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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mighty Avengers – The Ultron Initiative | Comics

Iron Man assembles Mighty Avengers, a team of A-list members of Avengers and Ultron returns for ultimate revenge.

By the end of superhero "Civil War", Tony Stark became new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he asks Carol Danvers to lead a new team of Mighty Avengers. Danvers suggest for an all-powerhouse team with everyone level nine or higher but Tony wants to have some team dynamics within the mix by adding a few members who are street-savvy.

They start with Wonder Man and Wasp from original Avengers team before moving to Sentry, which Carol is very skeptical about. Given his time with New Avengers, Tony realizes that they need a ninja, someone like Maya Lopez but since she is a fugitive on run right now, they go for Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow instead.

When it comes to choosing substitute for a Thor and Wolverine, Carol took him to Ares, God of War and though he didn't initially wanted to comply, Iron Man managed to strike a deal with him. In between their recruitment, Tony has been receiving and responding to many emergency reports from around the globe about natural calamities.

Immediately after their formation, Tony and his allies get busy to deal with a situation in Manhattan where a group of monstrous creatures show up and causing mayhem. While fighting, Simon Williams pointed out that Mole Man could be behind this and he is proven right when Harvey Elder comes out threatening them.

Mighty Avengers – The Ultron Initiative | Comics

All of a sudden, Iron Man's armor starts warping and after blasting everyone off nearby with a repulsor charge, a female figure appears in that place. When it is confirmed that she was the one responsible for their home being destroyed, Mole Man sends his entire army after her only to be repelled and being completely molten into goo.

Despite Ms. Marvel not wanting to engage, an attempt to attack her by Ares and Sentry has led them both struck with lighting but the latter still pursues to have his axe broken and zapped even harder. Though no one had the slightest idea who that silver-skinned woman was, Janet van Dyne confronted her to confirm it to be Ultron.

Thinking Tony is still trapped within its shell and not dead yet, Carol orders her team to retreat as they can't even go near it and decides to come up with a better plan of attack. Leaving Sentry behind to deal with Ultron, she leads her crew to S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier looking for Henry Pym, who created the menacing murder bot years ago.

Hank was busy spending time with Tigra and ignoring calls but then S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were sent in to fetch him. To gain an upper hand in fight, Ultron took over the Helicarrier and send it crushing down. Sentry eventually saved it from falling with help from his fellow Avengers and Natasha takes charge when Maria Hill is knocked out.

To make their worst nightmare come true, a drone similar to original Iron Man armor called Starktech 9 flies in to inform that Tony Stark is dead, which is confirmed by Hank as he helped Tony create it as a fail-safe program for crisis like this.

Upon explaining how Ultron is manipulating weather using a group of satellites, Bob and Simon totally trashed them off. She then announces to initiate "Plan B", which is to cause a complete blackout throughout New York by releasing an electromagnetic pulse and then breaking into Stark Tower to get to Lindy Reynolds, wife of Sentry.

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Here is your links to buy "Mighty Avengers – The Ultron Initiative" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Running parallel to New Avengers comic-book series, writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist Frank Cho (Marvel Knights Spider-Man – Venomous, Savage Wolverine – Kill Island) was roped in by Marvel Comics to work on Mighty Avengers team comprised of registered superheroes, as part of Fifty State Initiative.

"The Ultron Initiative" marks the first storyline in a brand-new monthly ongoing publication started in 2007 and collects first six issues from first volume of release. After gathering some A-list Avengers members, Bendis made things more interesting by tossing in one of their biggest threat ever, who returned to end all life on Earth.

In post-Civil War period, Iron Man is Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. now and he puts Ms. Marvel in charge of his new team. Although their first mission starts with facing Mole Man and his army of Moloids, soon they are confronted by a literal ghost from past in form of Ultron and none of them has expected him to make a comeback like this.

Among all of Tony's fellow heroes, Ares comes out as most unusual addition to Mighty Avengers but proved to be very resourceful when it comes to make strategic plans. Reassembling for their next adventure in "Venom Bomb", Stark and his team will slowly be heading towards the culmination of a major "Secret Invasion".
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