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Hellboy – Wake the Devil | Comics

In the Arctic Circle of Norway's northern coast, the head of the Zinco Company, Roderick Zinco is flying a helicopter to an old castle. He breaks into the castle and there, he met Grigori Rasputin's former allies; Ilsa Haupstein, Karl Kroenen and Leopold Kurtz to inform them of their master’s return. He swears that, on his private island he saw Grigori Rasputin who gave him a purpose and left the words “Ragna Rock” on the beach before disappearing.

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Hellboy – Wake The Devil | Comics

Right after one year of that event, the curator of a wax museum in New York; Howard Steinman is mysteriously killed by the Nazis for reasons unknown. While these weird happenings were taking place, paranormal consultant Kate Corrigan and Director Tom Manning were in the B.P.R.D. headquarters with their paranormal agents discussing the matter at hand. They were busy briefing the agents of a person having Vampire like abilities, named Vladimir Giurescu, a person involved in one of Hitler’s notorious project called “Vampir Sturm”.

The gathered evidence suggests that the recently deceased curator might be the one responsible for the transport of Giurescu‘s corpse after he was killed. As the location of the castle indicates three possible locations, they quickly split into teams. Abe Sapien and Clark teamed up, whilst Liz Sherman and Leach grouped with Bud Waller. Hellboy heads to Romania on his own and accidentally lands on the castle where a giant-ass Nazi cyborg Unmensch attacks him instantly on Ilsa’s order.

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The Imprisonment of Ogdru Jahad

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Hellboy – Wake the Devil 01

Hellboy – Wake the Devil 02

Hellboy – Wake the Devil 03

Hellboy – Wake the Devil 04

Hellboy – Wake the Devil 05

Here is your links to buy "Hellboy – Wake the Devil" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Hellboy – Wake the Devil

Hellboy – Wake the Devil is a five part limited series by Mike Mignola (Cosmic Odyssey, Lobster Johnson), which is published from Dark Horse Comics in 1996. The series was continued from a storyline that took place in the previously published "Hellboy – Seed of Destruction" limited series from Mignola.

anung un rama
Destiny of Anung Un Rama

As the previous graphic novel in the line had served as the main inspiration for Hellboy motion picture in 2004, Wake the Devil also provided storyline for the animated film Hellboy: Blood and Iron in 2007.
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