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DC Universe – Rebirth | Comics

dc universe rebirth
DC Universe – Rebirth | Comics
In an attempt to save his mother from dying at the hands of his arch-enemy Zoom, Barry Allen went back in time to save her but the “Butterfly Effect” of his actions created the Flashpoint and the reality itself is re-written in a new world with ten years of history erased from it by a very powerful individual who got Wally West trapped inside Speed Force. So, Wally desperately races to warn everyone that the new timeline is a result of the manipulation of some mysterious being. He goes to Batman to tell him to look for his father’s letter and vanishes. He meets Johnny Thunder and tells him to find the Justice Society and is soon pulled back in. Pandora was running from an unseen entity in alleyway and she dies stating that the truth about her assailant will be revealed.

Black Canary and Green Arrow don’t know each other very well but still feels a missing spark. Elsewhere, Aquaman proposes to Mera on his knees according to surface tradition to re-state his love for her. Meanwhile, the world was mourning the Tragedy of Superman and Clark Kent from Pre-Flashpoint reality lives here with his wife Lois Lane and son Jon Kent in Hamilton County. Wally then approaches to Linda Park for help but as she was unable to recognize him, he is pulled again. He even seeks Captain Boomerang, Cyborg and Dick Grayson for help but finally, it was Barry Allen who remembered who Wally was and pulled him back. As Batman was investigating in Batcave, he found evidence that suggests that the heroes of this world are being watched over.

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dc comics rebirth
Lost Life and Legacy
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DC Universe – Rebirth (Hardcover)
dc rebirth batman
The Hidden Hint

DC Universe – Rebirth Omnibus Vol 01

As the 2016’s biggest crossover event “DC Rebirth” begins with a shocking prelude with “The Final Days of Superman”, DC Comics brings together creator Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Forever Evil), Ivan Reis (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis), Gary Frank (Batman – Earth One, Superman – Secret Origin), Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern – Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War) and Phil Jimenez to re-create history. This event features the long-awaited “Return of Wally West” as well as a hint at the comeback of the fan-favorite; Watchmen, who’d probably tie into the main reality of DC Universe and something that we’ve never seen before would happen. With the demise of the Superman of Prime Earth, there is a need for another Man of Steel and the one from New Earth who is living on this world since Convergence is just here to fill in. Storylines like I Am Gotham, Son of Superman and Lightning Strikes Twice explores new ideas and changes to lead a path towards the future.
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