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Batman – The Killing Joke | Comics

The Joker is considered as an agent of chaos to everyone who knows him. Batman goes to Arkham Asylum to pay The Joker a casual visit and talk things down to end the ever-going madness between them only to find out that he is facing an imposter who just took the clown place in the prison.

After escaping Arkham Asylum, he decides to capture and torture Police Commissioner James Gordon to an extent that could possibly made him lose grip over his moral beliefs. So, he drags Gordon to street, dragged him to an amusement park to strip naked and locked him up in a cage.

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Batman – The Killing Joke | Comics

Then to add some more, Joker shoots his daughter Barbara and made him watch the naked stills of her. Along way, he also elaborates his own story of a “Rough-Day” that turned him to this. Many years ago in Gotham City, an engineer left his job in a chemical company to pursue the career of a stand-up comedian, which failed badly in every step.

In a desperate attempt to support his pregnant wife, he joins two petty criminals in a robbery but learns of his wife’s sudden death in an accident at the last moment. This made him to give up on the plan but those two forced him to co-operate and made him wear a cylinder-like red mask to become the Red Hood.

Upon entering the chemical plant, the thugs were shot and he accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals when confronted the Batman. This, pretty much ruined his appearance and mixed with his "One Bad Day", he turned into the Joker.

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Birth of the Clown Prince

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Batman – The Killing Joke is a one-shot comics featuring a early encounter between Batman and The Joker from DC Comics released on 1988. This story was written by renowned writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and drawn exclusively by artist Brian Bolland (Animal Man, Judge Dredd). The Killing Joke turns out to be one of the most successful Batman stories of all time as well as a great epic tale of the clown prince of crime.

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An Accidental Visitor

Though set in a non-canonical platform, the story sets quite a line for many future publications from DC, where reference from the issue is made. In 2016, Warner Bros. Pictures has made an animated movie based on the titular story, also titled "The Killing Joke" that is released on direct-to-video.
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