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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad | Comics

Belle Reve is already a certified madhouse and upon the "The Black Vault" unleashing a murder spree among everyone in it, Harley Quinn regained her lost sanity. As Killer Croc attempts to eat June Moone alive, Rick Flag intervenes and she transforms into The Enchantress.

These four head to where General Zod is kept to keeping him from wake up and unleash his Phantom Zone army. During this ensuing struggle, Hack managed to siphon out Captain Boomerang, who was previously thought dead. After they've dealt with the crisis, Suicide Squad has recruited the metahuman Killer Frost in their team.

In Death Valley, California, a man quietly walks into the top-secret prison Catacombs to release the dangerous prisoners held captive there for their second chances. While the guards tried to stop him, all of them are killed by themselves under the influence of this man and the rescued villains followed this mystery man.

The prisoners Doctor Polaris, Emerald Empress, Johnny Sorrow, Lobo and Rustam soon finds out that their rescuer is none other than the telepath Maxwell Lord, who wants to kill Amanda Waller to save the world.

justice league vs suicide squad comic
Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad | Comics

Squad members Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, El Diablo, Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Killer Frost are all sent on a suicide mission without their leader Rick Flag to fight the death cult of Brimstone Brotherhood, led by Apex.

Apparently, they have stolen a Quake Pulsar device from S.T.A.R. Labs to destroy the island they are in as a ritual sacrifice. Deadshot makes the kill-shot on Apex before he does some serious damage but then the building he was standing on starts to tremble. Seeing running from this is pointless, Floyd Lawton willingly starts falling into his imminent death.

However, his life is unexpectedly saved by Superman's timely arrival and entire team of Justice League arrives with him to arrest Task Force X for taking them into custody. Waller then orders her Squad to fight their way out of this situation at any cost or she'll blow up their heads to protect her secret.

A massive fight ensues where Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Superman and Wonder Woman overpowers them, until Killer Frost starts sucking the life-force from Superman and encases all League members in ice, successfully capturing them all.

At Belle Reve, all members of Justice League are kept as prisoners of Amanda Waller and Batman was the one among his friends to break out of his restrains before everyone else. He demands that Waller immediately released his friends and she does so before asking for their help to protect her life from Max's new accomplices.

They are the original Suicide Squad that she formed years ago and now all of them want revenge on her. Aside from that, there is a weapon in Belle Reve which will grant Max absolute power and control over the whole world and he is leading his team of misfits here to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, seeking revenge on director Amanda Waller, Max Lord eventually manages to convince Doctor Polaris, Emerald Empress, Johnny Sorrow, Lobo and Rustam to his goals so that they can chase their own with his help. He is about to unleash darkness upon the world and Lord goes looking for it in an island of South Pacific with his own team of Task Force X.

After killing all the Shamans who opposed them, Max confronts their High Priest to get his tool of revenge against Waller. He got his hands on a source of power he was looking for long but it proved to be too much for him to control and he succumbs to it.

dc rebirth justice league vs suicide squad
Darkness Engulfs The World

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Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad (Softcover)

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad (Hardcover)

A major crossover event that hit DC Universe in the wake of DC Rebirth, "Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad" is a long-time fanboy dream that finally come true. Since the events of "I Am Gotham", the risk of Task Force X became obvious and following "I Am Suicide", Batman decided to stop it for good.

The plot of this event is credited to writers Joshua Williamson (Predator – Fire And Stone, The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice), Rob Williams (Martian Manhunter – New 52, Martian Manhunter – The Epiphany) and Tim Seeley (Grayson – Agent of Spyral, Grayson – We All Die At Dawn) as well as artists Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam), Jason Fabok (Justice League – Darkseid War, Justice League – Injustice League) and Tony Daniel (Spawn – Bloodfeud, The Tenth – Resurrected).

justice league vs suicide squad comic
Ultimate Showdown of Power

Another storyline "Going Sane" was running parralel with this event and part of that even made it to the crossover. It mainly takes place on six-part limited series Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, followed by issues #12-13 from the third ongoing Justice League series and issues #08-10 of the Suicide Squad fifth monthly ongoing. In the aftermath, Justice League series proceeds with the storyline "Timeless" and Suicide Squad with "Burning Down The House" storyline next.

This limited series marks the first major confrontation of the most popular super-hero team and mont notorious anti-hero team of DC Comics and will remain as the only one until they arrange another such encounter of ensemble characters. In the aftermath of this epic clash, few of the bad guys will even find their own way of redemption by serving to save the world.
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deathstroke – New 52 | Comics

Prior to him being known as Deathstroke, Slade Wilson was a part of Team 7 along with Amanda Waller, Alex Fairchild, Bronson, Dinah Drake, Grifter and Kurt Lance would seek out for metahuman threats. Following one of their mission, Slade was ambushed and critically injured that forced him to underwent a surgery that not only saved his life but also enhanced him physically.

deathstroke new 52
Deathstroke – New 52 | Comics

When his friend William Wintergreen was captured and Slade made it his own mission to rescue him. Wearing a mask, he ruthlessly killed every single one of the group responsible for Wintergreen’s abduction and begin his mercenary career. Soon, he became very notorious in his respective field and the name Deathstroke become a legend but lost his wife Adeline Kane and an eye amidst the chaos.

During Victor Sage’s run on Suicide Squad, Slade joined the team before he took a contract on Shade. He bested Batman once to kill him as well as planned to take on Red Hood and the Outlaws but that did not happen. To find his next target Odysseus, Slade headed to Russia (Gods of War), then end up teaming with Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn in search for his children Rose and Jericho.

Deathstroke also crossed paths with the Power Couple; Superman and Wonder Woman as he took a bounty on the titan, Lapetus (Godkiller). Before agreeing to the terms of League of Assassins, Slade briefly encounters Damian Wayne AKA Robin. His ability to spread fear among others earned him a place in the Sinestro Corps. Also, he shares a little history with the vigilante Green Arrow.

For more information on Deathstroke comics series, you can check out the links below.

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deathstroke arkham knight
Battle Royale Knights

Here is your links to buy "Deathstroke – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Deathstroke – Legacy

Deathstroke – Lobo Hunt

New Suicide Squad – Pure Insanity

Batman – The Dark Knight – Knight Terrors

Deathstroke – Gods of Wars

Deathstroke – God Killer

Robin – Son of Batman – The Year of Blood

Sinestro – The Fall of Sinestro

Green Arrow – Kingdom

Deathstroke – Suicide Run

Green Arrow – Outbreak

Deathstroke – Family Business

To keep up with DC Comics’ reboot of New Earth timeline, The New 52 has begun and despite being killed off in “Flashpoint” by Aquaman, Slade Joseph Wilson has once again returned as Deathstroke the Terminator in 2011. Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Nightwing) and Steve Erwin’s co-creation has found his way into DC’s new time stream with a bit of altered past that suits to the new continuity and some serious action-packed adventures on his regular monthly ongoing series as well as other guest appearances as well.

deathstroke dc comics
The Unkillable Mercenary

Deathstroke was also a part of the Forever Evil crossover event in 2013, alongside various other heroes and villains to fight against the threat of Crime Syndicate. Actor Joe Manganiello has been cast to portray the character of Deathstroke for the live-action films from DC Extended Universe and most notably to serve as an antagonist against Batman following the events of the Justice League (2017) movie.
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