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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Astonishing X-Men – Life of X | Comics

When world's most powerful telepaths are attacked by an unforeseen enemy, the X-Men enter astral plane to confront it.

Mutants around the world with psychic abilities are suddenly being attacked and they starts dying but just because most of them secluded themselves from the rest, these deaths gone unnoticed at the very beginning.

When it attacked Betsy Braddock AKA Psylocke when she was in London, she sent out a distress psychic call to fellow mutants that reached out to Angel, Bishop, Gambit, Fantomex, Old Man Logan and Rogue who were coincidentally in close range for various different reasons of their own. Betsy's psychic manifestation took shape of a giant butterfly over The Shard building.

Soon, Logan and Rogue arrives in Blackbird with the latter decides to fly to Betsy for aiding her. As she reaches near, Psylocke's psychic blades starts attacking as a defense mechanism and when they came back around, Angel comes following to save Rogue by shielding her with his wings.

Logan tries to divert rest of the blades towards him from Gambit, Fantomex and the crowd of London. When Bishop arrives too, Rogue asks him to get rid of the energy she's about to absorb from Psylocke which has infected her. With some effort, they managed to do that and apparently saved the day for that moment.

astonishing x-men marvel comics
Astonishing X-Men – Life of X | Comics

Original X-Men member Beast also arrives on the spot to everyone's surprise as he has received the distress psychic call too. Psylocke reveals that the powerful mutant Amahl Farouk is back as the Shadow King once again and he want all of them, so that he can crawl back to real-world and infect it's populace with his poison.

She suggests that they travel to the Astral Plane to fight Shadow King and make sure that he never steps into our world. Otherwise, he will strike at psychics like Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Quentin Quire and Stepford Cuckoos next to make them his mind-slaves.

Logan voluntarily agrees to go inside since he already spent many years in his own timeline to fight the menacing Shadow King. The rest of them followed him as Angel stays behind to aid Betsy just in case and to make sure his Archangel persona stays in check.

Bishop wanted to better the odds if one of their friends wakes up as Farouk's pawn by staying with Betsy and Warren. Just as they entered the Astral Plane, Shadow King senses their presence almost immediately and prepares himself as well as a special prisoner of his for a game with the lives of these X-Men.

Inside, they discover themselves as audience in a theater for a play about their lives but Logan realizes that something weird is going on and he ended up killing a zombie-version of Jean Grey, which triggered other characters present to attack the X-Men.

During their fight, Logan deduces that Hank McCoy among them is actually one of their old enemies, the mutant shape-shifter Mystique just by observing her movements. They all willingly enter three psychic doors presented to them when they realized that someone aside from Farouk is on Astral Plane is secretly helping them.

mike deodato jr astonishing x-men
Psychic Horror Show

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Astonishing X-Men – Life of X

The fourth monthly ongoing volume of Astonishing X-Men is launched and it begins with the six-part long "Life of X" storyline from Marvel Comics in 2018, which collected issues #01-06 of the series.

To pen out this one, comic-book writer Charles Soule (Civil War II, Death of Wolverine) was hired and he received assistance from artists Carlos Pacheco (Fantastic Four, Inhumans), Ed McGuinness (Deadpool, Guardians of The Galaxy), Jim Cheung (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, New Avengers – Illuminati), Mike Del Mundo (Elektra – Bloodlines, Elektra – Reverence) and Mike Deodato Jr. (New Avengers, Secret Avengers), who helped with cover art and illustrations.

shadow king marvel comics
Web of Shadow King

"Life of X" reassembles many of the former X-Men members as well as outcasts like Fantomex and Mystique, both of whom either worked with the team or any of the team members previously on occasion.

Plus, this one brings one of the oldest villains Shadow King that these mutant superheroes have faced many times on their earlier days and a long-deceased character back again. Even though the ending of the story is portrayed like a conclusion, for some weird reasons, it still feels like a mild cliffhanger though.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New X-Men – Assault on Weapon Plus | Comics

Jean Grey caught Scott red-handed on the mental quarters of Emma Frost, trying to seduce him in the Dark Phoenix costume. Kicking him out of her mental space, Jean confronts Emma about this activity and learns that it's been going on for some time. Later, when Beast goes looking for cheering up Emma, he finds her seemingly killed with her body shattered into pieces in her diamond form. Bishop and Sage are immediately called in to investigate and they starts interrogating everyone in the mansion.

After his secret psychic affair with Emma Frost is exposed, Cyclops left the X-Men behind and seeks solace at the Hellfire Club in a bottle of wine. One of Hellfire Club's scantily clad strippers seductively tries to charm him but Scott brushes her off by not paying any mind. The feral mutant Sabretooth was also found present at the facility and couldn't help but mock him a little for having to deal with his issues with booze until club’s owner Sebastian Shaw arrives to warn him about not to bother a patron of the club.

new x-men assault on weapon plus
New X-Men – Assault on Weapon Plus | Comics

Scott was then found drinking at the club by Wolverine and addresses how bad he is making the X-Men look like right now. Cyclops asked him if he's been tracking him but Logan assures him that he has his own business here. After talking to Scott, he came to the conclusion that Cyclops has already decided to quit the X-Men before leaving him for a while to hit the men’s room. As Wolverine stumbles onto Victor Creed there, the former tries to engage the latter in a battle by escalating an aggressive argument but unable to do so.

Cyclops and Wolverine gets back to their talk and then were approached a person in all-white attire, who goes by the name Fantomex and is here to see Logan. He is here to take help from them to infiltrate the Weapon Plus facility; a program responsible for the establishment of the original Weapon X program and turning Logan into the very man he is today and is currently floating in the earth's orbit. Fantomex wants to destroy Weapon XV and Wolverine wants to get his hands on classified files on him.

Scott declares that he has no interest in this venture and fall onto his faces but Wolverine assures Fantomex that he is the right person to be at their side. They arrive at Weapon Plus' self-contained research facility known as The World and find a couple of A.I.M. soldiers lying dead. Judging by the savage nature of the killings, Fantomex immediately deduces this as the handiwork of Weapon XV. Soon, the remaining goon starts firing at them till they are taken down.

The three of them enters The World filled with cybernetic wonders all around them, where time was frozen. Weapon XV eventually bumps into the trio and defeated them before heading to the Weapon Plus base on space. They reach the long deserted facility where Wolverine finds out classified information about him before he was drafted into the Weapon X program and during his days in the facility. A horrible truth about his past is revealed to him only moments before they set off the base to explode.

For more information on New X-Men – Assault on Weapon Plus, you can check out those links below.

New X-Men – Assault on Weapon Plus (Comics) Wikipedia

fantomex and wolverine
Assault of Weapon XV

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New X-Men 144

New X-Men 145

Here is your link to buy “New X-Men – Assault on Weapon Plus" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New X-Men Vol 05 – Assault on Weapon Plus

Taking place on the monthly ongoing series New X-Men, "Assault on Weapon Plus" is a story-arc that ran from issue #139-145 from the series. The story was published by Marvel Comics in 2003 and the plot was written by legendary writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Final Crisis) and pencilled by the talented artists Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man) as well as Phil Jimenez (New Teen Titans – Who is Donna Troy?, Wonder Woman – Paradise Lost). The titular four part plot is built on the first three issues featuring the book.

weapon xv ultimaton marvel
Ultimaton, The Living Weapon

"Assault on Weapon Plus" deals with Cyclops' personal problems regarding Jean Grey and Emma Frost, then Wolverine goes to get his hands on the dirty-secrets he's been chasing for decades and finally, the enigmatic mutant Fantomex joins the duo to see the end to a rogue Weapon Plus subject Weapon XV, which is also known as Ultimaton and was created with the purpose of destroying mutants. The current storyline is preceded by "Riot at Xavier's" and succeeded by "Planet X" storyline next from the same monthly ongoing.
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