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Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood | Comics

robin batgirl fresh blood
Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood | Comics
Following the reign of “War Games” on Gotham City, a lot of people got killed and wounded as the causalities of war. Tim Drake’s classmate Darla Aquista was shot dead and his girlfriend Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler was viciously beaten to death by the villain Black Mask. No sooner than Tim has shaken himself of the grief of their death, Jack Drake was killed too (during Identity Crisis). Back at Gotham, during the funeral ceremony, Bruce finds Tim alone in a corner and tries to talk to him as a support. Even going under the trauma of losing his loved ones, Tim decides not to give up his vigilantism as Robin but he also promises to himself to not lose his grip on his human side as his mentor Batman. Upon telling Bruce to take care of his stepmother Dana Winters Drake in a private clinic.

After almost two weeks, Tim goes to Nightwing's previous patrolling area, Blüdhaven as Robin to spread the word of his presence on the street. He also starts to take bigger initiatives to eliminate street crimes as well with tricks learnt from his mentor. While having Alfred Pennyworth to set up his new base of operation, he plans out to take on street-gangs for good. Later on patrol, he was taking care of some mere thugs when he was attacked by a former League of Assassins member, Shrike. Shrike bests The Boy Wonder without breaking a sweat and eventually beats him to near unconsciousness when help arrived from the most unexpected source. Upon saving him big-time, Tim joined his savior in a quest that sets him against the hired goons of The Penguin.

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A Settling Up Duel
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Too Many Ghosts

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Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood (Softcover)

Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood (Hardcover)

"Fresh Blood" is a four part mini crossover storyline that crossed the monthly ongoing series of both Robin and Batgirl from DC Comics. The storyline was developed by writer Bill Willingham and Andersen Gabrych while the masterful drawing duties were fulfilled by talented artists Damion Scott (Batman – No Man's Land, DC Special – Raven) and Alé Garza (Gen¹³, Skye Runner) in 2005. This book extends the relationship depth between Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake, who had their differences in past and this plot goes further with that theme. As soon as the story came to an end, it was followed by “Batgirl – Kicking Assassins” and “Robin – To Kill a Bird” within a few months same year.
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