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Daredevil | Comics

Matt Murdock was the son of Jonathan "Battling Jack" Murdock, who used to be a prize-fighting boxer living in Hell's Kitchen of New York. Unlike the other kids in the neighborhood, Matt was busier in studying rather than playing around with other kids. This caused him to be taunted and bullied by the kids that led him to take out his frustrations in his father's gym training.

daredevil marvel comics
Daredevil | Comics

One day, while trying to save a blind man from getting under a speeding truck, Matt was accidentally exposed to radioactive hazard from the truck that spilled in his face and later it rendered him blind. He went on to train with ninja master Stick to master his newly gained super enhanced senses as a side effect of that accident.

Later, his father was murdered by "Fixer" and his mob, leading Matt to chase them down and engaging in a clash that led him to many other street mobs to super villains. He also met one of his future nemesis Typhoid Mary in a brothel during one of the chase and unintentionally hurt her badly. He designed a costume to fight crime in disguise and taken the alias of the vigilante crime-fighter Daredevil.

Matt then started practicing law with his close friend Foggy Nelson in their own law-firm, met and fell in love with master assassin Elektra, often tangled with the friendly neighborhood Spider-man, the ruthless vigilante known as The Punisher and the enigmatic Russian spy Natasha Romanova AKA Black Widow. While fighting to serve justice against the villains, he also earned the eternal enmity of New York's biggest crime-boss ever; Kingpin.

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A Fearless Guardian Devil

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Daredevil is a popular fictional Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee, Bill Everett and Jack Kirby in 1964 that became a monthly ongoing series. During the first volume run of the series writers like Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Universe Online – Legends), Frank Miller (300, Sin City),worked along with artist Bill Everett, John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr. (Kick-Ass, World War Hulk), Gene Colan, Klaus Janson, David Mazzucchelli (Batman – Year One, Daredevil – Born Again) and Lee Weeks (Daredevil – Dark Nights, Incredible Hulk).

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Early Years of Crime-Fighting

The character and its respective ongoing series has produced many limited series and spin-offs in the following years of its run. The character was portrayed in silver screen in 2003 in a live-action film titled 'Daredevil' by actor Ben Affleck along with other featuring characters from the franchise. As part of the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character was adapted on a live-action TV show 'Marvel's Daredevil' for Netflix on 2015 and will also be reprised in 'The Defenders' on 2017.
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