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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dark Nights – Metal | Comics

Mysteries of the Dark Multiverse is being uncovered and they threatened destroy the very fabric of the Universe!

On Bermuda Triangle, Batman breaks into a secret Wayne Enterprises site to rescue researchers with help from Aquaman. He then meets Mister Terrific at Lunar Batcave on the moon for the data he gathered from Earth-Two and they both agrees to release Plastic Man from a stasis.

Bruce then shows up at Superman's Fortress of Solitude to access a secret room Clark has given him but the latter points out that nothing could open it. He came prepared along with Mister Miracle to open it for him and Scott Free leaves telling him to turn back immediately as he looks at the cosmic tuning fork of Anti-Monitor.

Hal Jordan of Green Lantern Corps is pulled out of active duty by Ganthet of the Guardians for a secret mission. He sends GL to a coordinate, which led him to Wayne Manor and he ended up inside the Batcave, only to be welcomed by Duke Thomas AKA The Signal.

Though Jordan was caught off guard, he quickly detained the boy and despite his warnings, Hal proceeds as they hear a mysterious voice. Its starts spilling many secrets regarding whatever Batman collects and gathers here. These two eventually stopped at a giant door, behind which they've found The Joker captive behind an energy shield.

The Dark Knight goes to Athens looking for Hephaestus, where Wonder Woman informs him that all Greek Gods have abandoned Earth. She then gives him a weapon of Apollo called the Sunblade before leaving.

Bruce then came across a dying Dubbilex of Project Cadmus looking for an otherworldly Metal before he met with his former lover Talia al Ghul, with whom he traded the Sunblade for Eighth Metal. Back in Batcave, Joker managed to get out of captivity by provoking Duke and starts wrecking havoc until Batman arrived.

dark nights metal dc
Dark Nights – Metal | Comics

Once he was the Prince of Egypt named Khufu who came in contact with a Thanagarian ship build of Nth Metal. He and his lover Chay-Ara died at the hands of a priest and his servant Hath-Set only to be reborn again. He was reborn as archaeologist Carter Hall, who was trying to uncover the mystery of the Metal and its bond to his reincarnation cycle.

In his quest, he uncovers that a nightmarish future waits for the universe that is from dawn of time to threaten the existence of Multiverse and is connected to the Caped Crusader.

Mongul has taken the Justice League captive on his second War World and forcing them to fight in a gladiatorial arena against killer-robots built by Toyman. During the fight, Batman notices a something and suggests his teammates to follow his actions, which they does and are all consumed by the robots to merge into a giant one to force the alien tyrant to flee.

As they were heading back to Earth, Alfred called in to inform that the mountain headquarters of the superhero team Challengers of the Unknown has showed up in Gotham from nowhere after energy storm of dark lightning.

Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman followed The Dark Knight inside to discover a cryo pod and an inactive Red Tornado. Lady Blackhawk arrives with company and introduces her as Kendra Saunders, also known as Hawkgirl. She explains of a Dark Multiverse and warns them all of an invasion by The Bat Behind The Bat named Barbatos, who has a connection with Wayne family.

When he was shot back in time by Darkseid, the Bat-God decided to use him as a portal to enter this reality. Bruce stole the Nth Metal sample from Blackhawk Island to realize upon analyzing that all of it was true after all and is visited by the known as Dream of the Endless, The Sandman.

Superman and the Justice League wet looking for Batman throughout the world only to led by a band of decoy into Parliament of Trees for an angry Swamp Thing to attack them. Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, John Constantine and Zatanna only took the quest further to no result. Finally, he is discovered attempting to go back time and stop Barbatos from ever entering this reality.

All of them realize way too late that they walked into a trap set by The Judas Tribe and they infected Bruce with Batmanium, the fifth Metal to open a portal from which, The True Father of Batman walks in with seven Dark Knights to destroy all.

dark nights metal justice league
Dark Corners of Reality

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Dark Nights – Metal 01

Dark Nights – Metal 02

Dark Nights – Metal 03

Dark Nights – Metal 04

Dark Nights – Metal 05

Dark Nights – Metal 06

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Dark-Days-–-The Road to Metal

Dark Nights – Metal

Dark Nights – Metal – Dark Knights Rising

Dark Nights – Metal – The Resistance

A major crossover event that has been in the works ever since "Court of the Owls" at the dawn of The New 52 and even connects back to post-Flashpoint event "Final Crisis", "Dark Nights – Metal" is a masterpiece story created by writer Scott Snyder (All-Star Batman – Ends of the Earth, Flashpoint – Project Superman) and artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn).

These two have worked up the core six-issue limited series that have a number of related tie-in issues that comes in "The Road to Metal", "Dark Knights Rising" and "The Resistance" books to fill the necessary gaps to make things matter by a few other.

dark nights metal barbatos
The Bat Behind The Bat

Writers James Tynion IV (Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen, Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate) and Tim Seeley (Batman – Night of the Monster Men, Nightwing – Better Than Batman) along with various other creators have contributed to the plot.

Artists Andy Kubert (Origin, Ultimate Iron Man), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow), John Romita Jr. (Superman – Before Truth, Superman – The Men of Tomorrow) and Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider) have also take part in illustrating the arc for readers.

Ever since DC Rebirth, DC Comics has never done a crossover this big and it was actually a scheme to re-introduce many new characters and teams into play. References of classic sagas were mentioned and elements were used to build a new tomorrow. Some of the noteworthy appearances were made by Black Adam, Black Manta, Clayface, Deathstroke, Doctor Fate, Nightwing, Robin, Steel, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans and Vandal Savage.

A link to "Death of The Family" and "Endgame" arc was drawn to detailing the origin of Metal and how it is related to Batman. We are treated with an epic team-up during climax that was most unexpected and it even rivals the awesomeness of the World's Finest duo.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trinity – Dead Space | Comics

When an alien virus strikes Justice League Watchtower, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman takes it upon themselves to save and humankind.

On his very own Fortress of Solitude, Superman brings along Batman and Wonder Woman to share about his recent life events after his encounter with Mister Mxyzptlk. He also reveals about the mysterious hooded entity her was visited by earlier who goes by the name Mister Oz, whom he thinks knows more about his life than himself.

Lately, he was even having dreams of fighting against his younger self, Superman of Prime Earth who just wants his own life back. Only for the arrival of Bruce and Diana, they are finally stopped. Aside from Lois, Jon and Supergirl, Clark told no one about these visions and Bruce suggests him to keep it that way until they figure this out.

This Trinity of superheroes has reunited only a short while ago and has already gone through a lot when Mongul trapped them all within a dream world that they made out alive because of a sentient being called White Mercy. Clark takes his friends back in Smallville looking for her but then are teleported to Watchtower via Boom Tube.

What they used to call headquarter is now in complete ruins, signaling an unknown breach and they discovered Cyborg being torn into parts. As Victor was losing breath, he was being carried out to lower levels of the satellite to get powered up but is ambushed by alien parasite infected Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz in midway.

trinity dead space dc comics dc rebirth justice league batman superman wonder woman francis manapul
Trinity – Dead Space | Comics

Even under the influence of alien virus, Simon asks for help before Jessica blew a hole and sending them all to space. The Dark Knight and Victor's remains are saved by The Flash who came just in time. Barry reveals that it all started after a meteor shower that allowed these alien creatures to take over entire Justice League by storm.

Superman and Wonder Woman returns to Watchtower through an opening and comes across an alien Traveler who informs them about a deadly alien virus that has spread on board, which will claim Earth if not completely destroyed soon. Despite the threat of mass-infection, Clark and Diana are not willing to hurt their friends.

Batman and Flash gets attacked by an infected Aquaman out of nowhere, which forced Barry to take this fight away in spite of being slowed down by lack of gravity out there. Suddenly, the satellite starts moving from orbit and Man of Steel tries his best to somehow swing it past Earth when he is attacked by Jessica and Simon once again.

With a giant alien mother engagingly lashing her deadly tentacles at him, the Caped Crusader races against time in a desperate bid to get help for Cyborg and save his life. In his attempt of running from it, Bruce gets stabbed once but he totally ignores it in order to reboot Victor's system and regulate his heart before it is too late.

Arguing about lives of her closest allies, Diana eventually discovers a dark truth about the true origin of those extraterrestrial beings with a little help from her legendary Lasso of Truth when stumbled onto a locked chamber and turned into a monster.

Elsewhere, villainous witch Circe has lured Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul to form their unholy Trinity. Though reluctant at first, Luthor and Ra's both consider this assembly as a temporary alliance to know more about her plan after besting a vile amalgamation of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman emerging from Pandora Pits.

trinity dc comics rebirth batman superman wonder woman justice league watchtower simon baz francis manapul
Emergency on Watchtower

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Trinity V2 07

Trinity V2 08

Trinity V2 09

Trinity V2 10

Trinity V2 11

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Trinity – Dead Space (Softcover)

Trinity – Dead Space (Hardcover)

Following "DC Rebirth", Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman has gathered again for a new monthly ongoing Trinity series from DC Comics with writer/artist Francis Manapul (Justice League – No Justice, The Flash – Move Forward) spearheading it from start in "Better Together" storyline and continuing through "Dead Space".

Manapul was assisted by Cullen Bunn (Sinestro – Rising, Sinestro – Sacrifice) on script as he worked on illustration alongside guest penciler Clay Mann (Batman – The Rules of Engagement, Batman – The War of Jokes and Riddles) and Emanuela Lupacchino.

trinity dc comics rebirth batman superman wonder woman francis manapul
All Along The Watchtower

A reunion of three of world's greatest superheroes was quickly crashed by a former nemesis and now they face a challenge of saving all humankind from a fatal alien virus that claimed their dearest friends too. Their friendship and reliance on each other is put into test like they were in another major Crisis event of some sort for a while.

Collecting issues #7-11 from second Trinity ongoing series, "Dead Space" catches onto recent events of Multiverse from "Superman Reborn" crossover and involves Justice League in main story. It also builds path for upcoming adventure in "Dark Destiny", where few mystical heroes and their "Dark Trinity" counterparts will cross paths.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race | Comics

Three years have passed since anyone seen The Dark Knight of Gotham City and other heroes have retreated while a Master Race rises.

The Dark Knight has been gone after the fall of Lex Luthor's tyrannical reign and demise of a Joker-like Dick Grayson, who was hell-bent on killing off elderly heroes. Batman has been gone off the grids for three years now and Bruce Wayne is also nowhere to be found. Because of his long absence, many believe that he is dead and not coming back this time.

Someone enters the Batcave to shatter down a display case where the Batsuit was hanging and took it. Suddenly, images of a shrouded figure beating up trigger-happy cops chasing an unarmed suspect blows up on media, who appears to be Batman.

In a forest, Wonder Woman is fighting a giant Minotaur while holding her young son Jonathan on her back to save the natives from it. Upon defeating the creature, Diana heads back to Paradise Island for a sparring session with her daughter Lara, only to learn that she is gone.

Always questioned about her inheritance, she finds Superman inside the Fortress of Solitude, who has willingly frozen himself on an icy throne. Hearing noise, Lara discovers the Bottle City of Kandor, which she then takes to Ray Palmer AKA The Atom and asks for his help to restore the shrunken city of Kandor.

dark knight iii master race comics
The Dark Knight III – The Master Race | Comics

The Mayor hired a P.R. firm to handle the situation as Commissioner Ellen Yindel is being bombard with question from journalists regarding her thoughts on the return of Batman. Later, as she was thinking about current situation, a sighting of the vigilante alarmed her. With cops in pursuit, the mysterious figure violently fights back when surrounded.

After the angry mob of police was done beating, Yindel unmasks the person and it turns out to be Carrie Kelley in Bat costume, who used to be former Robin. Commissioner asks Carrie about Bruce Wayne's whereabouts and she claims him to be dead.

A badly-beaten Carrie is taken into custody for interrogation but Commissioner Yindel had no success at all. While transferring her to Blackgate, the tank-like Batmobile comes crushing at her rescue and she escapes in it. She returns to Batcave to see Bruce Wayne standing over, waiting for her arrival.

Lara approaches Doctor Palmer with a resident of Kandor named Baal seeking help to restore their city. Ray reveals that his past attempts gone horribly wrong to Lara and Baal but then she storms off hearing her mother's call. When returned to new Amazon city, she engaged in sparring with her mother.

Upon calibrating his shrinking tech and required variables about Kryptonian physiology, Ray takes the Bottle City of Kandor in a desert and brought back Kandor citizens in full-size. He then realized many of them were dead at the hands of a fanatic cult led by Baal's father Quar. Ray is shrunk using his own technology and stepped over by Baal.

His father then obliterates the bottle city and its remaining inhabitants for not following him. Quar makes a demand to the world that he and his followers are to be accepted as Gods or perish. Realizing he is too old to fight them, Bruce pays a visit to Fortress of Solitude.

For more information on The Dark Knight III – The Master Race, you can check out the link below.

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race (Comics) Wikipedia

batman v superman dawn of justice
An Ally Returns

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The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 01

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 02

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 03

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 04

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 05

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 06

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 07

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 08

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race 09

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The Dark Knight III – The Master Race (Softcover)

The Dark Knight III – The Master Race (Hardcover)

Following the ground-breaking success of "The Dark Knight Returns" and "The Dark Knight Strikes Again", writer Frank Miller (300, Ronin) returned with third installment of The Dark Knight Trilogy from DC Comics in 2017 after it started in 2015. Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman – Blood, Wonder Woman – Guts) also helped Miller devise a more balanced plot this time than his past efforts of writing senseless superhero violence.

Artist Andy Kubert (Before Watchmen – Nite Owl, Damian – Son of Batman) draws core story from all issues while Klaus Janson returned to work on tie-in shorts, also set on the same alternate reality of Earth-31 from DC Multiverse.

dark knight iii master race andy kubert
The Master Race Rises

Whereas "The Dark Knight Returns" kind of expected all readers to assume the worst have happened to our vigilante hero before they even began and "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" just started throwing things at us without any explanation, DKIII actually tries to dive slightly deeper than before while leaving possibilities for a sequel.

Aside from regular primary character of this series, AquamanThe FlashGreen Lantern Hal Jordan, Hawkman and Hawkgirl appeared throughout the story. Hopefully, we will see young Jonathan grow up to be Superboy as his elder sister becomes a Supergirl in this brave-new world.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Quest for Hope | Comics

While John Stewart and Soranik Natu tries to unite their Corps, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner go looking for Hope!

After Hal Jordan single handedly overthrown a newly reformed Sinestro once again, entire Warworld was destroyed in the process and Hal was lost to Emerald Space. From there, he was rescued by fellow Corps member and old friend Kyle Rayner, who is currently the White Lantern and only showed up when Ganthet called him for help.

During Sinestro's absence, his daughter Soranik Natu has taken charge of a rogue Sinestro Corps and allied with Green Lantern Corps for a union to restore peace and order in universe. However, some old Sinestro Corps members were completely opposed to this idea and a newly formed Green-Yellow alliance has decided to bring them in.

Corps member Guy Gardner of Earth visits the smuggler's corridor on Sector 2809 to find his old pal Space Cabbie, who can help them find all rogue members Sinestro Corps members, now scattered across galaxy. All he asks for in return is have his ship repaired and total immunity all of his past charges of smuggling and other petty crimes.

Long-lost Guardian Ganthet and Sayd were also found and returned back to their respected role as Guardians of the Universe once again. They tasked Hal and Kyle to seek out the final keeper of blue light of Hope and bring back to their universe to restore balance within emotional spectrum, leading them to travel to infernal skies of Sector 3172.

Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner traveled through transluminal space to reach their destination and after fighting two Death Dragons for some time, they have found Saint Walker at the grasp of vicious Misery Mound, struggling with a faint light of hope.

hal jordan and the green lantern corps ethan van sciver
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Quest for Hope | Comics

The Mound consumes the minds of Hal and Kyle using worst nightmares of their life against them by picking tragic events but ultimately, these two managed to overcome its grasp with power of their sheer will. Meanwhile, John Stewart was prepping his Corps for their missions when he suddenly noticed that Guy Gardner was missing.

Guy took it upon himself to find Sinestro Corps member Arkillo out to bring him back to their custody and came looking for him in Space Sector 1974. What followed afterwards is a bloody contest of two brawlers without their rings, where Gardner eventually came out victorious by beating Arkillo in combat but at a large personal cost.

Hal and Kyle arrive with Saint Walker at Mogo to reunite with his friends and restore light of hope. Ganthet and Sayd ask Kyle to try and bring back the fallen members of Blue Lantern Corps using his ring since he was able to pull Jordan out of Emerald Space but in process of trying to do that, he lost his power of White Light.

At Sector Zero, wielder of Green and Yellow Light works together to build a Central Power Battery for each of their Corps. While this makes both Jordan and Rayner slightly uncomfortable, John Stewart begs to differ on their perspective for once.

Soon, unspoken tension among these two Corps rise and a massive fight breaks out where Lanterns of both Corps starts besting each other over an issue until Guy Gardner and Arkillo breaks it off. Guy puts some sense into all Lanterns present by explaining how he worked his issues out with Arkillo and learned to work as teammate.

Seeing will and fear working together in unity, Ganthet, Sayd and Saint Walker finally believe that perhaps there is some hope for this universe after all. Then a blast from a dystopian future hits two Corps as time-traveling superhero Rip Hunter returns to present to warn them about menacing Prism Beasts that erased Green Lantern Corps.

green lantern corps dc comics saint walker blue lantern
Quest for Saint Walker

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 14

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 15

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 16

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 17

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 18

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 19

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 20

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 21

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Quest for Hope

Focusing on a new era for the Green Lantern Corps, DC Comics brought back writer Robert Venditti (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Sinestro's Law) and artist Rafa Sandoval (Catwoman – Death of the Family, Catwoman – Gotham Underground) in 2017.

Iconic comic-book creator Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) has also returned to continue his recent run on a brand-new monthly series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps with Sandoval and Venditti as well. Kenneth Marion also filled in as a guest-penciler for several issues throughout this run.

green lantern krona gauntlet hal jordan rafa sandoval
Prism of Time

In the wake of DC Rebirth, ongoing story has progressed to the point where the Green Lantern Corps is about to retain their glory once again in "Quest for Hope", while being prepared for an upcoming threat that is unlike anything they ever faced.

It collects issues #14-21 from the ongoing series and focuses on several unsolved endings like current activities of Red Lanterns at their home planet Ysmault, The Flash recently experiencing some disturbance in Speed-Force at Central City and a mysterious entity known simply as Mister Oz secretly watching over various superheroes.

More details will be revealed at upcoming "The Oz Effect" storyline on Action Comics monthly series. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps will be working on strengthening their bond with Yellow Lantern Corps at all cost or die trying. More friction between Green-Yellow alliances will be explored in upcoming "Fracture" story arc.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light | Comics

Hal Jordan is lost after Warworld is destroyed and Green Lantern Corps teams up with Sinestro Corps to watch over.

While Hal Jordan was fighting to overthrow the tyrannical Sinestro and totally wrecked his Warworld before vanishing into beyond, the Green Lantern Corps had disappeared and came back. Earlier, Guy Gardner was captured by Yellow Lanterns but former Corps member and Sinestro's defiant daughter Soranik Natu helped him out in time.

When John Stewart led his entire Corps onto Sector 0, he caught a brief glimpse of that destruction and was surprised to see Gardner with Sinestro Corps, who were currently following the lead of Soranik. As she updates them about what Jordan did back there, Salakk picks up an emergency on Tomar-Tu's homeworld Xudar.

Leaving everyone else on living planet Mogo, Stewart takes the rest of the Corps to the location to find it under attack by Starro. John and his colleagues try their best to restrain the Star Conqueror and just when they were feeling outnumbered, Soranik led her Yellow Lantern Corps to help but then it immediately disappears from there.

Members of both Corps were having a hard time dealing with the locals controlled by Starro and suddenly discovered themselves trapped within an energy barrier. Attempts of breaking it remain unsuccessful so far and on top of that, all Corpsmen are now suddenly being attacked by a large group of mind-controlled Xudarians.

hal jordan and the green lantern corps dc comics
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light | Comics

Taking care of the crowd, Stewart realizes after some inspection that they all are miniaturized and captured by Brainiac 2.0. It is finally revealed that Brainiac was actually working on behalf of Larfleeze, who found him among the junks of planet Okaara. Upon learning who their true captor was, John plans an escape tactics with Soranik.

On a hidden prison planet of Indigo Tribe at Sector 2814, Ganthet and Sayd finds Hal Jordan's lost ring that indicates end of their exile. They see the ring without its bearer and Sayd asserts it as a deception citing only a Guardian can create a ring of will. However, her husband is amused that it exists and that means Hal proved everyone wrong.

Jordan discovers himself stranded on Emerald Space, where he is greeted by Abin Sur and many other deceased members of the Green Lantern Corps. Since it is an everlasting sphere for departed Corps members, Sur states that Hal doesn't belong there yet and the exiled Guardians notice whatever life essence he had is dying quickly.

So, White Lantern Kyle Rayner is called in to rescue Hal from fading away in Emerald Space and bring back to the world of living to save the Corps. Together they were able to pull Jordan back to the world of living before he was getting lost forever.

Hal reunites with Ganthet, Sayd and Kyle with a new perspective at his destiny and learned that his fellow Corpsmen have returned a while ago. They all then head to living planet Mogo to see them all only to know that they all left earlier in response to an emergency but could not establish contact for lack of communication data.

Meanwhile, John Stewart and Soranik Natu starts a fight that eventually draw in every members of each Corps into pounding one another, causing Agent Orange to worry about losing his specimens and unwittingly setting them all free at once.

green lantern corps dc comics soranik natu rafa sandoval
Attack on Xudar

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 08

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 09

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 10

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 11

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 12

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 13

Here is your links to buy "Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light

Picking up one of the renowned flagship of DC Comics, writer Robert Venditti (Damage – Out of Control, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Sinestro's Law) hailed brand-new monthly ongoing comic-book series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps quite well for "DC Rebirth" from where it was left of by the end of "New 52" run.

Venditti was assisted by artists Ed Benes (Justice League of America – Sanctuary, Justice League of America – Second Coming), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and Rafa Sandoval (Catwoman – Death of the Family, Catwoman – Gotham Underground) for issues #8-13 of second story arc of the series, "Bottled Light".

green lantern orange lantern dc comics rebirth ethan van sciver
Trapped and Collected

Now that Sinestro is gone, his Corps follows Soranik Natu as their newest leader and she tries to atone for her father's wrongdoings by forming an alliance with Green Lantern Corps. They fight against celestial conqueror Starro side by side before fighting the combined threat of collector of worlds, Brainiac 2.0 and avatar of avarice, Larfleeze.

Venditti and his entire creative team continues their successful stint that was kick-started during Rebirth in 2017 and concluded to next story-arc "Quest for Hope", where Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan will go looking for Saint Walker. Sandoval is showing some superior drawing skills so far to be a rising star of DC Comics if he is not already.
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