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Watchmen | Comics

An assailant broke into the apartment of a man to beat the hell out of him and then murdered him by throwing off the window. The police came investigating about the case of the recently deceased resident named Edward Blake but had almost no progress at all. All they know is that he was doing diplomatic works overseas and found a photograph of him with Vice-President Ford.

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Watchmen | Comics

Even though some money was stolen, this seemed like no ordinary burglary. As the two detectives leave the scene they were discussing about possibilities of the involvement of vigilantes or more specifically about Rorschach, since most of the others are all either in retirement. At midnight, Rorschach reaches the buildings front and finds a yellow smiley face button with blood on it.

He sneaks and found out that Blake was actually a costumed government official named The Comedian. Afterwards, Rorschach visits Dan Dreiberg; the second Nite Owl, Doctor Manhattan and Laurie Juspeczyk AKA Silk Spectre, then finally he warned once the hero Ozymandias and now a publicly renowned businessman Adrian Veidt about it as he believes that the assailant could again come after any of them next.

Soon, Doctor Manhattan is blamed for the cause of cancer among his former friends and colleagues, leading him to take an exile to Mars. An assassination attempt on Adrian fails and Rorschach is framed for the murder of a former villain. Juspeczyk and Dreiberg drew close to each other and returned to vigilantism believing Rorschach’s conspiracy theory.

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The End Is Nigh

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Absolute Watchmen

Mostly known for an ageless script and a unique storytelling, Watchmen is a twelve issue limited series from DC Comics that was released on 1987. Writer Alan Moore (Batman – The Killing Joke, V for Vendetta) came up with the concept where the plot was set apart from the regular DC Universe but still had super-heroes in it. Then he collaborated with artist Dave Gibbons into creating this masterpiece which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller!

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Heroes In Costume

The graphic novel has made into a motion picture titled 'Watchmen' by director Zack Snyder in 2009 as well as a video game series titled ‘Watchmen – The End Is Nigh’. Even though the series was sort of one-time story, in 2012, DC Comics launched Before Watchmen, a series of comic-books serving as the prequel for the original Watchmen but this time Moore and Gibbons were not involved.
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