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Amazing Spider-Man | Comics

High school student Peter Parker was a bookworm who doesn't get along with other students of his class and is often being sidelined. One of the guys who always picked on him was high-school bully and football star Flash Thompson. However, he had a loving family of his own with Uncle Ben and Aunt May, who loved him like their son. Once he accidentally gains amazing power of a spider after he was bitten by an irradiated spider at a science exhibit, Peter quickly discovered all the changes it made to his physicality and he is now able to crawl on walls just like spiders do!

He also gained enhanced strength and a very heightened sense that alerts him of any incoming incoming danger that he is not aware of. To put it all in use, he participated in a wrestling match against professional wrestler Joseph "Crusher" Hogan wearing a mask. He won the match easily and a TV producer approached him to perform on television. With that offer, his life came to tracks as Peter then designed a costume for himself, developed a pair of web-shooters and with a new name "Spider-Man" he became a TV star overnight!

With Great Power . . .
His joy of stardom was short lived when his beloved Uncle Ben was shot dead by a thief, which he finds out days after upon returning home. He finally managed to confront that thug in an abandoned warehouse after cornering him, Peter was shocked seeing he was the same person who ran past him a few days ago and Peter could've easily stopped him but did not. With that, he finally came to realize that, "With Great Power Must Also Come Great Responsibility" and decided to use his new-found gifts to help up people however he can.

amazing spider-man
Amazing Spider-Man | Comics

To support his widowed Aunt May and continue his study, he wanted to go back to showbiz but because of publisher J. Jonah Jameson of Daily Bugle running Anti-Spider-Man campaign stating he is a bad influence for the youth, Peter couldn't do so either. So, he decided to start working as a freelance photographer for Bugle instead by taking pictures of his alter-ego Spider-Man and continuing his study as well. He even saved Jameson's son, astronaut John Jameson from an accident during one of the space operations but still got blamed by J. J. for that incident anyway.

Peter then tried to join popular superhero team Fantastic Four by breaking into Baxter Building and engaging all of them in a fight to show off his skills. After he explained reason for his actions, they informed him that they are actually more of a family of adventurers than a team and they don't get paid to save the world. A master of disguise criminal known as Chameleon framed Spider-Man by impersonating him to steal defense missile plans but the villain was caught by the real hero and his plans were foiled. Before taking this covert assignment, Chameleon cleared out Spidey's bank account by posing as him as well.

As Spider-Man, Peter has tangled with The Vulture and took pictures of their fight before defeating him to sell them to his not-so generous employer J. Jonah Jameson. In very early phase of his crime-fighting career, Peter picked a large number of deadly enemies while fighting crimes like Carnage, Crime-Master, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, The Lizard, Molten Man, Mysterio, Rhino, Sandman, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Tinkerer, Venom and many more. Ironically, he even teamed up with a few of them over time on several occasion and different situations.

During his stint at Daily Bugle, Parker dated his colleague Betty Brant for a brief period and his classmate Liz Allan developed a crush on him. Aunt May was also encouraging Peter to date their neighbor Anna Watson's beautiful niece, Mary Jane Watson. At this time, Aunt May's health condition suddenly worsens and she even suffers a heart attack. This made Peter run from the middle of a fight with Green Goblin and Sandman, which completely ruined his public reputation. As May got better, Peter quickly returns in action to regain his honor by facing his enemies head-on and prove Jonah Jameson wrong once again.

The End of The Green Goblin
After completing his graduation, Peter was enrolled in Empire State University where he befriended Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. His fearsome enemy Green Goblin would also return in his life and kidnap Spider-Man after discovering his secret identity only to reveal his own identity as well. It was his friend Harry's father Norman Osborn all along who became a psychotic super-criminal after he was transformed by his secretly developed Goblin Formula. Osborn frees Peter to fight with him once and for all in his secret lair but he was hospitalized following the battle and couldn't remember any of it.

Things were getting pretty exciting for him as he teamed-up with Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange at one occasion to fight an evil wizard Xandu and then received invitation of joining The Avengers, which he had to decline. Peter also came across his neighbor Mary Jane Watson but he was interested in classmate Gwen Stacy back then and Mary Jane starts dating his friend Harry Osborn. He went to Algeria for investigating the mysteries revolved around the death of his parents who were framed as agents of Red Skull. Peter managed to get his hands on his father's former CIA ID card to finally come clear his name.

The Death of Captain Stacy
Doctor Octopus broke out of prison after getting back his metallic arms and attempted to hijack a plane but failed. He and Spider-Man tangled soon enough on a rooftop where a child was about to be crushed by falling debris as a result of Spidy battling Doc Ock and Gwen's father, Captain George Stacy sacrificed himself to save the boy by jumping in. He died in Peter's arms and asked him to take care of Gwen. Captain Stacy figured his secret identity long ago but kept it a secret by respecting Peter's personal choice. Not only was he heart-broken at this tragedy, he was also accused of Captain Stacy's death.

The Death of Gwen Stacy
Peter learns that his best friend Harry has developed an addiction to LSD and these stressful moments caused Norman Osborn to succumb to his maniacal Green Goblin persona once again. Blaming Peter for the current condition of his son and himself, Osborn decides to take revenge on Peter Parker by kidnapping his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. He picked up Gwen from Peter's apartment when he was away and Spidey faces Osborn at the Brooklyn Bridge and as the latter was being overpowered, he threw Gwen off the bridge and as Spidey tries to web her legs to pull her up, it snapped her neck, killing her.

Osborn fled from the spot to one of his warehouse when Peter was still mourning for her but Parker found him in his own lair only to unleash all of his anger on the madman. In a fit of rage, Spidey almost killed him but then he backed off. The Goblin however was impaled by his own Goblin Glider, which he actually tried to use to kill his confused enemy. Upon learning this news, Mary Jane tries to unsuccessfully comfort him but these two eventually coped with it and bond together. Afterwards, Peter attends Gwen's funeral before being confronted by Luke Cage for accusation of the death of Stacys.

The Punisher Strikes Twice
Peter and Mary Jane slowly got closer to the point where they shared a kiss before he heads to France with Robbie Robertson for work purpose. Upon returning, he finds a very alive Gwen Stacy around and couldn't bring him up to rekindle his relationship with her. So, with help from field reporter Ned Leeds of Daily Bugle, he digs out that this one is actually a clone. Meanwhile, the vengeful veteran Frank Castle turned into costumed vigilante The Punisher was led after Spider-Man by a villain named Jackal. As soon as he attacked Spidey, the Jackal also strike with his claws but Peter manages to get away.

Spider-Man tangled with the ferocious vigilante once again in the Reiss Armories, where the latter thought that Spidey was responsible for his gun supplier Mechanic's death. However, he showed Punisher Jackal's clawing on that corpse and Frank Castle swears vengeance on The Jackal realizing he has been played all along. The Gwen clone named Joyce Delaney was created by the Jackal, who turns out to be professor, Miles Warren and as he loved her, Warren blames Peter for Gwen's death. Jackal forced Spider-Man to fight his own clone named Ben Reilly before his evil plan getting thwarted because of his clones.

Saga of Alien Costume
When the powerful Beyonder kidnapped many of Earth's heroes and villains to fight his "Secret Wars", Spider-Man was drafted too. His original costume was damaged in a fight and he tried to repair it with available Battleworld's tech but unbeknownst to him, it was replaced by an alien "symbiote" and turned into a black version of his costume. It was capable of shooting webs and changes his clothing into anything according to his will. However, back on Earth he noticed weird behavior of this new costume and sought help from Fantastic Four to find out it was a living organism and removed it forcibly.

Kraven's Last Hunt
Obsessed with his hunt, Kraven the Hunter completely lost his sanity after meeting another defeat at the hands of Spidey. He came up with another plan to take the web-slinger down for good this time and hit him with a tranquilizer dart when he was swinging around. Kraven then shot down a captured Spider-Man, which rendered him motionless and he proceeds to bury his prey. In attempt to become a better hero than Peter, he donned a duplicate copy of his enemy's costume and dubbed himself as "The Spider". In a brutal rage, he hospitalized many criminals by severely beating them up and even ended up killing one.

When Kraven’s drug eventually wear off after two weeks, Spidey came out of his grave only to learn that someone has been impersonating him for some time and causing all sorts of trouble. Before confronting his enemy once more, Peter goes to see Mary Jane and then goes back to face Sergei. He showed up to disappoint his enemy by refusing to fight him since Kraven already proved his superiority by "killing" him but this doesn't please him and he releases mutated killer Vermin on Spider-Man. Though unwilling to play his game, Peter takes down his enemy and Sergei Kravinoff then shoots himself with a hunting rifle.

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Amazing Spider-Man is a monthly ongoing comics series from Marvel Comics featuring one of the most popular superhero of Marvel Universe of same name. Known to avid comic book readers as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this character was created by comic-book legends writer Stan Lee (Silver Surfer – Judgment Day, Silver Surfer – Parable) and co-created by artist Steve Ditko (Beware the Creeper, Legion of Super-Heroes), which starts publication from 1963. Spider-Man first appeared in the fifteenth issue of Amazing Fantasy comic series and has been continuing a legacy for decades after decades in many story-arcs, limited series, crossovers and major events.

sinister six marvel
Spider Man and The Sinister Six

Many spin-off ongoing series featuring our favorite web-slinger were produced and saw huge success but Amazing Spider-Man still remains the longest running monthly ongoing series of the character as well as one of the longest running comic book publications in history. A film titled The Amazing Spider-Man starring actor Andrew Garfield was released in 2012, which was quite successful and it also had its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released on 2014. The character has also become a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, debuting in 2016's release Captain America – Civil War and then have appeared in a solo movie of 2017 titled Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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