Friday, October 3, 2003

Popeye | Comics

An unorthodox protagonist with a squinting right eye, a classic corncob pipe hanging in his mouth and huge forearms that originates from his skinny upper arms, that's how the famous Popeye the Sailor Man is known to all.

He has a black haired extremely thin girlfriend named Olive Oyl, whom he usually goes to rescue from various troubles she finds herself into; especially from Popeye's long time nemesis, a thick bearded tall-strong Brutus who also has a keen interest on Olive.

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Popeye | Comics

But generally, Popeye manages to save Olive from his clutches often by eating his trusty dose of Spinach, which gives him incredibly abnormal strength to knock him off his feet. He even has shown the ability to punch people to distant places and even crumble mountains with ease.

Popeye also has crossed paths with another of his antagonist who is none other than the evil sorceress The Sea Hag. He has clashed with her so many times over the years as well as her minions like Alice the Goon and others. Popeye also has an adopted son named Swee'Pea, who was left to his doorstep once and is raised by him.

A lazy-ass friend named Wimpy, who usually does nothing other than relentlessly consuming huge loads of hamburgers is known as one of Popeye’s few friends. While not saving Olive from dangers, the sailor man often keeps looking for his long-lost 99 year-old sailor father Poopdeck Pappy time to time over the places during his naval adventures.

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IDW Comics has brought one of the most popular fictional characters of all time; E.C Segar's classic Popeye the Sailor Man on the pages of comic books again! This brand new monthly comic book series written by the Eisner Award-winning Roger Landridge, accompanied by artist Bruce Ozella and this creative team is finally bringing back the Sailor Man with his very own series after 30 years!

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Wrong Side of Tracks

With Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jules Feiffer illustrating the covers, the new re-invention of Popeye is blowing its whistles again. Plus, they are all in for a whole new level of rejuvenating the character for all ages so that the sailor man is set to sail again to win everyone’s heart with his spinach-humors and never-ending adventures.
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