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Battle Pope | Comics

battle pope comic
Battle Pope | Comics
Oswald Leopold II was destined to carry out the respectable mantle of Pope and that is why he has been training in martial arts and other useful stuffs from the best in the business since his childhood. After successfully becoming an honorable Pope, he starts leading a very perverted life that was full of sex and liquors without any bound. But when God allowed the human race to be punished for their sins and the gates of Hell are opened to usher the apocalypse, demons from Hell starts invading earth and results in a war. Later a treaty is formed between the humans and demons after a long suffering run of this chaotic state. They starts sharing the earth for living as the gates of Hell were already closed for the demons to get back from where they came from at the first place.

Pope was minding his own business in a bar and then engages in a fight with a demon named Belaam to save a young blonde from his clutches and ends up getting laid with her back in his home. Later he joined forces with Jesus Christ himself after he resurrected Pope from a mortal injury at the hands of BelaamGod assigned him for a quest to rescue his archangel Saint Michael from Lucifer's evil grasp. God grants Pope with super strength to fight the opposing demonic forces and offers him eternal paradise in heaven if he succeeds rescuing Michael. So, along with Jesus ChristPope gets himself prepared for a hell lot of oncoming action against the army of rampaging demons, sinful humor, weird rumor and lots of insane chick banging adventure ahead of him.

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Here is your link for "Battle Pope" limited series from Image Comics in issues.

Battle Pope 01

Battle Pope 02

Battle Pope 03

Battle Pope 04

Battle Pope 05

Battle Pope 06

Battle Pope 07

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Battle Pope 09

Battle Pope 10

Battle Pope 11

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Battle Pope 14

Here is your links for "Battle Pope" limited series from Image Comics.
battle pope jesus
Pervert Pope Oswald Leopold II

Battle Pope Vol 01 – Genesis

Battle Pope Vol 02 – Mayhem

Battle Pope Vol 03 – Pillow Talk

Battle Pope Vol 04 – Wrath of God

Battle Pope – Saint Michael

Battle Pope is a limited comic book series published by Image Comics which is an independent creation of writer Robert Kirkman (Haunt, Image United) and artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher), the same creators that brought us the phenomenon horror comic series, The Walking Dead. The series was first printed in black and white just like the way The Walking Dead was in the beginning but later re-published in color. This series has run for a total of 14 issues depicting the hilarious misadventures of Battle Pope and other divine characters.
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