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Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday | Comics

spiderman happy birthday
Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday
 | Comics
It's Peter Parker's birthday and he was at home to celebrate this special day with his lovely wife Mary Jane Watson and beloved Aunt May after spending quite a hasty day at school. While he was having a moment with her in the bedroom, he suddenly notices a red lightning outside and rushed to the spot to look further into the matter. There, at Times Square, he met the crowd of Iron Man, Thor, Cyclops, The Thing, Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, who got busy saving the city. Soon, they are all joined by sorcerer supreme himself; Dr. Strange who came a bit late. They all gathered here to witness New York City being overruned by an army of the Mindless Ones and soon, Dormammu of the Dark Dimension arrives along with them.

Though there was seemingly no possible reason present for the demon's appearance and Dormammu himself was also not at his full power due to a recent event. The heroes of Earth assumed that the demon fleet is on Earth for an invasion. So, they quickly devises a plan to stop Dormammu immediately and send the Mindless Ones to their home with their master. But Spider-Man got lost in time along with Doctor Strange while administering a plan to go back in time to stop the Dread One before he could ever appear in our realm. Spidey saw many of his old enemies as when he first met them and fought against each of them, trying to return to his own time. All he has to do is to follow his own voice and not to interfere with anything else. But curios as he always is, Spider-Man does interfere with things of the other plane of existence.
chaos on manhattan
Inter-Dimensional Chaos on Manhattan
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marvel comics magic
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Here is your links for “Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Amazing Spider-Man – Happy Birthday

Marvel Comics had writer J. Michael Straczynski (Civil War – Spider-Man, The Other – Evolve or Die) and artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) teamed up to celebrate the 500th issue anniversary of the Amazing Spider-Man series with Happy Birthday storyline in 2003. This is a story that's not about just fighting super-villains and facing global threats. It's all about Spidey himself and this tale ran in the Amazing Spider-Man series from issue #498-502. Even if the story is not about a running threat, it also opens a doorway for the potential future stories in the series that is going to change the life of everyone's favorite web-crawler.
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