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Aliens Versus Predator | Comics

The Aliens AKA Xenomorphs are the most fierce being that have ever existed in the furthest corner of the galaxy. These murderous creatures were found at first by the humans in the 22nd century by the crews of spacecraft USCSS Nostromo on the planetoid LV-426 and Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley was the lone survivor of that encounter.

But humans were not aware that somewhere out there a very dangerous humanoid extraterrestrial species called The Yautja, lives to hunt on these genocidal beings for sports and is known as the Predators. The Predators travel planet-to-planet for game hunting as part of a century old ritual and the Xenomorphs are one of their prime subject as these savage beasts are extremely dangerous to be trifled with on any given day.

alien vs predator
Aliens Versus Predator | Comics

The Yautja are the "Hunters", who captures and then breed the Xenomorphs as part of their hunting culture whom they recognize as "Serpents". A human female, Machiko Noguchi were allowed among the ranks of the Hunter Clan once to slay the Xenomorphs alongside them. It appears that the Yautja were visiting Earth and many other planets for more than over centuries and they have a hunting relationship going with the Xenomorphs over time.

Though most of the time the Predators carry out the game-hunting of Xenomorphs in a distant uninhabited planet, sometime the situation gets way out of the hand where the humans are trapped in the middle of a war between two deadliest species of the galaxy and pays the ultimate price with their lives.

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The Eternal Feud

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Following the success of launching the 20th Century Fox sci-fi film character Aliens and Predator in two different line of limited series with each containing a story of its own timeline, Dark Horse Comics were intending to do some more with the characters. So, Chris Warner came up with the idea of a crossover between the series titled Aliens Vs. Predator.

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The Deadliest Extraterrestrials

The theme was first introduced on the pages of Dark Horse Presents #36 in 1990 which later spawned as a major follow-up of limited series and crossover with other comic book characters like Batman, Superman, Judge DreddDarkness, Witchblade and The Terminator. The franchise has also inspired two motion picture; Alien vs. Predator in 2004 and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem in 2007 to hit the theaters.
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