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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy – Angela | Comics

Shortly after they have made a quick work of their captors, Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy escaped Spartoi custody. To celebrate their freedom, they made a stop to bar of an unnamed planet and there, Gamora eventually decided to hook up with Tony Stark at one point after flirting with him for a brief time. As Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Groot were enjoying themselves, Peter notices some Spartax soldiers walking in and advice the gang to lay low but they inadvertently gets noticed and Drax breaks a fight in with the royal guards.

Gamora goes out telling Stark about going back to the bar but as she went outside, a bounty hunter named Maxilin the Accuser shot her from behind. As she is caught off guard, a wounded Gamora barely crawls to a side and the bounty hunter came chasing the daughter of Thanos for a handsome amount of prize on her head. She demands to know who put the bounty on her and keeps fighting back each time Maxilin puts her down. Finally, Rocket Raccoon arrives with the rest of the gang and saved her in time by blasting a hole into the attacker's chest.

guardians of the galaxy angela comic
Guardians of the Galaxy – Angela | Comics

Tony decides to check on Earth and he does so by contacting Pepper Potts with a device Rocket gave him. He asks her to send some Avengers if possible and he will be back once he makes sure Earth is out of danger from invasion. Meanwhile, in an attempt to save Earth recently, multiple time-travels have caused rips in space-time continuum and a divine being from Heavens named Angela enters our universe. To seek the answer for who brought her here, Angela is headed towards Earth.

Rocket and Tony were talking about Gamora, when she came looking for Quill and upon learning Peter is not on board, points out that he brought the entire Spartax fleet on their tail and leaving is not cool. On Rigel-7, while running from Spartax royal guards Peter seeks out Mantis to get a hold of his thoughts and revealed a stream of thoughts as well as earning a brief visit from The Mad Titan. On board the Guardians' ship, Rocket picks up signal for something headed towards Earth and turns out its Angela.

Since Tony cannot suit up right now as it is disassembled and Quill is currently absent on scene, Gamora engages her on mid-flight and then a fierce battle ensues among the two femme fatales, who are equally formidable and ruthless. On the surface of Moon, these two warrior charges at each other with all they've got. Even Uatu the Watcher stops by to point out Angela should not be here and her presence means greater catastrophes to come. He witnesses this epic fight and sees Angela taking a hit from Gamora before being overpowered by her.

Peter came back from his visit from Thanos just in time as Rocket Raccoon and Groot suited up to stop Angela. It took the joint effort of the whole team just to slow her down and Star-Lord's surprise attack finally subdued her. Upon hearing her story, they decided to let her go and keep an eye on her. In the meantime, Thanos launches invasion on Earth and the Guardians rushed to stop him, aided by Angela. When the crisis is over, she and Gamora teams up on Planet Moord to take on a Badoon outpost.

gotg angela marvel comics
Damsels of the Galaxy

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Here is your links to buy “Guardians of the Galaxy – Angela" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Angela (Hardcover)

The story-arc is plotted by writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers Disassembled, Civil War II), who received illustration aid from artists Francesco Francavilla (Left on Mission, Sorrow), Sara Pichelli (Eternals, Ms. Marvel) and Valerio Schiti (Guardians of the Galaxy – Wanted, New Avengers – A Perfect World). The story introduces renowned writer Neil Gaiman (Death – The High Cost of Living, Death – The Time of Your Life)'s creation Angela to the mainstream Marvel Comics through a rip in the fabric of time and reality caused by Wolverine during "Age of Ultron". Then "Infinity" crossover event took place where Thanos shook the entire Marvel Universe once again and the Guardians were a part of it.

guardians of the galaxy gamora
Rumble on The Moon

Starting to find a new direction for the team, Guardians of the Galaxy returns after a while in "Cosmic Avengers" arc and now has ascended to the storyline "Angela". The story collects issue #04-10 from the third ongoing volume of Guardians of the Galaxy and two of the issues from the story have served as tie-in for the event. Although, the character of Angela originated from a different reality of a diverse publisher, she is now part of Marvel Universe and her grand-entry in this story gives us a good hint that she is going to turn tides for good. The course of the team will take a new turn in the upcoming storyline "Guardians Disassembled" as they will include a brand-new member to their fold.
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