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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gantz | Comics

High-school going Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are accidentally hit by a speeding train in the subway while they both were trying to save the worthless life of a drunken homeless man who fell onto the train tracks. Even though they are dead, they found themselves very alive somehow and they discover themselves inside a Tokyo apartment!

gantz manga
Gantz | Comics

There they also met a few others like them who also died an unexpected death but now are here in this semi-alive state, trapped in the same apartment. A large black sphere shaped orb entity known only as "Gantz" greets them all before enlighten them about their current state. He affirms them yet they are dead but their life still belongs to him.

Gantz then offers them various custom combat suits as their outfits, super-human strength, stamina and other units along with weapons before he tasked them to their mission; to kill aliens around the world that threatens humanity that are targeted by Gantz, that will earn them points necessary to return to their normal life without the memory of serving Gantz ever, exclusive upgrades for extremely-powerful weapon or even revive a fallen teammate.

Embarking those deadly missions, some kills, some dies and some passes through series of emotional conflicts. Then there was a catastrophic alien invasion that threatens the human race and more mysteries emerges. Many goes in the line of war and dies again and again but this alien hunting game seems to go on forever.

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Introduced as a Japanese Manga series, Gantz (ガンツ Gantsu?) is a series by artist Hiroya Oku, who both wrote and draws the entire series. This popular Manga has been adapted into an Anime released into two seasons containing 26 episodes. This fan favorite action sci-fiction horror thriller was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2000 that ran till 2013.

kishimoto kei gantz
Kishimoto Kei of Gantz

After smashing the sales list in Japan, Gantz has topped the market in America too and also managed to enter the "Manga Best Seller List". The most recent adaptation of the series is a CGI anime film which release in 2016, titled "Gantz: O".
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