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Darth Vader | Comics

Before becoming one of the most feared and powerful Sith Lords to ever control The Dark Side of the Force at his will, Anakin Skywalker was born as a Force-sensitive child to his mother Shmi Skywalker on the on the Outer Rim's desert of Tatooine. The boy was later discovered and enlisted in the Jedi Order by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, who believed according to an ancient prophecy that Anakin is The Chosen One who will one day restore balance to The Force by defeating the Sith.

From the very young age, the boy showed exceptional wits considering his age and mastery with machinery as he built the protocol droid C-3PO out of scavenging parts. As a child, he was a very skilled Podracer and in his youth, he became the greatest pilot in the galaxy. Always troubled with his emotions has made him vulnerable to be corrupted by The Dark Side. This is why his Jedi peers were concerned about him all the time as they believe it can cloud their judgment.

The Phantom Menace
The birth of Anakin Skywalker was always a mystery as there was no father and his mother Shmi was a slave to Gardulla the Hutt. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi eventually lands on Tatooine with Queen Padmé Amidala, Jar Jar Binks and R2-D2 after their meeting with Trade Federation going south. The group finds young Anakin working as a slave at Watto's shop and Jinn sensed presence of the Force within the boy and took him along after he managed to earn his freedom by winning a Podrace.

He presents young Anakin to the Jedi Council but they refuse his request of training the boy as he was also quite vulnerable to the corruption of The Dark Side. Regardless, Qui-Gon Jinn decides to train the boy but then heads to Naboo for a more pressing matter. There he dies battling Darth Maul and requests Obi-Wan to take the boy as his Padawan. In the mean time, Anakin sneaked into a starfighter that took him to space and he destroyed the Federation's Droid Control Ship from within.

darth vader comics
Darth Vader | Comics

Attack of the Clones
Trained by his new Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from his childhood, Anakin grew up to be a great Jedi warrior who quickly made a name for himself. Obi-Wan and Anakin were appointed to protect Senator Padmé Amidala as attempts on her life have been made. The duo chases a shape-shifting assassin after one such attempt and then Anakin takes Padmé back to Naboo. Having frequent visions of his mother in peril, he travels back to Tatooine only to learn that she was kidnapped by by Tusken Raiders a week prior.

Upon finding her mother in their camp who dies shortly, a vengeful Anakin slaughters every one of the Tuskens. Anakin and Padmé travels to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan but got captured instead. These three are taken to the Geonosis arena for execution and following the arrival of a Jedi strike team, Anakin gives chase to Count Dooku. He and Obi-Wan engaged the Dark Lord in a lightsaber duel. Dooku cuts off Anakin's right arm after beating him in combat but forced to flee upon Yoda's arrival.

Revenge of the Sith
As he was growing ever so formidable and made a name for himself Anakin was enrolled to the Jedi High Council but they did not grant him the rank of a Master, which upsets him. He secretly tied the nuptial knots with his childhood love and then a Senator; Padmé Amidala. Though they were both happy with each other and expecting their baby, soon a cryptic vision of Padmé dying during childbirth starts haunting him greatly. To save his love from certain demise and finding no other way out, Anakin is persuaded by the malevolent Darth Sidious in the guise of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

He eventually submits to The Dark Side of the Force seeing no other way to evade the prophecy of Padmé's death. Sidious gave him the name of Darth Vader before taking him as his apprentice and sent him against the Jedi. He killed all the younglings before burning down the Jedi Temple. Vader went on a merciless killing spree and on Mustafar, he faced off against his former master Obi-Wan after slaying all of the Separatist Council. Vader's organic limbs were mutilated in the following battle due to his growing arrogance and Obi-Wan left him near a lava river to die.

Imperial Machine
The battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi, left Vader physically and mentally scarred on Mustafar. As he was left for dead, Emperor Palpatine arrives to take him back to Coruscant to patch him up. Vader's entire body was fitted with cybernetics and a life-sustaining suit of armor. Upon learning that Padmé has died, he angrily slammed his master with the Force. Palpatine told him to live through pain or die and he chose the latter. The Emperor then struck his pupil with Force lightning and told him to defend himself with his lightsaber, which he lost on Mustafar.

Palpatine enlightens Vader on why the Jedi and Siths have different color of lightsabers. A Sith's lightsaber is not given but taken from a Jedi and so he tasks his apprentice to earn his own. Darth Vader embarks a journey on the Mid Rim to hunt down a lone Jedi Master Kirak Infil'a and engaged him on the river moon of Al'doleem. Though, Infil'a easily defeated him the first time and left him into pieces, Vader manages to defeat him on their second encounter and took the lightsaber from him. In a Sith cave of Mustafar, Vader tries to corrupt the kyber crystal of Infil'a's lightsaber and eventually succeeded.

Rogue One
After the destruction of Jedha City, Darth Vader calls the Death Star project in-charge Director Orson Krennic on Mustafar. There was a concern regarding engineer Galen Erso being a traitor and there is now a possibility of the Rebellion knowing about their super-weapon. Vader also expresses his disappointment at the decision of blowing up Jedha City as it was being used for the mining of kyber crystals for the Empire. Recently, Governor Tarkin had Krennic removed from the Death Star project upon its completion, so he blamed this on Tarkin but Vader don't care about what he has to say anymore.

A New Hope
Upon losing his friends, family and all he believed in, Vader enrolled himself under the command of The Empire and become one of the dominant and the most dreaded Sith Lords who ever lived. As he learned about the rebel spies stealing the Death Star plans and sent it to the rebel flagship, Darth Vader immediately boards there with a group of stormtroopers and starts slaughtering the rebels. In the mean time, Princess Leia manages to hide the plans within R2-D2 and send him to Tatooine in an escape pod with C-3PO to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Vader sent stormtroopers to get that escape pod on Tatooine, who upon failing to locate the droids have killed the relatives of Luke Skywalker. Princess Leia was taken to Death Star for interrogation and as she disagreed to co-operate, Alderaan was blown off. When Han Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon was inside Death Star, Obi-Wan Kenobi engaged Vader in a lightsaber duel to allow safe passage to the others and then sacrificed himself. The Dark Lord has tracked down Rebel base on Yavin 4 and then rebel starfighters takes a last stand against the Empire. Luke managed to blow up the Death Star after quite a hustle.

The Empire Strikes Back
Three years have passed since the Rebels destroyed the Death Star and now built a new base on the icy planet of Hoth. Darth Vader has been looking for Rebel base around the galaxy along with the Imperial Fleet with his own intent of finding Luke Skywalker. In a conversation with Darth Sidious, Vader learns that Luke is actually Anakin's son, yet he remained adamant to bring the boy in and turn him to The Dark Side. As Luke sees Han and Leia troubled in one of his vision during his stay in Dagobah, he leaves to save them abandoning his training with Yoda.

Vader wanted to put Luke in a suspended animation and took Han as a test subject to be frozen in carbonite. He later tracks them back to Cloud City after they escaped and gets into a lightsaber duel with Luke. At one point, he chopped off Luke's right hand during the fight but he still refuses to join The Dark Side and accused Vader for the murder of his father, only for the latter to reveal that he is Luke's father. Luke couldn't handle this truth and immediately falls through the shaft to make an escape.

Return of the Jedi
Within the next six months Death Star II was completely built where the Emperor arrived as Vader and battalion of stormtroopers greeted him. Meanwhile, Luke rescues his friends from Jabba's palace with Leia killing Jabba by strangling to death and Han dropping bounty hunter Boba Fett into the Sarlacc. Emperor Palpatine senses Vader growing restless to go to moon of Endor looking for Luke and he sent his apprentice to bring the boy to him. Luke willingly comes surrendering to The Empire in an attempt to talk Vader out of The Dark Side to no avail.

When confronted by Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith tries to seduce Luke to The Dark Side and he lashed out his lightsaber at Sidious only to be stopped by Vader. This time Luke managed to defeat his father using anger but when he is asked by the Emperor to kill him, Luke refuses and the Dark Lord attacks him with Force lightning. As Luke asked for his help, Vader threw The Emperor through a reactor shaft, killing him and thus fulfilling the prophecy. Due to his selfless sacrifice, he was allowed to join Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in the afterlife as a Force-spirit of Anakin Skywalker.

The Force Awakens
Even years after his death, Vader's legacy continued to the New Republic, where he was a subject of controversy. Princess Leia resigned from the Galactic Senate when Vader being her biological father was made known. Fanatics and cults admiring him start rising and eventually The First Order was born. After Leia and Han's Force-sensitive son Ben Solo was seduced to The Dark Side by the villainous Snoke, he became Kylo Ren with a great admiration for his grandfather Darth Vader. Kylo even possessed Vader's disfigured helmet which he talks to whenever he feels the pull towards the light.

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supreme commander vader
Supreme Commander of Imperial Fleet

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Introduced as a formidable young Jedi Knight and later transformed into a Dark Sith Lord, Darth Vader is a fictional character that exists in the franchise of Star Wars universe and first made his debut on Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977. Darth Vader was created by director George Lucas along with the other aspects of Star Wars and perhaps one of the most beloved villain of all time across all the pop-culture genre. The character appeared on many Star Wars based comics from Dark Horse Comics, movies, animations, video games and even as the action figures collectibles of various forms.

vader vs skywalker
The Hunt For Skywalker

Ralph McQuarrie was the man responsible for the concept art of the character’s iconic bio-mask on which later Brian Muir worked on to make it real. Actor Hayden Christensen portrayed the character in the final two films of the prequel trilogy until Vader succumbs to The Dark Side and following his debut in films, the character has not only become the most influential antagonist there is but also made his way to the top of the list of the 100 Greatest Movie Villains of All-Time with his charismatic appearances.

Following Marvel's re-acquiring of the publishing rights for Star Wars comic-book series, a solo monthly series by writer Kieron Gillen (Origin II, Uncanny X-Men) and artist Salvador Larroca (Fantastic Four, Invincible Iron Man) is launched featuring Darth Vader. Another prominent comic-book writer Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Wolverine) and artist Mike Deodato Jr. (Elektra, Original Sin) also is working on the story “Vader Down”, that crosses over to the other books from the same fictional universe.
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