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Wonder Woman – Guts | Comics

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Wonder Woman – Guts | Comics
When Hera learns that Diana of Themyscira being an offspring of her husband Zeus, the jealous goddess arrives on Themyscira, turning Queen Hippolyta to stone and the rest of The Amazons into snakes in a fit of rage. As Diana head back to Paradise Island to make amends with her mother, she is shocked at the revelation and in retaliation, she turned Hades and Poseidon against Hera but in doing so, created a feud with both of Zeus' brother. Hades kidnaps and takes Zola to underworld for Diana's betrayal. Therefore, along with Hermes and Lennox, she seeks out help from Eros, leading to Hephaestus at Mount Etna. The Olympian God of Blacksmiths decides to help her with weapons and in response, Hades sends a monstrous creature to punish them.

While defeating the creature, Wonder Woman discovers that all of Hephaestus' labourers are not drones but men of flesh and blood. She is amazed to know a fact that, these are actually her brothers that were abandoned at birth and Hephaestus traded them from Amazons for weapons. She decides to set them free by overthrow their master but as they believed that they were saved by the blacksmith, they wanted their master back. Next day, Diana arms herself with weapons and heads to underworld with Hermes looking for Zola. Hades confronts his audience and eventually traps Wonder Woman in underworld to be his bride. Also, Apollo's quest for throne continues and as he made a deal with Hera, not everything is going to end as planned for either parties.

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Wonder Woman Vol 02 – Guts (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 02 – Guts (Hardcover)

Following the first storyline "Blood" of Wonder Woman's fourth monthly ongoing volume from DC Comics, writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Deathblow) as well as artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman – Iron, Wonder Woman – War) and Tony Akins; original creator of Wonder Woman's New 52 run are back with "Guts" story arc. This story is scribed within issues #7-12 of the current ongoing series. Goddess of the Hunt, Strife and War also made cameo appearances as Diana's war against Gods of Olympus continues and the aftermath of the story offers a despised fate for Hera as well as a changed status quo for Olympus. From the end of this arc, begins anew as Orion is going to crossover with Diana and will irk her with his attitude.
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