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X-Men Gold – Back To The Basics | Comics

Long before Professor Xavier started training his mutant students, the X-Men were always feared by humans unlike the heroes of Avengers or Fantastic Four. With their recent war with The Inhumans, that phobia has returned again. Forming a new team with Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Prestige and Storm, Kitty Pryde leads the X-Men as their current leader to stop an attack from Terrax the Tamer.

x-men gold back to the basics
X-Men Gold – Back To The Basics | Comics

It took all of their effort to defeat Terrax and quite a lot of property damage. Upon defeating him with solid team-work, Kitty talks to the civilians about earning their trust back again. Back at home, Ororo and Kurt argue about whether the situation has improved or not, while Rachel practices in Danger Room alongside Armor and Rockslide. Piotr was asking Katya about having dinner together but is suddenly interrupted when the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attacks the city.

At United Nations building the X-Men confronts Brotherhood members Avalanche, Cleevus, Magma, Masque and Pyro. Logan is badly burnt by Magma and quickly taken away by Kurt to safety, where they stumbled onto Mesmero. He sent Kurt away and took Logan to his secret hideout. The rest of the team were defeated by the remaining X-Men members but the Brotherhood members fled to avoid arrest.

Director Lydia Nance of Heritage Initiative was already commenting about a Human/Mutant race war on public media and then the mayor of New York gets kidnapped by the Brotherhood. There is a large hidden agenda at play that the X-Men later take care of. Meanwhile, a mercenary is hunting down mutants in New York city with a personal vendetta.

Elsewhere, the mutant thief Gambit took a job to steal a secret nanotech from a secret lab for Olivia Trask that eventually became a self-aware Sentinel by merging itself with computer systems. The Sentinel quickly evolves and overpowers Gambit. Then it upgraded itself and engaged all of the heroes to create a city-wide havoc.

ardian syaf x-men marvel
Into A Golden Future!

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X-Men - Gold V2 01

X-Men - Gold V2 02

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X-Men - Gold V2 04

X-Men - Gold V2 05

X-Men - Gold V2 06

Here is your link to buy “X-Men Gold – Back To The Basics" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

X-Men Gold – Back To The Basics

Following the events of "Death of X" and "Inhumans Vs. X-Men", the world is starting to hate and fear mutants again like all those years ago. To keep Xavier's dream alive, Kitty Pryde forms the X-Men Gold team to lead the mutant heroes towards modern threats. Collecting issues #01-06 from the second ongoing volume of X-Men Gold monthly series from Marvel Comics, the storyline is conceived by writer Marc Guggenheim (Blade – Sins of the Father, Blade – Undead Again), who was assisted by artists Ardian Syaf (Batman & Superman – Siege, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman) and R. B. Silva (Nova – After Burn, Spider-Man & The X-Men).

sentinel x men marvel
Mutant Ex Machina!

For the first story arc of the series, the book contains quite a lot of actions and the final issue features cameo of Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Deadpool, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Rogue, Squirrel Girl and Totally Awesome Hulk from teams like Champions and Uncanny Avengers, all fighting against the Sentinel threat that Gambit mistakenly unleashed.
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