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Batgirl – Death Wish | Comics

As she continues to train with Batman, Batgirl prepares to encounter the unbeatable assassin Lady Shiva one year later.

In spite of her superior training, Batgirl takes a punch from a thug during patrol, which Batman notices and tries to figure out what caused her to lose focus. Oracle calls in to inform Cassandra Cain that she has located the complex where the group of government agents she tussled with earlier has her tape and other evidence to identify her.

With approval from her mentor, she heads to Langley, Virginia and breaks in evading every security measure like they were nothing to steal physical proof of her being such as blood samples and video tape. Barbara talks to Bruce concerning for the girl and he later sends her after the rogue agent Masters, who killed one of her friends.

Batgirl then meets Robin in the middle of a mob shooting where one was chasing a mob boss and another is seeking an assassin. The Boy Wonder is astound and shocked to see her bullet dodging skills with all the exit wounds on her body left by her trainer David Cain. She is shot by the killer with cybernetics named "Deadeye" but still takes him down.

Next up, she had to approach another fellow costumed vigilante Spoiler after retrieving one million dollar and a ransom note from gang feud. They got into the case together because the latter wanted to take part in this adventure and eventually sorted everything out in the end before agreeing to donate the money to a children's hospital.

batgirl death wish cassandra cain dc comics
Batgirl – Death Wish | Comics

Barbara Gordon calls in for Batman after picking up master assassin David Cain on the nuclear weapons storage of Hanford Island through satellite. He then teases the Caped Crusader through security feed to go there and face him. Feeling responsible for her father, Cassandra wanted in but is denied and left to keep a watch on Gotham.

The Dark Knight walks straight into a trap set by Cain and he goes on taking a shot at her young daughter. Turns out, he was hired by an individual who has physically suffered at the hands of Batgirl a year ago and is part of organized crime in Gotham, only wanting her to be taken care of with no knowledge of what she is to the person he hired for the job.

After she takes down a suicide bomber, Barbara talks to her about how exciting the experience is for the first time and how it was a rush for Babs at the beginning, which reminds the young protégé of how a year have passed of her deal with Lady Shiva. So, telling Oracle to run simulation for Shiva, she goes to study the lethal assassin.

In the mean time, Barbara talks to Batman about how she is worried that it's been nearly a year Cassandra has fought Shiva but she never told Babs about it. Bruce points out that only by facing Wu-San in combat, Batgirl can move past her death wish.

Besides, they have been keeping tracks of her confrontation with powerful rivals like Bizarro and Shadow Thief lately after moving on to her own cave, which was quite impressive progress on her part. Oracle still protests about letting her go ahead with what she is up to fearing the outcome but The Dark Knight allowed her to continue nevertheless.

Finally, that fateful night arrives when Cassandra prepares herself for a face-off and Barbara tries to talk her out of her deadly duel with Shiva in a ditch attempt to throw her away from the path of a certain suicide. So, she paralyzed Babs with a nerve strike before apologizing for doing that and heading over to a rooftop of Gotham City to meet her fate.

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Cain Has Lost It

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Batgirl 17

Batgirl 18

Batgirl 19

Batgirl 20

Batgirl 22

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Batgirl 25

Here is your link to buy "Batgirl – Death Wish" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batgirl – Death Wish

The seventeen year old young heroine Cassandra Cain returns to her Batgirl cowl with the third story arc "Batgirl – Death Wish" from the first monthly ongoing comic-book series of the character by DC Comics in 2003, collecting issues #17-20, 22, 23, 25.

Writer Chuck Dixon (Batgirl – Year One, Robin – Year One) joins series regular Kelley Puckett (Batgirl – A Knight Alone, Batgirl – Silent Running) and artist Damion Scott (Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood, Robin – To Kill a Bird) in a journey to take the Silent Knight of Gotham into a new height by pitting her up against major league players out there.

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The Inevitable Rematch

Not only has her relationship with Oracle strengthened whom she sees as a motherly figure during the events of "Death Wish", it also sets out her feud with her biological mother and the unbeatable assassin Lady Shiva to set her record straight on how good she really is. Cassandra had a chance to come across her father David Cain as well.

One good thing this storyline does in particular is that Cassandra gets an up close interaction with other allies of Bat-Family like Robin and Spoiler, which helped her bond with them as they worked together and humanize herself further. More exciting development will be seen on the upcoming "Fists of Fury" arc as it tie-in with "Joker – Last Laugh".
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