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Spawn – Escalation | Comics

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Spawn – Escalation | Comics
As a part of a secret atomic bomb testing in the Nevada desert opened a door to another dimension and it turn out to be the doorway to Hell. Troops were sent to investigate but they never came back to report. A substance that composed the Hell dimension was discovered, which is dubbed Psychoplasm because of its nature of reacting to manifest construct out of one’s greatest fear. When CIA director Jason Wynn has Al Simmons killed in action, he made a deal with Malebolgia for Psychoplasm. At the time of his death, a virtual town is created from Simmons’ memory, which Wynn has named Simmonsville and now he demonstrates Major Vale the destructive capability of his little private Hell by sending three volunteer soldiers there to get slaughtered.

Al Simmons’s last encounter with his fellow CIA agent and former partner Chapel has unveiled a new chapter of mystery in front of him. He desperately searches for the man who condemned him to this fate and decides to dig up his own grave to check out his corpse. Also, his recent battle with Angela has worried the Heaven of his power. So, looking for a human agent to destroy the Hellspawn, the Orbital Angel Station picks up Jason Wynn and transformed him into an Anti-Spawn AKA The Redeemer with Elemental Fire of Heaven. Redeemer’s near-limitless divine power seemingly overwhelms the knight of Hell as he starts dodging him to recover and fight back. If Spawn somehow survives this, he has yet to team-up with Harry Houdini to save the day. Again.
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Reborn From Ashes
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Spawn 16

Spawn 17

Spawn 18

Spawn 19

Spawn 20
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Harrier of Heaven

Here is your link for “Spawn – Escalation" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Escalation

The previous storyline of Spawn monthly series has led everyone to a brand-new direction and a brilliant twist in the plot. Escalation is the five part story that is the continuation of Revelation and it is consists of issues #16-20 of the ongoing Image Comics series. Acclaimed writer Grant Morrison (Joe the Barbarian, Wonder Woman – Earth One) took the plotting duty and artist Greg Capullo (The Creech, Haunt) gave the series protagonist a new edge. Writer Andrew Grossberg and Tom Orzechowski also penned two of the final issues of the story and despite being holding back as the penciller, creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United) did served as an inker for issue #20. Death and Rebirth is the next story in the line of Spawn stories chronicling Al Simmons’ hellish journey to find redemption.
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