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Monday, February 25, 2008

Elektra – The Hand | Comics

The master ninja assassin of Greek descendant Elektra arrives at a mystical resurrection event performed on one of their fallen member by “The Hand” with another member of the clan. She wonders about the process and asks how it is done. They won’t tell her as she is an outsider to them and mostly because she is a woman and also a foreigner.

elektra comics cover
Elektra – The Hand | Comics

But the member then starts disclosing a secret dark origin of their organization to her that is almost centuries old. It all started in Kyushu, Japan back in 1575, when there lived a boy named Kagenobu Yoshioka, whose father was once a brave samurai warrior. The boy is always taunted by his fellow companions that his mother is selling herself to the foreigners for their entertainment so that she could support the family and his father's legacy is a lie.

This is a truth, the boy could not handle at all and he knocked the boy off. Kagenobu then rushed to his home only to find the hot-gossip about his mother to be very true. There the boy found his mother being assaulted by a foreigner and he murdered the man in the heat of the event to protect his mother from his barbaric progression.

Seeing the bravery of her boy she took all the blame onto herself and saved him from being accused for the crime but committing suicide in the end. This tragic event however, scarred the boy’s mind for ever. He went on a journey to be a warrior and eradicate all the foreign plagues from Japan, thus avenging his mother and honor her memory.

For more information on Elektra – The Hand limited series, you can check out the link below.

Elektra – The Hand (Comics) Wikipedia

marvel elektra the hand
Rise of The Hand

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Elektra – The Hand 01

Elektra – The Hand 02

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Elektra – The Hand 04

Elektra – The Hand 05

Here is your link for "Elektra – The Hand" limited series from Marvel Comics.

Elektra – The Hand

In 2004 comic book writer Akira Yoshida teamed up with penciller Christian Gossett, Jim Cheung (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) and Ron Lim (Infinity Crusade, Infinity War) to create Elektra - The Hand, a five part limited series focused on the origin story of the evil ninja organization named 'The Hand' from Marvel Comics.

elektra marvel comics
The Last Blow

Took place in the Feudal era of Japan, 'Elektra – The Hand' explores dark aspects of the antagonist team of cult ninjas that had been appearing in various stories of the Marvel Comics featuring Elektra and many other popular Marvel characters like Wolverine, Punisher and Daredevil.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Elektra | Comics

An Olympic level athlete and a master assassin trained by ninja cult The Hand, Elektra Natchios was the daughter of a Greek Ambassador. During her time in college, she started a relationship with the blind lawyer Matt Murdock, who would later become Daredevil. After she lost her father in an accident during a hostage situation, she gave up on law and traveled to Japan.

elektra comics marvel
Elektra | Comics

Her master Stick; who also trained Matt, trained her up well enough but she later joined the ranks of The Hand. Elektra become their top assassin but eventually left them after sometime to be a bounty hunter. Soon, in New York, she earned the place of Kingpin’s top assassin and encountered her former lover Daredevil again.

One of Kingpin’s former hitman Bullseye impaled her with her own sais in retaliation to get his old position back. She was resurrected and revived by Stone, yet she did not appear to Matt for years. She even tangled with the feral mutant Wolverine several times; especially when he lost his Adamantium and also when he went rogue as “The Enemy of the State” after being re-programmed by Hydra.

She was then captured and replaced by the Skrulls before their “Secret Invasion” on Earth which is revealed after the imposter died in a battle with New Avengers. Norman Osborn's Dark Reign brought her imprisonment to a H.A.M.M.E.R. facility, which she escaped soon. She is offered a place in the ranks of the newly reformed Thunderbolts strike team alongside Agent Venom, Deadpool, Red Hulk, Punisher and The Leader.

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elektra marvel comics
Agent of The Hand

Here is your links for "Elektra" comics from Marvel Comics.

During his run on the monthly ongoing Daredevil series in 1981, legendary comic book creator Frank Miller (All Star Batman & Robin, Batman – Year One) created the character Elektra. Over time, she appeared on many limited series as well as a couple of her own monthly ongoing and that’s not all; this popular heroine was involved in many of the important crossover events and stories of Marvel Comics.

elektra the hand
Resurrection and Beyond

Actress Jennifer Garner portrayed the character adaptation in both motion picture of Daredevil (2003) and its spin-off, Elektra (2005). Later, when Marvel's Daredevil premiered on Netflix, the character appeared in Season 2 of the show, played by Élodie Yung.
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Sabretooth | Comics

Victor Creed was a mutant who was abused by his father for his feral mutation all his childhood and in return he killed him before fleeing home. He grew up to be a blood-lusty person who would meet his life-long arch-nemesis Wolverine when he attacked the Blackfoot tribe Logan was staying with and killed his lover Silverfox after brutally raping her.

sabretooth marvel comics
Sabretooth | Comics

During the mid-60's, he joined Team X and received the code-name Sabretooth. Later, he got recruited by Gambit in Mr. Sinister’s team of Marauders for the infamous “Mutant Massacre”. Professor Xavier took Creed to X-Mansion, seeking for his redemption but he escapes injuring Psylocke and Archangel. Soon, Sabretooth is forcibly rolled in a government funded X-Factor but he only left a trail of bodies behind.

Apocalypse pitted Sabretooth and Wolverine in a fight to chose his Horseman of Death. Not only he lost the battle, his adamantium was given to Logan. When he was chased by the Children of the Vault, Sabretooth came looking for sanctuary and joined the X-Men, only to betray them next. Logan apparently killed him but Creed later resurfaced as the leader of Hand (Back In Japan) with Mystique.

Following Professor X's death during “Avengers Vs. X-Men”, Magneto joined Cyclops' team of X-Men and Mystique proceed to reform the Brotherhood with Victor. Sabretooth eventually took his enemy’s mantle after the "Death of Wolverine". As the moral AXIS of heroes were inverted, Magneto enlisted him alongside Carnage, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Loki and others.

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victor creed comics
Loner Victor Creed

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Wolverine Origins Vol 03 – Swift and Terrible

New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol 02 (Softcover)

New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Avengers 1959

Wolverine – Tales of Weapon X (Softcover)

Wolverine – Tales of Weapon X (Hardcover)

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Softcover)

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Hardcover)

X-Men – Phalanx Covenant

Spider-Man – The Assassin Nation Plot

Amazing Spider-Man By David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane Omnibus

Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth – Designer Genes

X-Men – Fatal Attractions

Sabretooth – Death Hunt

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Identity Disc

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Wolverine – Back in Japan (Hardcover)

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Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn (Hardcover)

All-New X-Men Vol 02 – Here To Stay

Uncanny X-Men Vol 03 – The Good, The Bad, The Inhuman

Wolverine Vol 02 – Killable

Death of Wolverine (Softcover)

Death of Wolverine (Hardcover)

Death of Wolverine – The Logan Legacy

Avengers & X-Men – Axis (Softcover)

Avengers & X-Men – Axis (Hardcover)

Uncanny Avengers Vol 01 – Counter-Evolutionary

Served a lifetime as the primary villain for one of Marvel’s most popular hero Wolverine, the fictional character Sabretooth was created by Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II) and John Byrne (Darkseid/Galactus, Uncanny X-Men). Even though, Victor Creed would make quite a regular appearance on the pages of Uncanny X-Men in the early period, he first debuted on Iron Fist issue #14, in 1977.

sabretooth x men
The Most Feral Mutant

During the character’s decade-long fan-favorite run as a villain of X-Men and Wolverine himself, he was also part of many of the titles and teams aside from the one’s mentioned above like Avengers Unity Division, Astonishing Avengers, Avengers 1959, Hellfire Club, Hounds, Weapon X and the Wolverines. On several occasion he also tangled with Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher.

Despite him being portrayed as a villain in the regular continuity, Sabretooth is a depicted as a hero in the Age of Apocalypse reality. In live-action movie, actor Tyler Mane and Liev Schreiber has respectively played the role in X-Men (2000) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).
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