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New Avengers – The Trust | Comics

New Avengers team deals with paranoia of a possible Secret Invasion and deals with a crime boss known as The Hood.

During "Civil War" of superheroes, The Avengers were no longer united but New Avengers have reassembled with Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine. They are joined by Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and a recently resurfaced Clint Barton for a mission to rescue Maya Lopez AKA Echo, from Japanese underworld and The Hand.

Although Clint was formerly known as Hawkeye, he adopted the new identity of Ronin and accompanied his friends to Japan where they confronted Elektra. She was killed in battle with Maya and shockingly revealed to be a shape-shifting alien Skrull. This shocked every single one of them and they head back to U.S. immediately afterwards.

Arguing what to do now, Logan points out that anyone of them could be an imposter and therefore, no one will trust anyone from now on but Jessica Drew suggests that they take the corpse to Tony Stark, because he will try to kill them if he is a Skrull. Suddenly, they lost power and was forced to crash land before reaching New York.

Spider-Woman takes the body from crash site and zaps Wolverine hard when he tried to stop her. This action causes Clint and Danny to reach conclusion that she is a Skrull but Logan debunks that idea saying, she took it to show Stark. Luke asks Spidey whether or not he is a Skrull, which almost started a tussle between them.

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New Avengers – The Trust | Comics

Rest of heroes to argue over whom to trust as they return to Sanctum Sanctorum and some of them goes out to seek some bad guys to punch. Wolverine goes to get a drink in a bar where he overhears Parker Robbins AKA The Hood talking about invading Avengers Tower with a Deathlok and breaks in only get his butt handed to him.

Next day, everyone reassembled at Sanctum and Stephen Strange offers to cast a spell on them that will reveal a projection of their true nature. None of them turn out to be a Skrull and then Logan came in, projecting an image of a ronin. He told them about what Hood is planning to do soon and they all decide to help other Avengers.

Despite bearing the risk of being arrested, they all go to Avengers Tower and see Iron Man leading his Mighty Avengers to street where a symbiote outbreak was taking over the populace of New York. All of New Avengers have immediately turned into various forms of Venom-like monsters except Luke Cage and joined the mayhem.

When Tony turned everyone back to normal, Luke and his friends helped all affected citizens nearby to their feet before leaving. Logan notices Jessica Drew among Tony's team and to learn what she told his new team, he breaks in to have a word with her and she claims that she only came here to warn about a possible Skrull Invasion.

The Hood recruits deranged killer Jigsaw in his gang of criminals after ambushing and humiliating Tigra on his behalf to take revenge for an early encounter. Instead of launching Deathlok on Avengers, he uses it to rob a large bank alongside Wrecking Crew while all major heroes were busy dealing with symbiote invasion earlier.

Later, New Avengers came to visit the bank they robbed to track them down and Wolverine lead everyone to Hood's hideout. However, seeing Parker Robbins with Wrecker and his pals made them worried that they may need back up. To which, Strange complies and they breaks in for a confrontation with a band of other superheroes.

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Betrayal From Within

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New Avengers Annual 02

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – The Trust" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – The Trust (Softcover)

New Avengers – The Trust (Hardcover)

Following events of "Civil War", writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) has reformed New Avengers team with a new lineup for Marvel Comics. Assisted him in illustration are talented artists Carlo Pagulayan (Emma Frost, Incredible Hulk) and Leinil Francis Yu (Inhumans Vs. X-Men, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk).

After their mission to rescue Maya Lopez from Japan (Revolution), the heroes were returning home and they had to crash land because, Tony released an electromagnetic pulse to nullify a newly ushered "Ultron Initiative". Both teams have worked together during "Venom Bomb" incident, which ties into Mighty Avengers series.

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Spirit of Heroes

For some time, Luke Cage has been cooking up a conspiracy theory about someone pulling the strings from beyond that caused "The Death of Captain America" and Tony Stark has been his primary suspect so far. Though rest of his team believes it to be Spider-Woman but she only sided with Stark to warn him of a possible invasion.

Taking a break from fighting fellow capes, the rebel heroes engages with some super-villains for a change and faces some overwhelming odds. Collecting issues #32-37 and Annual #2 from first volume of titular monthly ongoing comic-book series, "The Trust" is the stepping stone to upcoming groundbreaking crossover event "Secret Invasion".
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