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JLA – Earth 2 | Comics

A runaway spacecraft lands on a field of New Earth, from which comes out Alexander Luthor of the antimatter Earth; a world parallel to ours but with a completely different reality. Luthor came looking for Super-People of this Earth when a plane from antimatter Earth accidentally crash lands into our atmosphere and the situation is immediately checked by Justice League of America.

jla earth 2
JLA – Earth 2 | Comics

They found the people are all dead from the stress of their dimensional transport and after some investigation, found them to be from another reality. Suspecting Luthor’s involvement in this matter, they confronted him only to find out a reverse version of him, who is here to seek help from Justice League to defeat their own evil counterpart; the Crime Syndicate of Amerika.

On the antimatter Earth, Alexander Luthor is a superhero who keeps tangling with the Crime Syndicate frequently and it’s leader Ultraman. There, Owlman is the maniacal son of Thomas Wayne, who is secretly in a relation with Ultraman’s wife Lois Lane AKA Super-Woman. Johnny Quick and Power Ring are two evil counterpart of The Flash and Green lantern.

Though hesitant at first and Batman’s initial refusal, the Justice League travels to antimatter Earth after a vote. There, on Luthor's depurture, Ultraman calls a meeting to discuss about their counterparts from positive matter and soon discovers that they are trapped by the JLA in their moon base but quickly gets out with help from Owlman only to visit the positive matter Earth for conquering it.

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New Earth Meets Earth 2

Here is your links for "JLA – Earth 2" One-Shot storyline from DC Comics.

JLA – Earth 2 (Softcover)

JLA – Earth 2 (Hardcover)

Following the previous encounter between Justice League and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika after the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, DC Comics has re-invented the antimatter Earth through the newly developed "JLA – Earth 2" one-shot graphic novel. Writer Grant Morrison (Animal ManAztek, the Ultimate Man) and artist Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman) has worked on this one-shot comic-book that was released back on 2000.

lex luthor earth 2
Alexander Luthor of Antimatter Universe

The story has served as a re-telling of the origin of the infamous Crime Syndicate team, consisting the reversed version of the Justice League as well as their experience of the alternate reality, where Law and Order is consider as Chaos and Anarchy and facing their counterparts on a negative settlement, which is later explored further in other stories of DC Comics.
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