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Wolverine | Comics

He is the best there is at what he does and what he does isn't something very nice. Like the animal that his very namesake Wolverine refers to, he may be small in size but he is extremely ferocious when challenged and quite formidable in battle. Little of his past is what he can remember at best, which is mostly filled with pain and personal loss. Long ago, he was trained as a honorable samurai in Japan and then served Canada during the period of World War II. He lived for over a century while witnessing the history humankind has made for itself and watched many to grow up to oppose him in future.

Wolverine was the frail kid named James Howlett who grew up with his friend Rose and Dog Logan. Then tragedy follows as his father died at the hands of their alcoholic groundskeeper Thomas Logan, he immediately discovered his mutation of bone claws, with which he murdered Thomas in turn and left home in rush with Rose. They settled in a mining colony of Northern Canada and James took the name "Logan". He grew feelings for Rose but she felt attracted to their camp foreman Smitty. Then tragedy followed him as Dog came looking for him and their confrontation led to the death of Rose.

Weapon X
Later he became a covert operative for Weapon X program, a secret Canadian government facility that experimented on him and gave him Adamantium implants over his bones. His very first assignment as a Weapon X operative was to face off The Incredible Hulk, who was rampaging on Canadian wilderness. He crossed paths with Russian super-spy Black Widow and fought alongside American super-soldier Captain America before wearing his legendary blue and yellow spandex. Wolverine has a bit of history with Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight and its members; especially Heather Hudson AKA Vindicator.

wolverine marvel comics
Wolverine | Comics

Today, the man known as Logan is an X-Man, recruited by Professor Charles Xavier, a man who saw through his animal nature and a hope for redemption for him and also he is world's most powerful mutant telepath. Using his keen animal like senses, a rapid healing factor and razor sharp claws, Logan fights to help protect a world that fears and hates mutants. Xavier picked him for his team along with fellow mutants Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and Thunderbird to rescue his original recruits, when they were trapped in The Living Island: Krakoa.

It was actually a ploy designed by Romulus to send Wolverine for killing Xavier as he predicted that the fight with Hulk will draw Charles to him. This plan ultimately failed when the villain lost his control over Logan. Although, he gave up hope on humanity long ago, Xavier's strong conviction for mutant and human coexistence made him believe to fight for his cause once again and he soon become accepted among his mutant teammates. He grew a rivalry with fellow X-Man Cyclops regarding their mutual interest towards Scott's stunning telepath girlfriend Jean Grey.

The X-Men would get into trouble with the members of Hellfire Club very often, witness the crisis of Dark Phoenix and will get to know the Shi'ar Empire. Logan's occasional ventures in Japan would let him engaged to his love Mariko Yashida, who was also a heir to Yakuza family. He would also entangle with The Hand, Silver Samurai and Viper very often when he is there. Not only he has many allies like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher and many of the current and former X-Men, he also is a greatest enemy to the villainous Sabretooth, Mystique, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike and Silver Samurai as well.

Mutant Massacre
With his fellow X-Men members, Logan attempted to rescue the sewer-living underground mutants known as Morlocks when Mister Sinister plotted a "Morlock Massacre" and sent his team of Marauders to do the dirty work for him. As the X-Men confronted the hostile Marauders, things got ugly pretty soon as many of them got severely injured and Wolverine got into a deadly duel with Sabretooth for the first time wearing a costume. Feeling overpowered by Logan, Sabretooth ran from the sewers and decided to attack the X-Mansion to get back at his enemy, only to be opposed by Psylocke.

Fall of the Mutants
In absence of a recently-powerless X-Man Storm, Wolverine leads the X-Men to rescue Madelyn Pryor, who happens to be Cyclops' wife and a clone of Jean Grey. He then went to Dallas, Texas, with his team to pursue a mutant criminal and is attacked by Freedom Force. In order to defeat their opponent Adversary, Forge had to cast a spell that would cost the lives of all X-Men but they were later brought back to life again using Siege Perilous. The team of X-Factor faces the eternal mutant Apocalypse who offers to join him in his war against humans or to be destroyed.

The Jungle Adventure
When he was following a lead to Savage Land, he arrived there in a lightweight plane and this made the local Tribe of Fire believe him to be a God! Though their Amazon warrior-like female chieftain Gahck didn't buy it and challenged him in duel, he quickly proved his worth to them. Logan tells her that he is no God but she has already fallen for him and they two even start a relationship. He and his people encountered a Dinosaur as they were hunting. It revealed to be a robot after he took it down and while investigating for missing members, he gets in a fight with Apocalypse.

Fatal Attractions
When Professor Xavier took his team on space station Avalon to stop a resurfaced Magneto and his evil plan like always, the lunatic master of magnetism ripped off Wolverine's Adamantium from bones and left him in a feral state when he got stabbed in the guts by Logan. This shocking incident led Xavier to unleash his psychic power on Eric and left him on a vegetative state. Logan barely survives the experience and having a hard time healing his wounds. He has devolved into a bestial form and since now he cannot heal easily; he decided to hone his skills once again by training with ninja assassin Elektra.

Onslaught Saga
After Xavier attempted to wipe out Magneto's consciousness, he unknowingly absorbed the dark essence of Eric's mind and eventually become the psionic being Onslaught. It claimed to be Xavier himself but Wolverine then angered him into revealing his true form by pointing out that he looks more like Magneto, causing it to attack them all. It took all the combined efforts of The Avengers, Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four and the X-Men just to contain the threat. Afterwards, Logan still remained in his animal-like state for quite some time as absence of Adamantium in his system have also accelerated his mutation further.

Horseman of Apocalypse
During Phalanx Invasion, he and Cable aided their teammates to go free from the aliens upon Professor Xavier's calling. Genesis decided to bond Wolverine with Adamantium and send his Dark Riders to capture him. The process however, was a failure and it cost them all of their lives at the hands of a feral Logan. Then Apocalypse kidnapped him and pits him against Sabretooth to determine who would be his next Horseman of Death. Wolverine easily won and received Adamantium implant before going against the X-Men but then he broke out of Apocalypse's influence and rejoins his friends.

One of the Skrulls from Apocalypse's allies impersonated Logan for long but eventually got killed by the real one. Logan will return to Madripoor to battle his old mentor Ogun, who now has become a possessed spirit and then get a divorce from villainess Viper, to be finally free from his debt to Seraph. He also learns of having a psychotic son with Itsu named Daken who operates under the name Dark Wolverine and has almost the same abilities to match. An encountered with Winter Soldier at the old Weapon X program revealed to him of his deranged son Daken's existence, who hates his father to his core.

Enemy of the State
Allied together with a nefarious plan to take over the world, The Hand and Hydra sent the mysterious assassin Gorgon to kill Wolverine and then they brainwashed him to turn Logan into one of their own agent. He ended up seriously gutting Spider-Man down and The Thing, as well as both Hornet and Northstar were killed by him while working under Hydra's influence. S.H.I.E.L.D. then hired freelance assassin Elektra to bring him in and it got bloodier and messier as they tried to do so. After Elektra was defeated, it took several attempts for him to finally get back at Gorgon and put an end to this conflict.

House of M
Apart from being a valuable member of the X-Men, Logan also became a member of New Avengers team along with few other members that was formed after the original team was disbanded during "Avengers Disassembled". Then a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch unleashed a reality where mutants ruled supreme and no one had any memory of the life they had before it. With a mutant Master Race ruling over Earth, everyone on that world became whatever they wanted but Wolverine could still remember everything from his past. When the nightmare was finally over after a lot of trouble, many of world's mutants were rendered powerless (M-Day).

Messiah Complex
Logan was back with the X-Men when Mystique joined the team and together they battled against the Children of the Vault (Supernovas) and then was savagely defeated by the Marauders that Mister Sinister had sent after them (Blinded by The Light). After that, he and X-Force were sent after Cable to locate the baby messiah that everyone was desperately looking for. Members of Marauders, Pirifiers and Reavers were slaughtered in the ensuing conflict and Wolverine went up against Predator X when the beast showed up. He allowed himself to be swallowed by it and then tore it from inside out.

His old friend Maverick from Weapon X days later brings him in to repeal the threat of Strikeforce X, a group of Adamantium Men created by a shady corporate organization named Blackguard. Wolverine had a faceoff with these merciless killers with healing factors and laser claws but in the end, Logan turned out victorious. He tipped off reporter Melita Garner and she exposed Blackguard to the rest of the world. Afterwards Logan took down Deathlok cyborgs from an alternate future alongside Captain America to prevent a future without any super-heroes to defend it (Tomorrow Dies Today).

Wolverine Goes to Hell
Logan's old buddy John Wraith is a pastor now, who finds his body and Wolverine realizes that his soul is in Hell while his possessed self was killing people. In Hell, he met Satan, fought Hand and eventually faced off his arch nemesis Sabretooth. The shape-shifting mutant Mystique joins Ghost Rider and Daimon Hellstrom in their quest to retrieve his soul form Hell. While the X-Men were busy fending off "Hellverine", Logan was fighting Satan in Hell. As the demons of his mind were incinerated by Phoenix, he returns and plans to take revenge on the Red Right Hand, who was responsible for sending him there.

Wolverine assists Cyclops to international arms control conference for a speech about de-commissioning every active Sentinel, where Quentin Quire AKA Kid Omega releases an energy blast on everyone to force them into revealing their secrets. This reveals that the world still doesn't trust mutants and X-Men's stand over the issue creates a rift between Cyclops and Wolverine. One wishes to deal with Quire within mutant community but the other was in support of handing him over to Captain America. Opposing Scott's idea of raising young mutants as soldiers in this battle, Logan quit the team and founded the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Following a huge conflict of ideals between Cyclops and Wolverine, the team of X-Men is separated into two different fractions. Beast, Cannonball, Husk, Iceman, Rogue and Shadowcat joined Logan in his Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in Westchester, while the others remained with Cyclops's side on Utopia. On their first day of school, the new Black King of the Hellfire Club, Kade Kilgore comes to their doorstep with threats but Wolverine makes it clear that he wants none of it. When Krakoa comes to attack, Kid Omega talks him down and convinces him to join Wolverine's X-Men.

Avengers Vs. X-Men
Upon Nova's arrival on Earth with the news of the return of Phoenix Force, Wolverine informed Cap that Phoenix is connected to Hope Summers. Though Jean Grey School didn't side with any party, Logan aided Cap and The Avengers when they attacked Utopia. As he was about to kill Hope upon finding, she burnt him down using her powers of the Phoenix before escaping, only for Spider-Man to find him later. Later, he helped her reach to the moon after forming a temporary truce but finally tipped The Avengers about their whereabouts to apprehend her, which didn't go too well in the end.

Infected by a sentient Microverse virus while working on a rescue mission for S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine lost his healing factor. In order to prove himself, he fought a mind-controlled Black Panther but was defeated badly and then his embarrassment extended when he was being saved by Kitty Pryde. Sabretooth have captured him and gave him a severe beating before he decided to decapitate Logan with Muramasa Blade but then walked away knowing his enemy is already broken. He then accepted the fact that he cannot heal anymore and therefore he no longer is "Wolverine".

After quitting Avengers team and leaving everyone at Jean Grey School behind, Logan joined a band of mercenaries working for a mob boss known as The Offer. Offer's Squad were after Victor Creed's location so that they could stop him from changing reality but Creed turned the table by kidnapping his teammate Pinch's daughter Annie. Because of his romantic relationship with her, Logan felt responsible to rescue her daughter and did so at the cost of severe injuries. Logan then trains with Iron Fist and Shang-Chi to hone his martial art skills before he has a meeting with Mistress Death.

Death of Wolverine
Mister Fantastic asks Logan not to fight for the time being until his healing factor can be reactivated but he knew it was impossible for him to stay off the grid. A.I.M. agents, mercenaries and ninjas seem not to leave him alone and he laid waste to all of them. Upon learning from super-soldier Nuke that Viper has put a contract on him, he visited her on Madripoor only to battle her captured "pet" Sabretooth as she wanted one of them dead. After Logan lost an eye in the fight, Lady Deathstrike attacked and took down Victor. Turns out, she is not here to save him but collect a bounty on Logan like Viper.

The timely intervention by Kitty Pryde saved him from the clutches of his enemies and together they traveled to Japan, looking for answers from their former mentor Lord Ogun. When Kitty kissed him and started taunting about Jean, Mariko and Rose, Logan realizes that she is possessed by Ogun. Before freeing herself, Kitty learns that a guy named Abraham Cornelius put the contract on him. In Paradise Valley, he met Cornelius, who was still experimenting on test subjects. To save the new subjects, Logan took it all on him and then killing Cornelius before he died covered in liquid Adamantium.

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Based on the creative works of Len Wein, John Romita and Herb Trimpe (Defenders, Thor), Wolverine is a fictional comic book character of Marvel Comics who debuted in The Incredible Hulk 180th issue on 1974. Among many other charismatic superheroes of the Marvel Universe, Wolverine is probably the most popular character there is after Spider-Man. In his nearly 40 years run on comicdom, the character has appeared in many monthly ongoing and limited series, as well as many milestone crossover-events until he was killed off in 2014's limited series "Death of Wolverine".

wolverine unleashed
The Animal Unleashed

Wolverine is perhaps the only X-Men character that has appeared most in other media like movie, television and video games. Aside from being a major character in 2000's X-Men: Evolution animated series, he had his own solo series Wolverine and the X-Men in 2009. On silver-screen, actor Hugh Jackman has portrayed the character in many X-Men titles as well as solo live-action movies in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). Jackman's final portrayal of the role will be featured in the third solo film of the series based on the character, titled "Logan" in 2017.
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