseful tale eventually came to an end with a much desirable conclusion and started trail of a new one as well.

With the worldwide hype of the upcoming live-action Doctor Strange (2016) movie, Marvel Comics also decided to shake the mystical realms of magic with Sorcerer Supreme for the audience a bit on the pages of comic-books and there are a few references to the film as well.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic | Comics

The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool and webbed wonder, Spider-Man are teaming up together as a real dynamic duo in the neighborhood.

When one of his old enemies Morris Bench, better known as Hydro-Man came up with his latest scheme to sink New York City with its own sewage if he is not getting paid a hundred million dollars, Spider-Man decided to stop him while making bathroom jokes.

As he was on his fourth web cartridge, hired mercenary Deadpool showed up to check on him after he rage-quit Avengers Unity Division. Spidey was already having a tough time paring with Wet-Nap and now he's got to deal with Wade as well.

Since he has trouble understanding how society's moral contract work, DP's therapist suggested him a morality app and according to the suggestion it gave, he decided to go "Chaotic Neutral", which means, he will do whatever he thinks best in this situation.

So, he grabbed webhead and teleported to Hell only to get captured by the dreaded Dormammu and his army of Mindless Ones. As hanging upside down, they are caught in Spidey's webbing but Wade then came up with a butt-cracking idea!

He managed to snap his own hip for Spidey to grab his katana and cut them loose and the latter did so skeptically. Almost immediately after getting free, Deadpool gets overwhelmed by a horde of Mindless Ones but the wall-crawler pulled him out and it fixed his hip back.

As more of them try to swarm the duo, Dee Pee unexpectedly pulls out some real brains off his pouches that he got from a morgue and starts slamming them into their heads. Now, it starts turning them into "Mindful Ones". Having brains of the self-entitled millennials, they start rebelling against their master and the two teleports out of Hell in the mean time.

spider-man deadpool isn't it bromantic comics
Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic | Comics

Back in New York, they came across Hydro-Man once again and now Deadpool starts throwing poop jokes at him. After getting showered in poop water, Spidey throws Wade at the villain to detonate his incendiary grenades and it went KA-BOOM!

Spider-Man asks why Wade wants to hang out with him all of a sudden and he replies that he wants to be like Spidey. Back at his place, he receives a contract for killing Peter Parker, who is also the employer of his webhead friend and it makes everything complicated.

At Parker Industries, Peter was having a scene regarding the launch of a wrist device Webware 2.0, while Wade sits back at home going through evidence on his target sent by his contractor. Upon seeing them, his wife Shiklah confirms that the targeted individual deserves a seat in Hell but advises her husband to verify it for himself.

Given that he has no way of contacting his role-model, Wade Wilson starts mugging people off the street and Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales had to call Spidey in for help. He came demanding an explanation from Wade but the next thing they know; they are surrounded by dozens of Goblins from "Goblin Nation".

Deadpool could see through the hallucination they were in and came forward to help driving a revamped Spider-Mobile as Dead-Buggy over the building and shot the wrist devices of Spider-Men. Apparently, someone hacked into their Webware and created this illusion and tracking it back, they crash into the one responsible who turned out to be Mysterio.

Both parties leave but Wade sneaks into Parker Industries to find out a group of scientists experimenting on a subject and he kills off every one of them in disgust. Just when he is fully convinced, he calls his employer "Patient Zero" and accepts the contract.

Webhead have a shift in perspective and eventually starts thinking that Wade is not that awful. They even go on a double date with demonic Succubus named Jenny, who is a cousin of Shiklah and Jane Foster, the female Thor! The real fun begins when Deadpool accidentally makes a mess and tries to undo it with a great cost.

spider-man deadpool comics ed mcguinness
Weird Double Date

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Spider-Man/Deadpool 01

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Spider-Man/Deadpool 03

Spider-Man/Deadpool 04

Spider-Man/Deadpool 05

Spider-Man/Deadpool 08

Here is your link to buy "Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic

Considering one of them is company mascot and another being extremely popular these days because of his R-rated movie, Marvel Comics had to put together Spider-Man and Deadpool for an inevitable team-up, which ended up being a monthly ongoing series by writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Justice League Elite) and Scott Aukerman.

Also, artists Ed McGuinness (Amazing X-Men – The Quest For Nightcrawler, Avengers – X-Sanction) and Reilly Brown (Deadpool – Dracula's Gauntlet, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money – Mo' Mercs, Mo' Monkeys) were brought in to pull this off in "Isn't it Bromantic" storyline comprising issues #01-05 and 8 from the brand-new series.

spider man deadpool marvel comics
Bizarreness About Truth

Though these two doesn't get along and one of them pissed off another by being part of a badass team in "Uncanny Avengers – Lost Future", proves putting them together successfully is a tough job. Wade Wilson helped Peter Parker during a dirty job that involves them dipping into human filth by Hydro-Man, going to Hell and both of them dying.

Reference from 1994 crossover event "Clone Saga", "One More Day" story arc following the events of Civil War as well as Doctor Strange was mentioned at one point. Entities like Death and Mephisto makes cameo appearance because of their unconventional ties to these two iconic characters, who will return in upcoming arc titled "Side Pieces".
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday | Comics

spiderman happy birthday
Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday
 | Comics
It's Peter Parker's birthday and he was at home to celebrate this special day with his lovely wife Mary Jane Watson and beloved Aunt May after spending quite a hasty day at school. While he was having a moment with her in the bedroom, he suddenly notices a red lightning outside and rushed to the spot to look further into the matter. There, at Times Square, he met the crowd of Iron Man, Thor, Cyclops, The Thing, Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, who got busy saving the city. Soon, they are all joined by sorcerer supreme himself; Dr. Strange who came a bit late. They all gathered here to witness New York City being overruned by an army of the Mindless Ones and soon, Dormammu of the Dark Dimension arrives along with them.

Though there was seemingly no possible reason present for the demon's appearance and Dormammu himself was also not at his full power due to a recent event. The heroes of Earth assumed that the demon fleet is on Earth for an invasion. So, they quickly devises a plan to stop Dormammu immediately and send the Mindless Ones to their home with their master. But Spider-Man got lost in time along with Doctor Strange while administering a plan to go back in time to stop the Dread One before he could ever appear in our realm. Spidey saw many of his old enemies as when he first met them and fought against each of them, trying to return to his own time. All he has to do is to follow his own voice and not to interfere with anything else. But curios as he always is, Spider-Man does interfere with things of the other plane of existence.
chaos on manhattan
Inter-Dimensional Chaos on Manhattan
Here is your links for “Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Amazing Spider-Man 498

Amazing Spider-Man 499

Amazing Spider-Man 500

Amazing Spider-Man 501
marvel comics magic
Transdimensional Crisis

Amazing Spider-Man 502

Here is your links for “Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday

Marvel Comics had writer J. Michael Straczynski (Civil War – Spider-Man, The Other – Evolve or Die) and artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) teamed up to celebrate the 500th issue anniversary of the Amazing Spider-Man series with Happy Birthday storyline in 2003. This is a story that's not about just fighting super-villains and facing global threats. It's all about Spidey himself and this tale ran in the Amazing Spider-Man series from issue #498-502. Even if the story is not about a running threat, it also opens a doorway for the potential future stories in the series that is going to change the life of everyone's favorite web-crawler.
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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Doctor Strange | Comics

The man who stands between the physical world and the mystical force of darkness is none other than the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Destined to become the next Sorcerer Supreme after the Ancient One from his birth, Stephen Vincent Strange grew up to be a renowned yet self-centric and greedy neurosurgeon but lost the functionality of his hands in an unfortunate car accident. He then desperately looked for a cure all over the world and eventually came looking for the Ancient One in his Tibetan palace, who took him in.

Before he even became Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange was plagued with demons from his childhood by his future enemy Baron Mordo. After years of training in mystic arts under his master, Doctor Strange become an accomplished mystic consultant and came to New York, aided by Wong. Aside from fighting villains like Doctor Doom, Nightmare and Mordo, he is antagonized by the fearful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. He was a part of the battle during the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War and Infinity Crusade against The Mad Titan.

doctor strange comics
Doctor Strange | Comics

Sorcerer Supreme
Strange was very close to his sister Donna and one of her event of injury has led him to a medical student. Upon completing medical degree from Columbia University, he becomes a very renowned surgeon and all the success led him to fame, fortune and arrogance that made him impossible to bear with. By the time he lost both of his parents, he became an egotistical shallow person and was in a car accident that severely damaged the nerves of his hands. Seeing his promising career at an end before his very eyes, Stephen Strange spends up all of his fortune looking for a way to fix his hands once again.

Then he visited to Tibetan palace hearing a rumor about an aged sorcerer named the Ancient One. Unbeknownst to him that the Ancient One has also rescued him previously from Mordo’s evil plan in Stephen‘s youth. Karl Mordo was simply jealous because he knew who Stephen Strange would become in the future. Though sorcerer refused to cure his hands, Strange is offered lessons in the arts of mysticism. Deeply frustrated at this disappointment, he immediately tries to leave the place at once but got stuck because of a sudden blizzard.

During his stay, Stephen witnessed Baron Mordo, an apprentice of the Ancient One, secretly attacks his teacher using mystic arts and confronted him about these actions. Mordo silenced him with restraining spells so that Strange couldn't warn the sorcerer about his treachery. Seeing these amazing capabilities of mysticism, he took Ancient One's offer to defeat Mordo. Since he approached the sorcerer for selfless reasons, the Ancient One happily took Stephen as his new pupil and revealed that he knew about Mordo all along.

The Ancient One started training Strange and after years of exercise, he was ready for a test against Death. He successfully passed the test and received ageless life just like his mentor did 600 years ago. Strange came to know many sorcerers from around the world and returned home after seven years. In New York's Greenwich Ville, Strange established his Sanctum Sanctorum, where he served as a mystic consultant while being served by his trusty aide Wong, whose entire bloodline is dedicated to serve the Ancient One.

The Super-Hero Era was just ushered at this time with the public introduction of Fantastic Four. In the mean time, Strange was busy with enemies of supernatural like Baron Mordo, Nightmare and Thor's half-brother Loki, who made him attack the God of Thunder. Soon the tables were turned and he got back at the God of Mischief for misleading him. A young Spider-Man teamed up with Doctor Strange and upon witnessing his heroism, Strange comes to consider Spidey as a friend, resulting in many future team-ups.

Dark Dimension
When Dormammu of the Dark Dimension sensed the Ancient One's power depleting, he decides to invade the Earth-Realm and Doctor Strange was sent by his mentor to fight this greater evil. There, he met with a mystic woman named Clea, who wanted to prevent their clash and happens to be Dormammu's niece. She believes the dimensional barriers may fall if Lord of the Dark Dimension loses but nevertheless, Strange engages his enemy and loses. As the Mindless Ones starts invading, he lends the dark lord enough power to save his realm and spare Earth as well as Clea. 

For more information on Doctor Strange comics series, you can check out the links below.

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doctor strange marvel
Master of Mystic Arts

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Doctor Strange – Beginnings and Endings

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Marvel Masterworks – Doctor Strange Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Doctor Strange – Master of The Mystic Arts Pocket, Book 02

Essential Doctor Strange Vol 01

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Doctor Strange – Master of The Mystic Arts

Marvel Masterworks – Doctor Strange Vol 04

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Doctor Strange – A Separate Reality

Marvel Masterworks – Doctor Strange Vol 05

Essential The Tomb of Dracula Vol 02

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What If? Classic Vol 03

Essential Doctor Strange Vol 04

Dr. Strange Vs. Dracula – The Montesi Formula

Dr. Strange – Into The Dark Dimension

Secret Wars II Omnibus

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Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom – Triumph and Torment (Hardcover)

Marvel Visionaries – Roy Thomas

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Spider-Man’s Greatest Team-Ups

Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch Classic Vol 02

Infinity Gauntlet (Softcover)

Infinity Gauntlet (Hardcover)

Marvel Visionaries – Steve Ditko

Spider-Man/Dr. Strange – The Way To Dusty Death

Infinity War

Infinity Crusade Vol 01

Infinity Crusade Vol 02

Strange Tales Featuring Thing/Dr. Strange/Human Torch

Marvel Visionaries – John Romita Sr.

Doctor Strange – What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen?

2099 – Manifest Destiny

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Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Collection

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World War Hulk (Hardcover)

New Avengers – Illuminati

Mystic Arcana

New Avengers Vol 07 – The Trust

New Avengers – Secret Invasion, Book 01

New Avengers – Secret Invasion, Book 02

Marvel Adventures Thor featuring Captain America, Dr. Strange and Ant-Man

New Avengers – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Voodoo – Avenger of The Supernatural

Strange – The Doctor Is Out

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Softcover)

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Hardcover)

Infinity (Softcover)

Infinity (Hardcover)

Doctor Strange – The Way of the Weird (Softcover)

Doctor Strange – The Way of the Weird (Hardcover)

Introduced in 1963 on the 110th issue of Strange Tales monthly ongoing series from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is a well received fictional individual of comic books who is a very powerful sorcerer and also the mystical guardian for the universe we live in, created by the legendary Steve Ditko (Amazing Spider-Man, Beware the Creeper). Over the years of publication, he appeared on numerous comic books as well as his own monthly series and limited series. Despite his duties as the sole protector of magic, Strange also help around the super-hero community and he was a member of the New Avengers team.

jason aaron doctor strange
Defenders of Magic

Aside from playing the role of a savior on many crisis and significant affairs mentioned above, Doctor Strange was also operational on significant crossover events like Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Infinity, Time Runs Out and Secret Wars. A live-action portrayal of the character is going to be portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange movie set to release at the end of 2016, which will feature one of his most feared enemies; Dormammu for the first time in cinema. Not only has the actor provided motion capture performance for the role of the antagonist, Cumberbatch is about to reprise the role of Stephen Strange in the 2018's live-action film Avengers: Infinity War from Marvel Studios.
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