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Gamora | Comics

As the universe knows her as the Deadliest Woman in the whole Galaxy, Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan was an inhabitant of Earth-7528 reality, whose entire race was wiped out by Grand Inquisitors of Universal Church of Truth in their quest for establishing an empire throughout the galaxy.

All the inhabitants of her planet were herded like cattle to wipe them out but Thanos rescued her and became her adopted father. She is raised by The Mad Titan in his space station Sanctuary after taking her two decades back in time.

She is given enhanced abilities and her perception was slightly altered as well to not question his actions. She was becoming a weapon for Thanos to kill his dreaded enemy Magus someday and so she trains hard to fulfill her father's wish.

They would often have their very own father-daughter moments together despite being raised by him in strict discipline. In one of their tours, she disobeyed and went to venture out alone only to be overwhelmed by a group of thugs who gang raped her after leading an ambush on her.

Despite her superior fighting skill, she couldn't take them all out and was left for dead until Thanos came as a savior to rescue her from all attackers. As she was taken to Sanctuary, Gamora apologizes for not obeying her father and she is further augmented with more bionic implants.

With these new enhancements in her, she became a match Adam Warlock's prowess and her healing factor is accelerated to an equal of Wolverine's. She has been preparing herself for the assignment of killing his father's enemy by killing off Universal Church of Truth's Grand Inquisitors.

gamora guardians of the galaxy
Gamora | Comics

Since Gamora didn't belong to our reality, Thanos believed sending her to Magus's present will cause a disturbance and cause disturbance for him. Magus actually was an evil version of Adam Warlock, who detected her presence and prevented her from coming anywhere near so that she cannot slay him.

When Adam engaged his evil self from future in a final battle, she assisted him against the enemy. She then returned back to her father when Magus was finally defeated and there was no apparent threat left for her to deal with.

With her father's enemy defeated, Gamora now left without a worthy challenge and gets bored very shortly. So, Thanos told her to go find him and become an unofficial bodyguard for him. This way, he can also keep tabs on his future plans through his daughter.

In her quest to locate Adam, she is attacked by Drax the Destroyer, whose only purpose is to kill Thanos and as her ship gets destroyed in conflict, she narrowly escaped. Upon returning to their base of operations Sanctuary, she learns of The Mad Titan's insane plan to sacrifice the universe to Death to please her.

Thanos knew that she would eventually find out about his mad schemes and would turn on him. Which is why, he sent her away with a vague cause to locate Adam in the first place and now that she is here, his plans scared her.

For the very first time of her life, Gamora sees what her adoptive father really is and she immediately tries to kill her only to be killed by him instead. When Adam Warlock found her dying body with last remaining spark of life within, he absorbed her consciousness into the Soul Gem.

Infinity Gauntlet
When Thanos was trying to court Death by showcasing his near-omnipotent power, Adam Warlock projected Gamora and Pip the Troll's soul along with his own from Soul Gem to three newly deceased bodies so that they can oppose The Mad Titan before he destroys everything in the universe.

Each of their new bodies start slowly transforming into how they all were before but only better this time. As Warlock was busy assembling heroes to stand together against the threat of Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos wielded, she accompanied him all the way even though she was not a part of major battles. 

Infinity Watch
The Mad Titan was overthrown from his godly status when Warlock managed to took hold of his Infinity Gauntlet and declaring an end to all conflict. Gamora and Pip the Troll stayed with him now that he is wandering stars as a God but hated his idea of leaving Thanos free to roam.

Months after, in a trial, Warlock was deemed unworthy of wielding all the Infinity Gems by Living Tribunal, he shared those gems among his trusted allies and formed Infinity Watch. Gamora becomes a bearer of Time Gem and a member of the Watch alongside Drax, Pip and Moondragon.

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Ruthless and Deadly

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A fictional female character of Marvel Comics that went into several revamps and origins, Gamora was created by writer/artist Jim Starlin (Death of the New Gods, Rann/Thanagar – Holy War), who appeared on Strange Tales #180 for the first time in 1975.

From her debut on the comic book pages she's been the assassin daughter of Thanos, is known as 'The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe', had a couple of death and rebirth in her tima as well as wielding the power of The Black Vortex.

guardians of the galaxy gamora
Empowered by The Black Vortex

Her most famous alignment is with the modern incarnation of Guardians of the Galaxy formed after "Annihilation – Conquest". A live-action adaptation of Gamora appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, portrayed by actor Zoe Saldana.
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