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Thor Vs. Thanos | Comics

Following a battle alongside Odin and his Avenger teammate Scarlet Witch against Loki, Mephisto and The Enchanters, Thor returns to Asgard and discover that someone has brutally defeated the elite forces of Asgard and among them he find out his former lover Sif. Heimdall was found unconscious on Bifrost and Odin Allfather is encountered by a mysterious person.

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Thor Vs. Thanos | Comics

He forced Odin to give an ancient artifact called "The Map of all Ending", that can lead the universe to destruction. This mysterious person is revealed to be The Mad Titan; Thanos. He is out to collect other mystic artifacts hidden across the galaxy, which will lead him to the fabled Designate, Terene. Who's tears have the power to unleash death across universe upon drinking it from Chalice of Ruins.

Thor is suddenly attacked by Mangog, the creature with immense power of billion-billion beings who were once slaughtered by Odin. Thor and Mangog battles fiercely and exchange heavy blows but Thor is eventually defeated shortly when the beast gets the upper hand in fight. Mangog and the evil Tarakis is teamed up with Thanos in his dark scheme.

Balder The Brave seeks the aid of master blacksmith Jagrfelm in Svartalfheim, on behalf of Odin. Now Thor aided by The Rigellian Recorder and Firelord; former herald of Galactus, must make a final stand against Thanos to stop him at any cost to save the entire universe from its impending destruction and rescue Terene from his clutches.

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Band of Cosmic Avengers

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Thor Vs. Thanos

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 04

"Thor Vs. Thanos" is the fourth and final storyline by legendary team-up of writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and one of Marvel's finest penciller John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk). This five part tale consists of issue #18-25 from the second ongoing volume of Thor monthly series.

thor vs thanos
Thunder God Vs. Mad Titan

Though, the story only took a couple of issue to be told but the significance and the magnitude of the events that took place in it is far greater that. It’s a cosmic level action packed madness, a must read for any fans and the second great appearance of Thanos after the events if “Infinity Gauntlet” of Marvel Comics.
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