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Deathstroke – God Killer | Comics

When Deathstroke is hired by a God of Olympus to kill another imprisoned god, Slade have to travel to the land of Themyscira.

During Slade Wilson's previous encounter with Odysseus has restored his youth as well as his eye by an old guy named I-Ching but as Deathstroke The Terminator, he has lost his edge (Gods of War). He is approached by Olympian God Hephaestus for a task and presented him the infamous God-Killer sword upon meeting to kill a god.

Normally, he wouldn't even think about it at all but since he his way past broke now, he accepted the contract. His current benefactor from their mercenary team "Dead Bastards", Victor Ruiz watches him in action alongside Olympian's forger of weapons.

Slade is pitted against a few grizzly monsters of that island and he cuts them down with God-Killer as it vibrates with his hatred and rage. Slade complains about the fact that a weapon which constantly changes its shape and weight is quite difficult to master.

Nevertheless, he becomes a part with the blade feeling its own emotions of hatred and massacred them all with ease. The forger seemed impressed with his abilities as a mere mortal to handle God Killer and Victor points out, Slade is no mere mortal either.

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Deathstroke – God Killer | Comics

Before taking the assignment, he goes to see his daughter Rose Wilson one more time and left a note for his son Jericho. Hephaestus then drops him to Paradise Island and reveals his target to be an exiled Titan named Lapetus, whose essence was spread around Themyscira and he was known as The God of Mortality.

Slade sneaks through the forest to Tartarus, guided by the sword while trying to avoid being seen by The Amazons. The Olympian forger decided to aid him as a floating projection by his side and upon slaying the guards, he finds a statue.

Apparently it bears a resemblance to Apollo and Slade striking it with God Killer at the urge of the sword itself let Lapetus easily broke out of it and escape, leaving the assassin alone to face the wrath of current God of War, Wonder Woman!

Slade faces a furious Amazon Queen charging at him, believing he is responsible for release of Lapetus and he explains why he set foot on Paradise Island in the first place, to kill this imprisoned Titan with God-Killer blade from Hephaestus. Diana and Deathstroke both realize that they are currently on same page with a bit of help from her friend Hessia.

While they all were busy arguing, scattered essence of Lapetus from all corners of Paradise Island begins to slowly gather to unleash his madness upon the world once again. Seeing no other way to stop him, Diana and Hessia allowed Deathstroke a chance to do what is right since he has his way with the God-Killer sword.

After decimating an army of demons, he finds himself confronting his children Rose and Jericho, whereas Diana sees her deceased mother Hippolyta. They both face their demons and ultimately were able to escape from the illusion. When it felt like their fight against Lapetus is lost, a certain Man of Steel enters the scene.

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Against The Amazon Queen

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Deathstroke – God Killer

While doing illustration for this monthly book, artist Tony Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman, The Tenth) eventually took writer's duty to pen out the second Deathstroke storyline from third ongoing volume along with James Bonny.

Artists Eduardo Pansica and Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider) also served as guest-penciller for last three issues of the story, which is from Prime Earth timeline of DC Comics. "God Killer" takes premise from a standpoint of Slade's previous misadventure as a trained assassin and sets him a little out of his league facing a rogue Titan.

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To Kill A God

Someone among the Pantheon of Olympian Gods wanted Titan Lapetus dead so that he never becomes a threat in future and hired elite mercenary Slade Wilson for this job via Hephaestus. Not only his contract of killing a god is near impossible but it really takes the metaphorical cake when Superman and Wonder Woman come to stand in his way.

With lots of hard to handle actions, it leaves Slade Wilson paying a high price even if he comes out successful in the end of this assignment. In spite of him trying to reconcile with his children, Jericho and Rose still doesn't want to talk to him yet.
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