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Robin | Comics

Robin, The Boy Wonder is the teenage superhero sidekick of The Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman. Since the beginning, five different individuals have played the role over time. The first Robin was Dick Grayson, a young acrobat from Haly's Circus and the youngest son of the Flying Grayson couples, who was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne after his parents got murdered by the gangster "Boss" Zucco.

robin dc comics
Robin | Comics

After years of crime fighting career as a sidekick, he retires and became a solo hero with a new name, Nightwing. Jason Todd, then takes his place and became the second Robin. Jason was later brutally tortured and murdered by The Joker (A Death in the Family), which was considered as a great controversial event in the DC Universe.

However, young Tim Drake becomes the third Robin after successfully deducing the secret identity of Batman and Nightwing only with his excellent detective skills and later on his ex-girlfriend and the female crime fighter known as the Spoiler, Stephanie Brown becomes the fourth Robin, who also is the first female to take over the mantle.

But Stephanie got fired soon by Batman after only a few operations because of disobeying orders during patrol and also became the sixth Batgirl when Cassandra Cain left her mantle behind. Bruce Wayne's long unknown biological son Damian Wayne then enters his life donning the shroud as the fifth Boy Wonder, after he saved Tim Drake's life and Tim then becomes the solo hero; Red Robin.

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Hitching With Dark Knight

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Robin is a fictional comic-book character of DC Comics, created by Bob Kane, who is also the creator of Robin's mentor, Batman and Robin perhaps is one of the most popular young character among the others. He was created to help Batman fight crime and mostly he was a partner that a lonesome Batman needed to talk to.

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The Girl Wonder

Before having a full length, self titled monthly ongoing comic series in 1993, Robin had a trilogy of mini-series featuring Dick Grayson, the first Robin, which was quite successful. Robin also appeared in the comic series Teen Titans and Young Justice as a leader of these teenage superhero team, while appearing in the core Batman title.
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