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Friday, December 23, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy – Wanted | Comics

When the last of the Kree Accuser Corps, Hala showed up on Spartax to blame Emperor Quill for the destruction of her homeworld and laid waste to the entire planet, Spartax government officials deemed Peter Quill guilty and overthrown him. Even though it wasn't his fault in any way but still, he was in charge of the planet when it happened and that made him a fugitive of Spartax. While other Guardians of the Galaxy members were split in small groups on separate missions, Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill are currently on Xalda-Volta, a Badoon prison-planet.

Kitty and Peter are there for an extraction mission but Peter still couldn't let go of the fact that he lost an entire planet, his friends and Kitty too. In between hiding from Badoon soldiers and out-flanking them, Kitty unsuccessfully tries to keep Quill's mind on track and they jump into quickly take down a few Badoon soldiers on patrol and then Star-Lord got knocked down by a bigger one. Kitty managed to move him out but more troops were on their tail and while make another run for it, they finally discovered that Xalda-Volta is actually a concentration camp for numerous alien races.

guardians of the galaxy comic
Guardians of the Galaxy – Wanted | Comics

Seeing all the deprived alien prisoners locked up there reminded Kitty Pryde of how her own Mutant race was always trampled by others and in a fit of rage, she furiously charges at them with Star-Lord's Element Gun and inflicts heavy damage. She then phase-shifts through a few of their ships to make them crush while Quill frees as much prisoners as possible until he got knocked out by another big one. He woke up in the middle of an arena, sentenced to death while surrounded by Monsters of Badoon on planet Moord; the homeworld of the Brotherhood of Badoon.

Captured by Badoon soldiers, Rocket Raccoon was stalling a bunch of Badoons with facts about his prisoner rights, leading them to a spot while The Thing drops on them from orbit, decimating almost all of them at once. After taking down a big-one like a true space-barbarian, Thing and Rocket proceeds to evacuate all the prisoners. Impressed by his unmatched bravery and their attempt to rescue all these alien prisoners Badoon, a female Garonthian approaches him finding herself attracted to Ben. Though, interrupted by more soldiers, Ben and Rocket eventually rescues everyone from the prison planet.

Groot and Venom finds themselves among a group of Super-Skrull who are kept here as prisoners, stripped off their shape-shifting ability. Meanwhile, Drax the Destroyer and Gamora sneaks into Imperial Warden's tower but Gamora got caught and then she unleashes whatever remaining power of The Black Vortex within her one more time to rescue her friend and fellow Guardians of the Galaxy member Angela. When they are all set to go, they have to save Peter Quill from being executed on Planet Moord and then take out Brotherhood of the Badoon for good.

fantastic four the thing
Clobberin' Orange Glorkon

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Wanted (Softcover)

Guardians of the Galaxy – Wanted (Hardcover)

The second storyline from Marvel Comics' fourth monthly ongoing volume of Guardians of the Galaxy, "Wanted" is comprised of four individual adventures by teamed-up Guardians, leading to one big-finale. Regular writer of the series, Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil – End of Days, Daredevil – Ninja) and his new collaborating artist Valerio Schiti (Guardians of the Galaxy – Civil War II, New Avengers – A Perfect World) were on the creative wheels, as Arthur Adams (Gen¹³/Generation X, Longshot) was doing covers for all the issues involved. Bendis have started plotting a series of inter-connected stories from "Emperor Quill" and will see an end by the end of the monthly series, drawing a much deserved conclusion.

guardians of the galaxy vol 2
Assault on Xalda-Volta

As a new line-up for the team is settled, lot of story build-up process is going on behind the scene and probably leading to a major event. The mission that Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill led eventually freed countless members of different alien races like Brood, Kymellian, Shi'ar and Skrulls. Things are changing as The Badoons are up to a major galactic power play and they are seemingly interested in knowing the current whereabouts of Thanos. The group heads to Earth as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers asks for their assistance and so, the next story will tie-in with Civil War II crossover event.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Secret Invasion – Inhumans | Comics

Black Bolt is revealed to be a Skrull and Queen Medusa set out to find former king of Inhumans alongside Royal Family members.

To a group of young Inhumans, story of Kree-Skrull War and a tale of enmity between those alien races were being told by Karnak. Whereas Skrulls were blessed with evolution, Kree couldn't evolve any further and therefore set to experiment that gave birth to their race and they have strength of family bond that makes them strong.

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark reaches out to Queen Medusa and her cousin Crystal to show them the Skrull corpse that was posing as Black Bolt. He admits that even he couldn't tell who it was and she angrily states that she is aware of secret meetings on Earth her husband frequently attends to but none is sure when he was switched.

Iron Man urges her that they all should prepare to fight a great looming threat but she simply walks away with the corpse. On Attilan, she presents it in front of Genetics Council and declares that they all are at war. She wants to bring her husband back at once but his brother Maximus suggests that Skrulls have most likely killed him.

This news didn't sit well with many, particularly with Gorgon who thinks Karnak could be an imposter as he sees things for what they truly are and he somehow couldn't detect these shape-shifting aliens among them. However, it took a little bit of convincing from Triton for him to eventually calm down and let his cousin go.

secret invasion inhumans marvel comics joe pokaski tom raney medusa black bolt
Secret Invasion – Inhumans | Comics

That night, Medusa saw a shadow in her quarters that she thought to be Blackagar Boltagon but turns out to be a Skrull. She takes down her attacker and subjected him to vicious torture in Terrigen chambers for answers. More of their sleeper agents start attacking Attilan and their populace only to meet with serious resistance.

Medusa then leads a cavalry of Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw and Triton into space to rescue her husband. Leaving their people to fend themselves, members of Royal Family heads to uncharted territory and arrives at Kree space. Medusa asks for help from Ronan the Accuser to find Blackagar but he is reluctant for an alliance.

Since they already lost to Skrulls, he is less interest in helping them but agrees to help them on condition of Crystal becoming his bride. Inhuman Queen accepts his terms despite objections from her sister. Karnak managed to work out a crack in Skrull communications and asks his family to split up in order to exploit its weaknesses.

Crystal and Medusa visits Earth to get a Skrull captive from Thundra but ended up fighting each other over their differences. Gorgon and Karnak are sent to Rigel 3 for retrieving a recording android to get necessary algorithm. Triton goes to watery planet Pelagia to find a secret beacon and also tackle an entire legion of its inhabitants.

Elsewhere in deep space, a wounded Black Bolt appears to be in captivity and a Skrull scientist working on using his powerful voice as a weapon for Skrull Empire. To learn more of his powers and invoke emotion within him, they reveal capturing his son Ahura as well, who is under care of a Skrull with powers of Emma Frost and Jean Grey.

His handler tries to locate what makes his emotion click and finds it in his queen who has been living with Black Bolt impostor. Held aboard warship Ryb'ik, Blackagar is being readied up to use his voice to destroy Attilan with a giant amplifier device.

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Secret Invasion – Inhumans 04

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Secret Invasion – Inhumans

With "Secret Invasion" crossover event taking over Marvel Universe, even Inhumans are not left out from taking part and a four-part limited series is conceived by writer Joe Pokaski (Ultimatum – March On Ultimatum, Ultimatum – X-Men/Fantastic Four) and artist Tom Raney (Black Widow – Deadly Origin, Dark Reign – Hawkeye).

Though Inhumans typically stay out of Earthly affairs but Skrulls have reached for them directly and replaced their leader Black Bolt. They had a plan to use him as a weapon to destroy his own people and then possibly against heroes of Earth.

Sometime after events of "Silent War", Blackagar was taken captive by an ambush when he was going to meet his friends in Illuminati and is replaced by an imposter. Then Hulk returned from his exile in space and attacked him. "World War Hulk" almost blew up cover of his replacement but it survived and become very close to Medusa.

For long, Black Bolt impersonator would not reveal its true self to anyone and play along until Iron Man would bring corpse of Elektra-Skrull to show off fellow Illuminati members (New Avengers – Illuminati). Although it took some efforts from the heroes but they successfully managed to kill it by impaling on a giant slab of rock.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Young Avengers – Family Matters | Comics

Before going to public, Young Avengers members came face to face with an extraterrestrial threat and their parents.

Idolizing original group of Avengers, young heroes Hawkeye, Hulkling, Patriot, Stature and Wiccan were banded together by Iron Lad to form Young Avengers to homage to their fallen heroes. Together they were able to defeat Kang the Conqueror but were forced by Captain America and Iron Man to discontinue their adventures.

Nevertheless, Kate Bishop has managed them new costumes and they continued fighting bad guys. Seeing them reappear in news, Cap decides to talk to their parents while the heroes get entangled with Mister Hyde to save their friend Eli Bradley, who has been using mutant growth hormone and doesn't have any superpowers of his own.

Eli quits team because of lying to his friends and tries to move on with a normal life but his friends showed up to talk to him. Their exchange is cut short by the arrival of Super-Skrull, who attempts to grab Hulkling and abduct him. Billy and Cassie immediately jumped in to rescue Teddy from his clutches before he could run away.

Hulkling uses his super-strength to lose him and then ran with his friends but Super-Skrull showed up at Billy's house with Eli as his hostage. Kl'rt states that he is a Skrull and he needs to return home but Teddy Altman refuses his claims. Revealing that his mother, Mrs. Altman is a Skrull as well before killing her, Super-Skrull took him away.

young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung
Young Avengers – Family Matters | Comics

Remaining members of Young Avengers went to Avengers Mansion to seek help in finding Teddy. Edwin Jarvis tells them to wait while he contacts The Avengers but they are offered assistance by Vision in locating more heroes like them and they all head to a juvenile detention facility in New Jersey to rescue speedster Thomas Shepherd.

Cassie points out that Billy and Tommy could be twins before they make an escape out of there. Eli makes it clear to him that they want a hero on their team and not a super-powered teenage terrorist. Elsewhere in a remote location, Super-Skrull tries to contact all Skrull member-worlds announcing to have gotten Dorrek VIII, referring to Teddy.

Hulking always believed that he was a mutant but Kl'rt asserts that he is a son of Skrull Princess Anelle of Skrull Empire and Mrs. Altman was merely a nursemaid of hers. When he was ordered to be executed by Emperor Dorrek VII, his mother sent him off world with her so he could live and reunite with his father someday but he never did.

However, conversation is interrupted by Young Avengers sudden breaking in and subdued Super-Skrull. As he was about to tell Teddy about his father, a Kree soldier shot him out of nowhere who claims that he is a Kree, not a Skrull. Captain Av-Rom of Kree Imperial Militia then tells Hulking that he is the son of late Captain Marvel.

Also, he insisted that Teddy has to join Imperial Milita and attacks him on his refusal to do so but Kl'rt shot at them back so Hulking can escape. Their friends make quick work of remaining Kree soldiers before heading to Avengers Tower. Super-Skrull confirms that Billy and Tommy are in fact lost twin sons of Scarlet Witch, which Vision verifies.

When a Skrull warship came to respond to Kl'rt, they are attacked by another Kree ship but Teddy manages to stand them down. Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Sentry, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine took notice of what is going on and shows up on scene to work out a treaty but ended up fighting armies of both sides.

speed thomas shepherd young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung
Speed Joins Young Avengers

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Young Avengers – Family Matters

After a successful debut through "Sidekicks" storyline, Marvel Comics brings back writer Allan Heinberg (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, Young Avengers – Sidekicks) and artist Jim Cheung (Astonishing X-Men – Life of X, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) for another exciting adventure of Young Avengers in "Family Matters" in 2007.

These young heroes came to know unknown revelation from the time of "Kree-Skrull War", which involved legacy of their parents. Over custody of team-member Hulking, an alien invasion almost broke out between Kree and Skrulls on Earth that even dragged New Avengers into this mess until each party managed to find their own peace.

kree skrull war young avengers family matters marvel comics hawkeye kate bishop hulkling teddy altman patriot eli bradley stature cassie lang wiccan billy kaplan allan heinberg jim cheung new avenges
Battle for Supremacy

Just as "Avengers Disassembled" crossover event gave birth to a new group of superheroes, their ties to original Avengers members slowly starts to unveil. Aside from grandson of Black Captain America and daughter of second Ant-Man, son of Captain Marvel and twins of Scarlet Witch are now revealed to be part of Young Avengers.

Though Young Avengers series was put to an end following events of "Family Matters", these heroes will embark on a quest soon to find the true parentage of Speed and Wiccan in "The Children's Crusade" limited series. Both heroes and villains will collide to determine fates of these youngsters and maybe of Marvel Universe as well.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Captain Marvel | Comics

A hero from a distant world and an alien by race, Mar-Vell of the Kree Empire was always a recognizable symbol for heroism and considered as one of the greatest heroes of all time. He was a white-skinned Kree minority who was on a mission to observe Earth on behalf of the Empire. His superior Colonel Yon-Rogg’s attempt to kill him by sending Kree Sentry #459 after him revealed Mar-Vell on public while he defeated it and the crowd immediately dubbed him as Captain Marvel.

captain marvel comics
Captain Marvel | Comics

Yon-Rogg even misled Ronan the Accuser against him and this internal conflict ran until the Supreme Intelligence finally intervened. Later on Earth, he found himself trapped in the realm of Negative Zone, which he later swapped place with young adventurer Rick Jones via his "Nega-Bands".

He confronted Fantastic Four and The Avengers while trying to get rid of this complexity when Kree/Skrull War took place. Mar-Vell soon acquires ‘Cosmic Awareness’ and become the protector of the universe as he stood up against The Mad Titan; Thanos. He later faced the villainous Nitro who exposed him to lethal nerve gas and ‘The Death of Captain Marvel’ became imminent.

Heroes like Drax, Spider-Man and The Thing came to pay their final respect to him and his son Genis-Vell, also an alternate reality daughter Phyla-Vell continued his legacy. During Civil War, he was brought from past through a wrinkle in space. He’d eventually die protecting the others during "Avengers Vs. X-Men" and Carol Danvers; former Ms. Marvel will take the mantle of Captain Marvel.

For more information on Captain Marvel comics series, you can check out these links below.

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captain marvel avengers earth's mightiest heroes
Protector of the Universe

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Marvel Masterworks – Captain Marvel Vol 03

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Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Softcover)

Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Hardcover)

The Life of Captain Marvel

Essential Captain Marvel Vol 02

What If? Classic Vol 03

The Life and Death of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel – The Death of Captain Marvel

Marvel Visionaries – Roy Thomas

Marvel Visionaries – Gil Kane

Captain Marvel – First Contact

Captain Marvel Vol 01 – Nothing To Lose

Captain Marvel Vol 02 – Coven

Captain Marvel Vol 03 – Crazy Like A Fox

Captain Marvel Vol 04 – Odyssey

Captain Marvel – Secret Invasion (Softcover)

Captain Marvel – Secret Invasion (Hardcover)

Chaos War – Avengers

Avengers Vs. X-Men Companion

Back in the 1967, Stan Lee (Silver Surfer – Judgment Day, Silver Surfer – Parable) and Gene Colan (Daredevil, Doctor Strange) came up with the concept of the character Mar-Vell, who was a captain at Kree military and his heroics has earned him the name Captain Marvel. Then Roger Stern (Ghost Rider, X-Men Vs. The Avengers) and John Romita Jr. (The Sentry, World War Hulk) made Monica Rambeau the second person to use that title.

captain marvel avengers assemble
Hero Out of Time!

Afterwards, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Khn'nr, Noh-Varr and finally Carol Danvers took the name in honor of Mar-Vell. Over the later years, Captain Marvel became more of a mantle that various individual took, just like Captain America. Alternate version of the role was created by Marvel Comics for Age of Ultron, House of M, Marvel Zombies, The Thanos Imperative and Ultimate Universe reality. Mar-Vell was featured in the Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated TV show as well.
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