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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Superior Spider-Man | Comics

When a dying Doctor Octopus discovered that he has only a few days to live on Earth, he decides to be remembered forever even in a negative manner. So along with his newly reformed villainous team of Sinister Six, he unsuccessfully tried to bring upon “Ends of the Earth” but is stopped by the joint effort of Spider-Man and the New Avengers.

superior spider man
Superior Spider-Man | Comics

It was revealed in “Dying Wish” that during their previous encounter, Doctor Octopus has somehow switched his consciousness with Peter Parker via one of his Octobots and the body of Doc Ock in the prison now holds the mind of Peter. As a final attempt to stop his enemy from getting away, Peter assembles the other villains who thought him to be Doc Ock to stop the one wandering in Spidey’s body.

In a final battle, Peter eventually dies in Doc Ock’s old, fragile body and Octavious has a change of heart at that moment. He promises to take care of business Spidey used to handle and the people he love and will become the Superior Spider-Man.

As Superior Spider-Man, he tussled with The Avengers for being unusually suspicious, fought the reformed Green Goblin, a new Venom, the fourth Hobgoblin, battered second rate villains like Jester and Screwball, destroyed the Kingpin’s lair of The Hand. Meanwhile, a small fraction of Peter’s rebel mind still seems to be roaming around inside of him for gaining control over the mind of Octavious and his unchecked actions.

For more information on Superior Spider-Man comics series, you can check out the link below.

Superior Spider-Man (Comics) Wikipedia

spiderman doctor octopus
Transcendence to Heroism

Here is your links to buy "Superior Spider-Man" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 01 – My Own Worst Enemy (Softcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 02 – A Troubled Mind (Softcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 03 – No Escape (Softcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 03 (Hardcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 04 – Necessary Evil (Softcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 05 – The Superior Venom (Softcover)

Superior Spider-Man Vol 06 – Goblin Nation (Softcover)

Following the 700 issue long run of the Amazing Spider-Man monthly ongoing comic series that was created by Stan Lee (Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four) and Steve Ditko (Hawk and Dove, Legion of Super-Heroes), Marvel Comics has start publishing the Superior Spider-Man as a biweekly ongoing series featuring the superhero Spider-Man.

spiderman mary jane
Conflict of Dual Conscience

The series ran for 31 issues contributed by writer Dan Slott (She-Hulk, Silver Surfer) and artists Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider, Wolverine), Humberto Ramos (Crimson, Kookaburra K) and Giuseppe Camuncoli. The series has a several storyline in it like My Own Worst Enemy, A Troubled Mind, No Escape, Necessary Evil, Darkest Hours and a mega crossover titled "Goblin Nation". The series continued after the re-launch of the of Amazing Spider-Man second volume.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spawn – Dark Discoveries | Comics

An unscheduled demolition by the Mafia leveled up an entire building that belonged to a multinational firm who refused to cooperate with them. The flattening was performed by a cyborg assassin called Overtkill who also trashed the army troops on his way home. Spawn goes against Overtkill, hired by the local mob that is clearly disturbed by his interference in their work lately.

spawn comics
Spawn – Dark Discoveries | Comics

As he keeps perishing the goons and they are fade up on keep losing their men to him. After a good fight, Overtkill outmatches Spawn, causes him to run away only to come back when fully prepared. He soon demands a re-match against the cyborg killer. They met in the alleyways and fights again but this time Spawn’s heavy array of weaponaries proved more than his new cybernetic foe could handle.

Also, Spawn meets Cogliostro, another Hellspawn but he is an opposite to the clown Violator, he acts more like an advocate of him. A centuries old powerful arch nemesis from the side of Haven named Angela makes her appearance in the game. Angela used to prey upon the hosts of Hellspawn from the Medieval era to modern time by disguising herself as a helpless woman desperately seeking for protection.

Upon the arrival of her prey, she slowly lured them all into her trap before hunting them down. Though she was proven very effective for centuries to track down and hunt the Hellspawns, she faced the current Spawn only to be defeated by him for the first time ever in the history of her entire kind.

spawn vs overkill
Opposed by Cyborg Assilant

Here is your links to buy “Spawn – Dark Discoveries" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spawn 06

Spawn 07

Spawn 08

Spawn 09

Spawn 11

Here is your links to buy “Spawn – Dark Discoveries" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spawn – Dark Discoveries

Dark Discoveries” is the second story arc of the Spawn monthly ongoing series from Image Comics preceded by the “Beginnings” storyline of the same series. The arc collects issue #06-09 and issue #11 from the first volume of the Spawn series, written by series creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United) with writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and Neil Gaiman (Death, The Sandman).

todd mcfarlane spawn
A Fight To Standstill

Apart from writing the plots for the series, McFarlane drawn the masterful story pages all by himself. This story arc is next succeeded by "Spawn - Revelation" and like the previous line, issues regarding the tale was a tribute to comic book legend Stan Lee (Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four), Rob Liefeld (X-Force, Youngblood), Harvey Kurtzman and Gil Kane.
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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hawkeye | Comics

Trained by The Swordsman and Trick Shot to become an expert marksman, Clint Barton was inspired by super-hero Iron Man but because of some misunderstanding he was debuted as a criminal by the media. He soon teamed up with Black Widow with whom he developed a crush and eventually clashing with Iron Man.

hawkeye marvel comics
Hawkeye | Comics

He soon reformed and joined The Avengers alongside Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver following the original lineup of the team. Although he was considered as a valued member of the team, he tried being solo but soon ended up joining with The Defenders. While faced the Crossfire, he successfully foiled his plan with help from fellow vigilante and S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative Bobby Morse AKA Mockingbird, whom he would eventually marry.

He returned to lead West Coast Avengers and then Mockingbird was killed by the demonic Mephisto. Hawkeye was offered to lead the team of Thunderbolts but during Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown he died in battle (Avengers Disassembled). However, he was later alive in “House of M” reality and brought back to life afterwards.

After “The Death of Captain America”, he was approached to wield his shield by Tony Stark but rejected (Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America). Clint took the alias of Ronin to join the New Avengers during World War Hulk. He fought the Skrulls on “Secret Invasion” and opposed Norman Osborn’s rule on “Dark Reign”. In post “Siege” period, he re-joined the Avengers and later led the Secret Avengers.

For more information on Hawkeye comics series, you can check out these links below.

Hawkeye (Comics) Wikipedia

Hawkeye (Comics) Marvel Wikia

clint barton hawkeye
Clint Barton as Ronin

Here is your links for "Hawkeye" comics from Marvel Comics.

Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Avengers – Hawkeye (Softcover)

Avengers – Hawkeye (Hardcover)

Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes II

Secret Invasion – Front Line

Dark Reign – Hawkeye

Hawkeye & Mockingbird – Ghosts

A fictional recurring comic book character from Marvel Comics, Hawkeye first debuted in the 57th issue of Tales of Suspense in 1964. The character was created by legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee (Daredevil, Doctor Strange) and Don Heck, whom would frequently appear in The Avengers books as well as featured in his own limited series.

hawkeye secret avengers
The Ronin Archer

Apart from that, Hawkeye also starred in many prominent crossover events by Marvel Comics as well as a star on many new and old monthly ongoing series, featuring many significant stories. On silver screen, the character was portrayed by Jeremy Renner in live-action movie, The Avengers (2012), Avengers – Age of Ultron (2015) and Captain America – Civil War (2016).
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Friday, January 2, 2004

She-Hulk | Comics

Before becoming the sensuous gamma irradiated brute force for The Avengers, Jennifer Walters was a mild mannered lawyer, who was only known as the cousin of renowned scientist Bruce Banner, the alter ego of gamma powered superhero The Incredible Hulk. Following a feud between her father Sheriff Morris Walters and crime boss Nicholas Trask, she was shot by an assailant and injured gravely.

she hulk comics
She-Hulk | Comics

A blood transfusion was needed urgently and in a moment of desperation, Banner stepped on and volunteered with his own irradiated blood. This however, saves her but the presence of the newly gained radioactive blood properties caused a mutation and transformed her skin green, as well as gave her superhuman strength just like the Hulk except for the bulky appearance.

She stayed in a savage state for a while but as she gained control over her powers, she learnt that she cannot transform back to her human self until she accidentally suffers a radiation exposure with her time with the Fantastic Four as a replacement for The Thing. While taking care of the super-heroics, she affiliated herself with team of Mighty Avengers, Incredible Hulks, Heroes for Hire, S.H.I.E.L.D., Defenders and Hulkbusters time to time.

She also has dated Luke Cage and the notorious former X-Men nemesis Juggernaut for a very brief time which did not end up well. She ripped-off The Vision in half, took down Captain America and fought Iron Man during "Avengers Disassembled" out of rage amidst the chaos, projected by a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch.

For more information on She-Hulk comics series, you can check out these links below.

She-Hulk (Comics) Wikipedia

She-Hulk (Comics) Marvel Wikia

world war hulk
Clash of The Hulks

Here is your links to buy "She-Hulk" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Essential Savage She-Hulk Vol 01

Secret Wars

Secret Wars Omnibus

Revenge of The Living Monolith

The Sensational She-Hulk

She-Hulk – Ceremony Book 01

She-Hulk – Ceremony Book 02

Sensational She-Hulk Vol 01

Marvel Legacy – The 1980s Handbook

Iron Man – The Dragon Seed Saga

Contest of Champions II

Avengers – Living Legends

Marvel Masters – The Art of John Byrne

Thing – Freakshow

Avengers – Standoff

Avengers – The Search For She-Hulk

She-Hulk Vol 01 – Single Green Female

She-Hulk Vol 02 – Superhuman Law

Marvel Masters – The British Invasion Vol 02

Marvel Team-Up Vol 02 – Master of The Ring

Marvel Monsters

She-Hulk Vol 03 – Time Trials

She-Hulk Vol 04 – Laws of Attraction

Civil War – Marvel Universe

She-Hulk Vol 05 – Planet Without A Hulk

Howard The Duck – Media Duckling

She-Hulk Vol 06 – Jaded

Secret Invasion – Who Do You Trust?

She-Hulk Vol 07 – Here Today

She-Hulk Vol 08 – Secret Invasion

X-Factor – Secret Invasion

She-Hulk Vol 09 – Lady Liberators

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil

Savage She-Hulk

Marvels – Eyes of The Camera

Fall of The Hulks Vol 01

Fall of The Hulks – Red Hulk

Fall of The Hulks – The Savage She-Hulks

Fall of The Hulks Vol 02

Women of Marvel – Celebrating Seven Decades

Women of Marvel – Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus

Marvel Her-Oes

Chaos War – Incredible Hulks

She Hulks – Hunt for The Intelligencia

Incredible Hulks – Planet Savage

Created by Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil) and John Buscema (Conan the Barbarian, Silver Surfer) in 1980, She-Hulk is a fictional Marvel Comics super heroine with monthly ongoing comic series of her own title. The character is one of the prominent super heroes of the Marvel Universe as well as a valuable team asset to many superhero teams.

Over time comic book creator John Byrne (Alpha Flight, Uncanny X-Men), Steve Gerber, Peter David (Spider-Man – The Other, X-Factor), Dan Slott (Spider-Man – Dying Wish, Superior Spider-Man), Jeph Loeb (Avengers – X-Sanction, Cable) and Charles Soule (Civil War II, Death of Wolverine) has worked on the character’s development process.

she hulk marvel
She-Hulk Smash

She also played a role in the major crossovers like Marvel Super Heroes – Secret Wars, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and Fear Itself. During 2016's "Secret Wars" event, she formed Marvel's all-female super-heroines team; A-Force with including Captain Marvel, Crystal, Elektra, Emma Frost, Loki, Medusa, Phoenix, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Storm, X-23 and many others.
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