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The Darkness | Comics

the darkness comic
The Darkness | Comics
Being the adopted son of mafia don Frankie Franchetti, Jackie Estacado was recruited to mob when he was only six. As a mafia member, he quickly made a name for himself and his increasing reputation in the underworld made Franchetti a very powerful person. Actually it was Sonatine, who told Franchetti that in the upcoming future Jackie will be the reason behind Franchetti's rise in power. He started killing at sixteen, while also lose his virginity at fourteen during an interrogation to a female officer. He became a very violent person as he grew and sexually aggressive but he does have his own set of strict moral codes.

When he was twenty one, he came to know of his secret dark potentials, a very powerful evil heritage that is passed by father to son. Jackie opposed Franchetti and Frankie took revenge on Jackie by sending him footage containing the kidnapping and killing scene of one of Jackie's old friend. He later decides to quit the life of being a mere hitman and become the next host for The Darkness. Often assisting Witchblade in her adventures and makes advancement  with it's current user Sara Pezzini, Jackie also becomes the primary target of the Angelus. As Darkness, Jackie not only is aided by his Darklings but also possesses powers at an unimaginable level with a mystical body armor that not only enhances his superhuman strength, but also protects him from enemy attacks.

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The Darkness is a popular fictional character from the banner of Image Comics, created by artist Marc Silvertsi along with writer Garth Ennis and David Wohl. Though the Darkness portrays the character of an anti-hero and a bit similar to Todd McFarlance's Spawn but still it is one of the most popular comic character and one of the fan favourite comic titles ever released by Image Comics till date. Despite having regular appearances to his own monthly series, the character also involved in a few crossover stories with Batman, Superman and JLA from DC Comics, Doctor Strange, Ghost RiderHulk and Wolverine from Marvel Comics and often with Witchblade from their own production as well as other renowned comics characters.
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