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JLA – New World Order | Comics

In a fine bright morning, the White House in Washington D.C. gets clouded by a huge flying object out of nowhere that appears to be an alien spaceship. As the security personnel have no idea of anything about it, Superman quickly arrives to the scene for investigation. When the cloud is cleared, an alien named Protex arrives with seven other of his own race called Hyperclan and they claim that they are here to help and save the world.

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JLA – New World Order | Comics

With all of them having superhuman powers and more, they've starts terra-forming the wasteland of Sahara with immediate success. Even though Superman is skeptical about their powers and intentions, the world immediately accepts these newly arrived superheroes cheerfully.

Just as the Justice League members were about to believe their intentions to be good, they have taken a harsh attempt to eradicate crime by executing many super criminals in groups, leading the likes of Dr. Polaris and The Joker to suddenly go underground. As the League members were discussing the current situation with the Hyperclan, the League’s satellite base is suddenly attacked by unknown assailants out of nowhere.

Following a brief fight of the invadin force with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Wonder Woman, few others were able to escape the base but were gravely injured. Superman and Flash assembles with the others, except for Aquaman. Secretly arrived before everyone else in the room, Batman declares that they are now at war with Hyperclan.

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JLA – New World Order (Comics) DC Wikia

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The Day The League Stood Still

Here is your links for “JLA – New World Order" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

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Here is your link for “JLA – New World Order" storyline from DC Comics.

JLA – New World Order

New World Order is a four part storyline consisting the very first four issues of the first JLA monthly ongoing comics’ series featuring the original “Magnificent Seven” of the superhero team Justice League by DC Comics back in 1997.

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A Dark Knight To Save The Day

The plotline was devised by writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Animal Man) and artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam) has drawn out all the linearts, along with John Dell who also worked on the next and second arc titled "American Dreams".

Not only the story depicts the return of the seven fan-favorite popular DC Super-Heroes under one title, it also introduced a brand new Watchtower as a base of their upcoming operations.
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