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Forever Evil | Comics

forever evil dc comics
Forever Evil | Comics
When 'Flashpoint' changed the landscape of reality, Darkseid came to invade Earth (Justice League – Origin), only to be halted by the heroes of the world, who later formed the Justice League. The impact of the battle created a rift in dimension barrier and The Outsider from Earth 3 entered this reality. All of the above led to 'Trinity War' and the aftermath of which revealed the significance of all these happenings that led the Crime Syndicate consisting Atomica, Deathstorm, Grid, Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring, Superwoman and Ultraman to take over. After freeing all villains from Iron Heights and Belle Reve Penitentiary, the Syndicate offered them to join their cause. They even managed to capture Nightwing and revealed his identity to the world as Dick Grayson.

At this revelation, Batgirl and the Teen Titans are shockingly surprised. As Lex Luthor got out of prison recently, he was heading to LexCorp and meets Ultraman, whom he thought Superman at first, but he quickly dismisses the idea when he witnessed him grinding Kryptonite and snorting it. Ultraman also blocked the sun in an eclipse and Luthor decides to stop them since there is no Justice League to do so. He wakes up Subject B-Zero as he suits up. Batman and Catwoman survived and brought the remains of Victor Stone to S.T.A.R. Labs. Superwoman informs Ultraman about Owlman's plan to betray them, whereas she holds one more secret. Eventually Luthor finds Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Deathstroke and Sinestro to form Injustice League to save the day!

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Secret Society of Crime Syndicate
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Evil Shall Prevail

Following the crisis of Pandora's Box, Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark goes down. From the beginning of The New 52, every events have tied their knots in 2013's 'Forever Evil', a sequel of 'Trinity War' from DC Comics. The plot is taken over by writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and artist David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Cyberforce), while writers Brian Buccellato (The Flash – Move Forward, The Flash – Rogues Revolution) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Black Adam – The Dark Age) teamed up with artists Philip Tan (Green Lantern, Spawn), Patrick Zircher (Green Arrow – New 52, Suicide Squad – New 52) and Scot Eaton (Black Panther, Doomwar) for the tie-in stories. There is a connected panel in the core-story depicting all Secret Society members assembled was an homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths event. The events of 'Forever Evil' makes path for upcoming storyline 'Darkseid War'.
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