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Spawn/Batman | Comics

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Spawn/Batman | Comics
The creature of night and bane of the criminal minds, Batman is now in New York city, investigating a huge storage of high-tech weaponries. He suspects that this hidden arsenal belongs to the soviet, but yet not sure. After dealing with a small gang of thugs, he is suddenly attacked by a huge cyborg that severely beat him down within seconds. With a cybernatic gauntlet that he found in the armory, Batman fights the robot back before it could puddle him any further. And after quite an effort, he eventually disables the cyborg assailant but to his surprise, he finds out a human inside the cybernetic exoskeleton but with no organs except for the head. Just as he was about to save the man in the exo-suit, the robot self destructs itself, rendering the head lifeless before spilling any information.

Two sick minded street jerks tried to put a sleeping homeless man on fire just for kicks but the fire chased them instead. While running for their lives, they met the lieutenant of Hell, Spawn. Spawn puts them both on hellfire to teach them a lesson for their deeds. Batman engages Spawn by surprise and these two creatures of night fights an intense battle and beat each other up to the end. Spawn faces one of the cyborgs but quickly subdues it. Soon, Batman and Spawn came into terms that they both are looking for one common enemy that has a major sinister agenda which if not stopped in time will cost many innocent lives.

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Here is your link for "Spawn/Batman" One-Shot inter-company crossover storyline from DC Comics and Image Comics.


Following the success of their popular superhero character Batman and Spawn, DC Comics and Image Comics jointly published this one-shot inter-company crossover in 1994. Writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) and Spawn's creator Todd McFarlance were assigned to create the plot where this two fan favorite superhero will meet each other and will create history and it surely is going to leave a mark. However, despite being a spectacular one-shot crossover, this storyline does not take place in the regular continuity of the respected characters own monthly ongoing series and does not effect any of their current plot.
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