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Batman – New 52 | Comics

batman new 52
Batman – New 52 | Comics
Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of the creature of night, The Batman also known as the Dark Knight, who is the legendary protector of Gotham City. His parents Thomas and Martha Wayne were among the prestigious citizens of Gotham who tried to help people and was aided by the trusty Wayne Family butler, Jarvis Pennyworth. Before he is killed during a vacation by the Court of Owls, he warned his son Alfred Pennyworth to stay out of the Wayne family but he eventually gets there. Bruce’s parents were shot dead by a mugger named Joe Chill on their way home from the Monarch Theater. Greatly shocked at this grave personal loss, Bruce went into a departure to learn the art of waging war from across the globe for most of his adolescent age.

Upon returning to Gotham, he learns of a notorious Red Hood Gang (in Zero Year) and engage them with a very little success before donning the cape. When the gang was sent to kill him after being tipped by the yet to be Riddler, Edward Nygma, Bruce realizes that he should embrace his fear instead of running from it. Though he was announced vigilante when he debuted as Batman, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox supported him in his crusade, along with his Bat-Family consisting of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood. Following an alien invasion on Earth (Justice League – Origin) he teamed up with Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman to form the Justice League to save the world from bigger threats.

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A Vigilante In Gotham
Here is your links for "Batman – New 52" comics from DC Comics.

Batman Vol 01 – Court of the Owls (Softcover)

Batman Vol 01 – Court of the Owls (Hardcover)

Batman Vol 02 – City of Owls (Softcover)

Batman Vol 02 – City of Owls (Hardcover)

Batman Vol 03 – Death of the Family (Softcover)

Batman Vol 03 – Death of the Family (Hardcover)

justice league new 52
Adventures With Justice League

Batman Vol 04 – Zero Year-Secret City (Softcover)

Batman Vol 04 – Zero Year-Secret City (Hardcover)

Batman Vol 05 – Zero Year - Dark City (Softcover)

Batman Vol 05 – Zero Year - Dark City (Hardcover)

In the aftermath of the 'Flashpoint' event, in 2011, DC Comics relaunched all the tiles from issue #1 and DC's continuity was rebooted. Batman started with a new volume, issue #0 in 2011. This volume is written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and drawn by Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn). As with all of the books associated with the DC relaunch, Bruce Wayne appears to be about five years younger than the portrayal of the character from previous volume. The Batman of DC's New 52 continuity has some certain twists in the story arc. The art work by Greg Capullo was real good!
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