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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Young Avengers – Family Matters | Comics

Before going to public, Young Avengers members came face to face with an extraterrestrial threat and their parents.

Idolizing original group of Avengers, young heroes Hawkeye, Hulkling, Patriot, Stature and Wiccan were banded together by Iron Lad to form Young Avengers to homage to their fallen heroes. Together they were able to defeat Kang the Conqueror but were forced by Captain America and Iron Man to discontinue their adventures.

Nevertheless, Kate Bishop has managed them new costumes and they continued fighting bad guys. Seeing them reappear in news, Cap decides to talk to their parents while the heroes get entangled with Mister Hyde to save their friend Eli Bradley, who has been using mutant growth hormone and doesn't have any superpowers of his own.

Eli quits team because of lying to his friends and tries to move on with a normal life but his friends showed up to talk to him. Their exchange is cut short by the arrival of Super-Skrull, who attempts to grab Hulkling and abduct him. Billy and Cassie immediately jumped in to rescue Teddy from his clutches before he could run away.

Hulkling uses his super-strength to lose him and then ran with his friends but Super-Skrull showed up at Billy's house with Eli as his hostage. Kl'rt states that he is a Skrull and he needs to return home but Teddy Altman refuses his claims. Revealing that his mother, Mrs. Altman is a Skrull as well before killing her, Super-Skrull took him away.

young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung
Young Avengers – Family Matters | Comics

Remaining members of Young Avengers went to Avengers Mansion to seek help in finding Teddy. Edwin Jarvis tells them to wait while he contacts The Avengers but they are offered assistance by Vision in locating more heroes like them and they all head to a juvenile detention facility in New Jersey to rescue speedster Thomas Shepherd.

Cassie points out that Billy and Tommy could be twins before they make an escape out of there. Eli makes it clear to him that they want a hero on their team and not a super-powered teenage terrorist. Elsewhere in a remote location, Super-Skrull tries to contact all Skrull member-worlds announcing to have gotten Dorrek VIII, referring to Teddy.

Hulking always believed that he was a mutant but Kl'rt asserts that he is a son of Skrull Princess Anelle of Skrull Empire and Mrs. Altman was merely a nursemaid of hers. When he was ordered to be executed by Emperor Dorrek VII, his mother sent him off world with her so he could live and reunite with his father someday but he never did.

However, conversation is interrupted by Young Avengers sudden breaking in and subdued Super-Skrull. As he was about to tell Teddy about his father, a Kree soldier shot him out of nowhere who claims that he is a Kree, not a Skrull. Captain Av-Rom of Kree Imperial Militia then tells Hulking that he is the son of late Captain Marvel.

Also, he insisted that Teddy has to join Imperial Milita and attacks him on his refusal to do so but Kl'rt shot at them back so Hulking can escape. Their friends make quick work of remaining Kree soldiers before heading to Avengers Tower. Super-Skrull confirms that Billy and Tommy are in fact lost twin sons of Scarlet Witch, which Vision verifies.

When a Skrull warship came to respond to Kl'rt, they are attacked by another Kree ship but Teddy manages to stand them down. Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Sentry, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine took notice of what is going on and shows up on scene to work out a treaty but ended up fighting armies of both sides.

speed thomas shepherd young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung
Speed Joins Young Avengers

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Young Avengers – Family Matters

After a successful debut through "Sidekicks" storyline, Marvel Comics brings back writer Allan Heinberg (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, Young Avengers – Sidekicks) and artist Jim Cheung (Astonishing X-Men – Life of X, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) for another exciting adventure of Young Avengers in "Family Matters" in 2007.

These young heroes came to know unknown revelation from the time of "Kree-Skrull War", which involved legacy of their parents. Over custody of team-member Hulking, an alien invasion almost broke out between Kree and Skrulls on Earth that even dragged New Avengers into this mess until each party managed to find their own peace.

kree skrull war young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung new avenges
Battle for Supremacy

Just as "Avengers Disassembled" crossover event gave birth to a new group of superheroes, their ties to original Avengers members slowly starts to unveil. Aside from grandson of Black Captain America and daughter of second Ant-Man, son of Captain Marvel and twins of Scarlet Witch are now revealed to be part of Young Avengers.

Though Young Avengers series was put to an end following events of "Family Matters", these heroes will embark on a quest soon to find the true parentage of Speed and Wiccan in "The Children's Crusade" limited series. Both heroes and villains will collide to determine fates of these youngsters and maybe of Marvel Universe as well.
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Young Avengers – Sidekicks | Comics

When The Avengers are fallen, a group of teen superheroes assembled as Young Avengers and goes up against an enemy from future.

In absence of original team of Avengers, a new group of young superheroes caught attention to press when they pulled off a few civilian recues recently. J. Jonah Jameson of Daily Bugle sends Jessica Jones to investigate these four "Young Avengers", who are going by the names of Iron Kid, Lieutenant America, Teen-Hulk and Thor Junior.

Soon as she went outside, Captain America and Iron Man arrives at her office to talk to her in private. They intend to shut these kids down before they hurt themselves but asks for Jessica to help find them. That evening, these youths showed up once again to rescue a wedding party kept hostage by five gunmen at Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

Taking out those bad guys, they argued with each other about how to tackle this situation and even had help from bridesmaid. As they were leaving, Jessica hands out her card to Hulkling, who recognized her as former costumed hero Jewel. Regrouped at former Avengers Mansion, Patriot stormed off after a brief debate with Iron Lad.

Promising to meet again next day, they all depart and Iron Lad steps inside the destroyed Mansion only to find Captain America, Iron Man and Jessica Jones waiting to talk with him. It is then revealed that he came in from thirtieth century and assembled these young heroes in an attempt to stop his future self; Kang the Conqueror.

young avengers sidekicks marvel comics cover allan heinberg jim cheung
Young Avengers – Sidekicks | Comics

Brave bridesmaid of Saint Patrick's Cathedral wedding from earlier, Kate Bishop waits outside of Metro-General Hospital while her father was throwing tantrum at staffs for not admitting her immediately. She is asked about her encounter with Young Avengers by a girl who introduces herself as Cassie Lang, daughter of second Ant-Man.

Cassie is apparently looking for them to join team and Kate leaves hospital premise with her as well. Meanwhile, young Nathaniel Richards explains that he escaped from future so he doesn't become Kang. Arriving here on 21st century, he learns that The Avengers were disbanded already and all he could do was finding remains of Vision.

Asgardian and Hulkling bumped into Patriot on their way as they were heading to former Avengers Mansion. They come across Cassie and Kate there, who wants to go inside to get her father's Ant-Man costume and gears. As Patriot refuses to allow her in doing so, an argument ensues between them and caused Cassie to grow into giant-size.

Richards explains that he downloaded all programming and data files found within the android Avenger into his armor. Their conversation is interrupted and they go outside to see an enormous Cassie Lang lying unconscious on ground. Cap and Kate helped her shrink back to normal size as Iron Land introduces his friends in Young Avengers.

Richards states that he found a failsafe program in Vision's protocols that lead him to next wave of Avengers. Moving Kate aside, Cap talks to them about their secret identity and is now interrupted by arrival of Growing Man. Instead of growing, it splits into small-sized replicas when attacked and Nathaniel recognizes those as stimuloids.

In their response to where their master is, he tells them he is their master and they sends out a signal to thirtieth century Kang of his location. Tricking them into Mansion's training facility, Cap and Iron Man locks them up to call their parents. Conversing whether Richards's story is true, Kang the Conqueror showed up from his future.

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Here is your links to buy "Young Avengers – Sidekicks" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Young Avengers Vol 01 – Sidekicks

During hiatus of mainline Avengers series following "Avengers Disassembled" event, Marvel Comics launched a spin-off monthly ongoing titled Young Avengers in 2005. "Sidekicks" marks its first storyline collecting first six issues conceived by writer Allan Heinberg (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, Young Avengers – Family Matters).

Heinberg was aided by artist Jim Cheung (Astonishing X-Men – Life of X, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) for illustration. Bunch of new characters that has some ties to members of Avengers team are introduced with more to reveal in future. For their first real-adventure, they took on one of The Avengers' deadliest foes, Kang the Conqueror.

There is a slight continuity error about Eli Bradley claiming his grandfather Isaiah Bradley being first Captain America, which was never pointed out throughout the story. By end of this story, Asgardian changes his code name to Wiccan as Kate Bishop suggested, Cassie adopts her new alias as Stature with exception of Hulkling and Patriot.

Proving themselves worthy of being called Young Avengers, these young heroes finds a new base of operation and decides to continue operating in spite of Cap's disapproval. Next up, these kids take on an ever bigger threat in "Family Matters" storyline as they become target of two alien races, Kree and Skrulls over one of their ancestry.
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