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Spawn – Revelation | Comics

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Spawn – Revelation | Comics
Jason Wynn, former boss of Al Simmons and CIA chief, also the man responsible for Al’s assassination at the first place is being suspicions of Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald after having reports of suspicion on him by his men. He thinks that Terry is gathering classified information that might prove harmful to him. So, Wynn is planning to get rid of him as he did before with Al. With all the power and resources at his disposal and Simmons out of the equation, it’s about time he wipes Terry out of the picture. Meanwhile, two agents of the agency pays a visit on behalf of their boss to Terry for properly advising him about the dire consequences he and his family might face if he takes any further steps against WynnSam and Twitch is still troubled with the murder of Billy Kincaid.

Spawn is still ridden with the shock of his own death and the separation with his widowed wife Wanda Blake. He was having a booze party along with the street bums of New York that he gave protection to but also remembers who his killer is. His old friend Chapel did it once and now he is confident that he can kill Simmons one more time. The clown henchman of the devil; The Violator recalls an age old encounter of him with the Hellspawn of Medieval Age which took place ages ago. As his pathetic butt was being ridiculously kicked out by the Medieval Spawn, he describes a fake story of his own featuring fearsome counters to promote his viciousness. This one becomes an imaginary and vague narration of the evil of his own sadistic history to entertain himself a little.
the violator spawn
The Violator Returns
Here is your links for “Spawn – Beginnings" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 12

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medieval spawn comic
The Medieval Hellspawn

Spawn 14

Spawn 15

Here is your link for “Spawn – Beginnings" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Revelation

Following the path of “Beginnings” and “Dark Discoveries”, Revelation is the third storyline of Image Comics' Spawn monthly ongoing series featuring the titular hero and his afterlife adventures. The story took place back in 1993 from issues #12-15 of the first monthly ongoing comic series of Spawn and the character Badrock from Youngblood also makes an appearance along with two other of his team members in between the issues. The plot and artwork credit goes to the character’s legendary creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United). This book leads the chronicles of Spawn to the next chapter: Escalation.
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