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Hulk by John Byrne and Ron Garney | Comics

Taking a new alias for himself as Bruce Roberts, renowned scientist Robert Bruce Banner; an expert of Gamma radiation who is also known as the alter ego of The Incredible Hulk is wandering across the U.S. countryside as a loner to hide from the rest of the world and the government as well. But the more he tries to hide from the civilization and the constant rampaging nightmares of Hulk, his alter ego always finds a way out of his feeble psyche to cause massive destruction.

Despite riding for Kansas, he dropeed on Faulkner and took a room on rent for the night. As he constantly gets the nightmare of turning into the green goliath and wrecking havoc, he finds out it all happened in real time and wasn’t a nightmare during sleep at all. An action, Banner is unable to prevent from happening over and over again in spite of his best of efforts. So, the next day he volunteers to help the town by pushing the limits of his mortal body till dusk.

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Hulk by John Byrne and Ron Garney | Comics

Banner managed to befriend Sheriff Jonas Tolliver of Faulkner, who invited Bruce to stay at his place for the night. The next day, Banner suddenly fell in sick and turned into Hulk again before tearing everything apart around him. The green giant decimated the nearby farms, barns and every other establishment like a raging storm and people could do nothing to stop his rampage. When his path of destruction crossed with Sheriff Tolliver himself, he pointed his gun at the monster although knowing it would do nothing.

Surprisingly, Hulk somehow managed to pull his punches and turned into Banner again before being taken into police custody. Upon putting Banner behind bars, Sheriff Tolliver calls the Mayor and updates about the situation so that he can call in The Avengers to take Hulk in. As Iron Man was assembling Scarlet Witch, Vision and Wonder Man to take Banner in, reports of a commercial airliner being destroyed by the Hulk hits TV.

As he frequently turns into the Hulk and goes on rampage, he meets the Man-Thing, who reaches to the swamp and is abducted by Owen Candler. A small group of Avengers consisting Iron Man, Vision, Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch arrives in time to save Banner from Candler and his evil plan but Banner turns into the Hulk again and engages in a battle with these mighty members of The Avengers and that's not the end of all.

Hulk eventually meets his long time rival and one of the only few people who can actually take him down; the feral X-Man called Wolverine and they both did a number on each other after a long time. When they are both exhausted and done for, The Thing of the Fantastic Four awaits for his fair share of clobberin' time with the Jade Giant. All these time, the Hulk’s actions were being secretly controlled by the villainous Tyrannus.

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Rage of The Jade Giant

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Here is your links to buy “Hulk by John Byrne & Ron Garney" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Hulk by John Byrne & Ron Garney

Legendary comic-book talent John Byrne (Alpha Flight, Uncanny X-Men) envisions the Hulk like no other and when artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America) aids him with his extraordinary drawing skills in doing that, a great saga is to be created. This two industry giant worked together for Marvel Comics back in 1999 with the re-launch of the new ongoing series featuring the green goliath after the first volume previously ended following its 474 issue run.

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Trail of Mindless Destruction

Byrne and Garney pitched the long story without a big core plot with only the green giant meeting many heroes and villains and fights his way out as well as with his own demons. Although, the story pits the Hulk in the way of many important characters of Marvel Universe, having fight against them too at some point but overall, the entire arc serves as a personal journey for both Banner and Hulk.
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